Scottish Kennel Club 2015 Judged by Mark Dunnachie
3 years since I last judged our beloved breed, and not much has changed, we still have a very much mixed bag, the future of the breed is for a short period of time ,in our hands, when are we going to work together to try and breed better dogs. Of course there will always be a few gems, but in this appointment I felt somewhat that I was cherry picking, and although only an entry of 55, so not a full representation of all the dogs shown in the UK, I ask myself, where has the “abundance” of quality we once had , gone? I’m not going to be all doom and gloom as I was in my last preamble, that is no good for morale for any of us, but I hear it from most exhibitors around the shows, so I leave you all with a question, what can we do to fix it??
On a brighter note, most dogs I found to have good temperaments, although one or two a little shy, I don’t think we have many worries in that department, I thoroughly enjoyed my day, and I worked hard to find the best moving dogs that best fitted the breed standard. As always, all decisions were accepted with good grace, and for that, I thank you all for your sportsmanship .


1st Graham Weall – Phidgity Phorever Magic ,
just 6 months old at his first show ,and handled the occasion well. Black spotted with good pigment, he is very raw, but promising, and has a lot of maturing to do, but the early signs are good, plenty of bone, and a good reachy stride, good angulation fore and aft, will watch him as he matures.
2nd Wyler- Berrtley Apollo , b/s, 11 months old, taller and rangier than 1 .In side profile he was actually a decent mover but he is narrow all through and would greatly benefit from some ring training.


1st Donnelly , Tamilanda Berry Ice Lilly ,
b/s, 16 month old, he has an exquisite head, so handsome, he is maturing well in body, he has many positive attributes, good bite,fantastic spotting on a good tight jacket ,level topline,great cat feet, the list goes on, he moved ok.
2nd Alexander , Offordale Picasso , b/s, 17 month old, well made, many of the same comments apply, good bone,feet, tailset and topline, just wish he would have used his ears better, preferred the head on 1 , moved ok, close decision.


1st Brooks , Dalingham April Warrior ,
l/s, he was 4th in JD, which was only down to his coat condition, unfortunately he wasn’t wearing his best jacket today, but I liked him well enough,he has a good topline, is strongly made with plenty of bone, he moved with drive .

PGD (5,1)

1ST Vockings & Smethurst , Portunes Green Day ,
l/s, very eye catching dog, lovely shade of liver, excellent pigmentation, presents himself well, masculine but not overdone, good angles for and aft, his forte is his movement which is so fluid and rhythmical, he moved with style and a touch of class, RCC, he should easily be made up.
2nd Lindsay , Cubalibre Stride On at Appenine , b/s, taller and rangier than 1, he has good angles fore and aft, but I found him to be rather narrow all through, moved ok.


1ST Talbot , Dalpetro Declan at Leaveslake
l/s, stood alone, well bodied male of substance, masculine head, good eye colour, plenty of bone, tight feet, nicely spotted. I feel his owner stands rather too close to him, forcing the dog to have his neck stacked when looking at his handler, which in turn makes him crease over the wither, which detracts from an overall pleasing picture .


1ST Cuthbertson , Ch. Kalsidoni Cameo ,
b/s, strong powerful male with not a hint of weakness, excellent body shape, so well made and in prime condition, masculine head, liked his expression, with a hint of arrogance, good dark eyes, reachy neck, level topline, on the move he comes into his own , he has long powerful reachy strides and really covers the ground, liked him a lot, DCC, was close between the RCC, but in the end he had the edge on maturity, later he became BOB against a junior bitch for the very same reason.
2nd Whincup , Ch Tamilanda Panther Lilly JW Sh CM ,b/s, a really lovely boy who I have admired in the past, love his head and expression, dark eyes, could melt many a heart, in lovely condition, he showed well but I have seen him move better, today was just not his day, unlucky to meet 1 in such good form .

VD no entries


1ST Lindsay , Sophtspot Golly Gosh at Appenine,
l/s, 7 months old, as cliché as it sounds, she is bursting with promise, lots to like about her, she is very raw at this stage but im sure will develop into a goody. Well marked, and while at a developmental stage, I can see she has many positive attributes, nice bone , good cat feet, very fluid and reachy on the move, she is very eye catching and im sure has a bright future ahead of her. Although the dog puppy pushed her hard in the challenge, ultimately her look at me attitude won her the BPIB .
2nd Hobbs & Whiting , Rapanooey Shimmerglisten ,
b/s, well, an appropriate name for this little lady, she certainly shimmered and glistened. A really lovely puppy, I much preferred her head to 1, great expression, many of the comments above could apply to her, but she is just finishing a season, which is what I suspect has made her a little tailproud. Close decision.


