SKC Aug 2016 Judged by Dr Sidney Bolt
Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show Edinburgh. 28/8/16


My first time at SKC and many thanks to exhibitors who honoured me with a super entry of eighty five for this show and for travelling so far to let me have the privilege of going over their dogs.
Lighting was not good at the venue but the ring was of a moderate, but good size. The majority of dogs reacted well to the noisy conditions but many puppies – and some older dogs - where obviously overwhelmed by it. Probably not the best venue to bring a puppy out at unless the show is taken outside. I was blessed with some excellent pups on their first outing which on another day, in better conditions, would definitely excel.
All dogs behaved with impeccable manners and were presented clean and well conditioned. The ring was sufficient to assess good movement with our dogs taking advantage of it displaying good front reach and drive in their movement.


Puppy Dog
-6 Entries (0) There were some really nice puppies here today - both bitches and dogs - that I feel would have benefitted from a minor puppy class that could not be placed purely down to maturity. Their time will come.

1. Croft & Cobb-McGill’s Kalokairie’s Bullet Proof. A quality liver dog with a promising future. He is a dog that has a good head with pleasant expression good dark eye with correct pigmentation, width of scull that flows to nice length of neck and developing wither. His front is forming nicely displaying a good depth of brisket. He has correct length of back and developing thigh offering good angulation. He had it all together today stood and on the move which was down to his handling. Retains all the elegance of the Dalmatian dog, overall a well balanced pup who I would like to see in the following year.
2. Goodswen’s Alphadal’s King of Angels. Unfortunate for this dog to have met first dog because he is also well made with a well developed make and shape for a dog about to move into the junior classes. A good black dog that in profile is slightly shorter coupled than first but also giving his all to the handler. He has a good head of correct size with strong pigmentation, well broken ear that he held to advantage displaying good expression. He has a good strong neck leading to another well developed and muscled front. A good chest with well developed spring of rib shorter length of loin than first but with a well developed hock. Moved well but did not quite have the presence on the move that first had today.
3. Marley & Libby’s Bellili’s D’amour De Loin

Junior Dog
– 5 Entries (1)

1. Croft & Cobb-McGill’s Kalokairie’s Bullet Proof.
See above critique
2. Neilson’s Bariscot Aristarchus MoonetA dog of good size with good black pigmentation. He has a handsome head and expression with nicely decorated ear. He has good length of neck with no ‘stuffiness’ leading to well angulated front, strong wither and good spring of rib. He carries his top line well on the move with good tail set that flowed on the move. He moved well but first beat him on drive.
3. Marley & Libby’s Bellili’s D’amour De Loin

Yearling Dog
- 1 Entry (0)

1. Neilson’s Bariscot Aristarchus Moonet.
See above critique

Post Graduate Dog - 6 Enties (1)

1. Wallington’s Rovinjdal Dare to Dream Sh Cm. A nice liver dog that is well balanced and well proportioned. He has the correct colour with good well pigmented head, correct eye colour and beautiful ear decoration. He has a pleasing head who was totally devoted to his handler. A correct length of neck, well laid strong front displaying a well developed wither. Good length of back and well set on tail that he carries well. In profile he looks great but looking over his back I would have liked a little more weight on him. His weight balance needs to be just right as too much and he could lose his elegance. Moved out well retaining all the balance and elegance required for our breed.
2. Ellarby’s Daedalus Alfie Boe. A black spotted dog I have followed for some time. He is a dog that is not overdone in any way and reminds me much of his father. He has a good head of correct width with pleasing expression, good black pigment and nice ear. Slightly shorter in neck than one but still retaining strength leading to good width of chest and depth of brisket. He has a body of correct length, good length of loin and set of tail. Did not quite have the strength of first through second thigh which proved so when he was on the move.
3. Neilson’s Bariscot Aristarchus Moonet.

Limit Dog
- 7 Enties (1)

1. Todhunter-Robinson & Robinson’s Millbelle Young Gun JW. Dog CC & BOB. This dog I have always admired. watching the movement on this dog, I wanted to stop the show and ask exhibitors and spectators to watch him cover the ground with his such free flowing drive and purpose that epitomises the way with which a Dalmatian should move. This is what should win challenge certificates as it did for this dog today. A liver dog that is totally honest in his presentation that is in full balance stood and on the move. A dog with a handsome head having good length of muzzle, good width and length of scull and a pleasing soft expression. He has good pigmentation with lovely warm eye colour, well broken ear, strong neck of correct length leading into a well developed wither. A dog with a good width of chest and spring of rib giving much heart and lung room which helps endurance. He has a good length of back with a level top line and correct set of tail that was held perfectly on the move. A strong second thigh with well let down hock offering good angulation. Owner and dog were in perfect harmony on the move which when you see the couple together you know is right and what we should all be looking to aspire too. So pleased to give him a well deserved challenge certificate and surprised he has not already got his full title. Dog CC and Best of Breed.
2. Christie’s Sophspot Gold Dust JWSo unfortunate for this dog to have met 1. Although two dogs of different types, another that displays quality for such a youngster. Shorter coupled than first but again of balanced proportion and retaining elegance. A dog that has a good masculine head of good size with excellent liver pigmentation and carrying his well broken ear well, to give a pleasing expression. He has a robust body of good substance, good length of neck into well laid shoulder and well and developed muscular front. He has a well developed wither and level top line to a correct tail set. Shorter in loin than first but of good balanced shape having a well developed second thigh displaying good angulation. Obviously a well schooled dog which reflects on the move and one I am sure will gain top honours in the very near future.
3. Cadden’s Phadante Jambalaha

Open Dog
– 5 Enties (0)

1. Frandsen’s Dk Ch, Int Ch N, Ch Est, Ch Skvaa Luxury Item What can I say about this dog, there is so much to like about him that he really is a luxury item. A dog that was presented in total peak condition that could be seen not only on the move but also standing. Having said that today he did not seem to have the drive or sparkle I have seen previously but still giving his all. Another that owner and dog were in total harmony. He is a well decorated liver dog of correct colour with good pigmentation. He has a head of correct size with good proportion that is held proudly highlighting a good length of strong neck through to a well developed wither with no excess skin over the shoulder. Another with a good length of back well set croup and correct tail set. He has well developed second thigh that is well angulated. He is a dog that covers the ground well due to his condition which is so obvious so much so that my hand confirmed what the eye was seeing.
2. Dunnachie’s Ch Dvojica Vendetta. I first came across this dog a couple of years ago at Richmond as a youngster who had good condition then and did not disappoint ,but unfortunately first had condition over him today. He was unlucky to have met first because both are dogs of quality albeit of a different type. He is a dog that has good strong pigmentation displayed in balanced decoration. A dog with a good masculine head that had focus on what he had to do. He has a strong neck of moderate length leading into a well laid shoulder, good width and depth of chest offering a well developed front. He is a strong dog that is well developed through the whither and holds a good top line. He has a well defined second thigh, good rear angulation with well let down hocks. As with so many of the top dogs, good handling is imperative in showing and highlighting the movement of the dog ,and again handler and dog were in unison – the total picture.
3. Cuthbertson’s Ch Kalsidoni Cameo.


Puppy Bitch.
12 Entries (3)

1. Cuthbertson’s Ellemstra Little Mix with Kalsidoni. Absolutely taken with this little bitch and can’t wait to see her ‘Mix it’ with the big girls when she is older. A bitch that I feel sure will fast track it to the top. She is a black bitch straight out of her fathers mould and one of some substance as required at this important stage in a puppies development. She has darkest pigment with good head and pleasing expression holding a nicely broken ear that frames her head. Elegant length of neck leading to well made front with good lay of shoulder. A bitch with well sprung rib, carries her top line well has well developed second thigh and has good angulation. She has much ring presence that cannot be ignored and moves with correct drive and much purpose.
2. Brewis & Haggie’s Bellili’s L’elisir D’amour. Slightly longer cast than first but a well balanced bitch that again is well made and only wanted to please. A nice liver beautifully decorated bitch with good feminine head and eye colour, a good length of neck that she holds well into a nicely developing wither. She has a good width and depth of chest and is nicely coupled with well angulated rear end. A bitch with a good top line and correct set of tail. Moved extremely well.
3. Finch & Bonner’s Sophspot Hocus Pocus at Dalticino.