1ST Alexander , Offordale Larissa ,
b/s, she really is so eye catching, excellent body shape, nothing overdone, or under done, well bodied with excellent spring of rib, I feel she still is not at full maturity yet, lovely marked, and in glorious condition, she showed like a bomb, she moves out with reach and drive ,particularly her side profile is so good to watch, many good conformational aspects, reachy neck, best of top lines and tail set, pretty head and good eye colour, she shouted at me, give it to me!, and how could I deny her. CC, her 3rd I was later told, well done.
2nd David & Saunders, Dalticino Interlagos From Dallydyl, l/s, bigger made bitch than 1 , very well constructed, with excellent balance, good angles fore and aft, in particular displaying good prosternum very rarely seen, she is a good steady and rhythmical mover, she was unfortunately not wearing her best jacket today, and although it was a close decision, she just could not match the overall sheen of 1 . She pushed hard in the challenge for RCC later on but lost out to a sparkling PGB


1ST David & Saunders , Dalticino Interlagos From Dallydyl.
2nd in JB
2ND Munro , Kalsidoni Celtic Star By Tanstar, b/s, a tad overweight and just finishing a season, however , she is well made and is an attractive package. She has good angles fore and aft , is the correct height, and in proportion, many good breed points, she scores well on the move, and was one of a minority who can actually track up true and straight.


1ST Valentine , Sophtspot Evolution,
b/s, very shapely girl, so eye catching, I noticed her overall shape and balance immediately, and I just hoped she would deliver on the move, which she did, in spades. Attentive show girl who is very much at one with her handler, good head ,dark eye, spotty face, reachy neck into a great level topline and flowing tailset, well off for round bone, good cat feet, overall a good little package, she pushed hard in the challenge but lost out to the sparkling junior, but the more she moved the better she got and the RCC had to belong to her .
2nd Hobbs & Whiting , Rapanooey Rhona ,b/s, another good one from this kennel, also finishing a season,and perhaps this was why she was a little bit lack lustre, a lot to like about her, real stamp of quality, preferred her head to 1, nicely boned, good feet and rear angulation, her tail was held rather low, perhaps due to her season. Liked her a lot, and so well handled.


1st Quayle , Cubalibre Follow On,
b/s, very flashy bitch, shows her heart out for her handler, well spotted on a good tight clear coat, she has a look at me attitude , for breed points she scores ok, reachy neck, good level topline and tail set , good bend of stifle, on the move she was rather lack lustre and it appeared she was lagging behind her handler , the fact she never let up showing was what won her the class .
2nd Dodds & Pearson, Kelevra Classic Cliché JW ShCM b/s, a really nice girl who unfortunately was lacking enthusiasm today, she is correct for size and scored well for many breed points, good neck into a level topline, good tailset, she is ok for bone,has good feet and is nicely decorated, on the move she is good in side profile, and tracks up well fore and aft, would prefer slightly more bend in rear angulation. Just wish she would cheer up .


1ST Stocks Ch.Kalokairies Lady Bollinger at Nospar JW,
b/s, a super fun bitch who was having a ball to herself, she did make me smile for sure, typical dally naughtiness. Having said that when she settled to the job in hand she was the consummate professional. Lightly spotted, she is quite eye catching, she has a good topline and bend of stifle, but lacks in bone for me, and is a little narrow all through. On the move she was ok, her front action was a little light. A worthy champion, but just not my cup of tea.
2nd Addy, Creaganbrec Evie Rose ,b/s, a larger girl than 1, she has decent angles fore and aft ,well off for bone, good topline, and attentive show girl,bold spotting she was nicely decorated and at all times she was at one with her handler. In side profile her movement was ok, but viewed from the rear she appears to be close behind.

VB (3,0)

1ST Cuthbertson , Ch. Kalsidoni Garnet JW ShCM ,
b/s, Coming up for 10 yrs old and belies her age, she is in great condition, good breed points which include reachy neck, level topline, excellent tail set and a rare gem, slightly pronounced prosternum. She moved out well, but her beauty had to give way in the challenge to the bloom of youth of the younger models on display, but this is no discredit to her .
2nd Vockings & Smethurst, Portunes Enchantress, l/s, 7yo a bit rotund but she cooperated so well with her young handler, who really squeezed the best out of her, evenly decorated , her spotting was even and of a correct rich liver colour, good topline and tailset, on the move she could have been more positive but she tried hard and gave it her best.

Mark Dunnackie (Judge)