Junior Bitch.
2 Entries (1)

1. Brewis & Haggie’s Bellili’s L’elisir D’amour.
See Critique above

Yearling Bitch. 1 Entry (0)

1. Christie’s Sophspot Glitterati JW. Really like this bitch that has such quality and a strong future ahead of her. She has the make, shape, movement and presence we should all be looking to breed. A feminine black bitch with good head, great pigmentation, eye colour and lovely ear decoration. She holds her head well highlighting a beautiful swan neck, strong wither and lovely top line that does not stop until the tip of her tail. A bitch with good chest – strong, but not overdone. She has a well coupled body with classic spotting that is so well dispersed adding to her balanced look. She has good well angulated hind quarters providing good movement covering the ground with ease. Obviously handler should be complemented here as her schooling stood and on the move could not be faulted.

Post Graduate Bitch 17 Entries (4)

1. David & Saunders Dalticino Interlagos from Dallydyl. RCC. Well what a strong quality class to win and so well deserved. Another bitch that will push and is pushing for top honours. A beautiful liver bitch with classic decoration and good colour. I didn’t feel her mind was fully on the job today but still stood out in an immensely strong class on her construction, confirmation and movement. She has a lovely pleasing head and expression with correct eye colour, most beautiful ear decoration which are carried well. Head held well on a good length of neck and well made front displaying correct lay of shoulder, well muscled for arm and nice feet. She has a well sprung rib and good length of loin leading to well made hind quarter that displays good angulation and second thigh. Another bitch that moves so well and one to watch and should not be ignored in the future.
2. Mather’s Shulune Dragon Ryder. Another nice black bitch that is well made and makes her presence known. She is a bitch that is well constructed nicely decorated and presents such a good picture stood and on the move. She has a pleasing head with a good feminine expression, nice width scull, and correct length of muzzle with well held nicely broken ear. Another with a good length of neck leading to a well developed whither and correct lay of shoulder and good for chest having a nice depth of brisket. Did not hold the top line of first on the stand but this was just down to her ring craft. She is a nicely coupled with good length of back and correct length of loin and well set tail. She has a well defined hock displaying good rear angulation. Did not quite have the drive of first today but did not let herself down, really enjoying her day out- she never stopped showing and who’s only goal today seemed to be to please her handler.
3. Holburn’s Dallyador The Spellbinder at Glenlion.

Limit Bitch.
9 Entries (1)

1. Emms, Dallydyl Love in Idleness. Bitch CC. As with all my main winners construction and movement were of prime importance to me and this bitch stood out with both these traits in abundance. Where do I start with this bitch? I had considered her before at another judging appointment but I think she is just getting better and better. She is so striking when you see her with a well pigmented, beautifully decorated body who’s coat is silk like and you cannot ignore her. I loved her head and expression that carries the darkest eye, feminine head with well placed ear on a good width scull. She has a good feminine neck into a well laid shoulder, good length of for leg and good tight feet. Strong through the body with well sprung ribs, good depth of brisket and a nice length of loin. She has well developed quarters and good rear angulation displaying a good turn of stifle. So well constructed. On the move she could not be topped today, such drive and motion was lovely to see and complemented the dog winner so well in the challenge. This girl sets the bar high and with this being her second challenge certificate I would like to think the third is not far away because she surely deserves it because she is a bitch of Champion quality
2. McKenzie’s Mapplewell Waterfall. What a nice quality bitch this is who worked hard for a justifiable second place in this top quality class. She is a well made black bitch of good substance that has not lost any femininity. She has a lovely head, well pigmented with good length of muzzle and nice width to her skull – she carries her well broken ear well framing the picture. A bitch with a good neck and well placed shoulder, a good chest housing plenty of heart and lung room. She has a well developed wither with levelist of top lines and perfect tail set. Another with strong well angulated hind quarters that powered her around the ring. I really liked her and it was unfortunate she met first in this class.
3. Shepheard’s Dalfire Ama Gonna Det It

Open Bitch
8 Entries (1)I was so lucky to have had such quality throughout this show in both dogs and bitches and this was another class that had quality and all of which were in the highest peak of condition. Sadly there can only be a few winners – another day and things could change.

1. Christie’s NL Ch, Int Ch Jezebel. The Astonishing Sophspot. A bitch in terrific condition considering she is just back from having a litter. Another bitch of outstanding quality that has a beautiful head of well balanced proportion that is framed by lovely dark eye and ears that are carried well. With such ring presence she is totally focused on her handler displaying good reach of neck, correct lay of shoulder built into a well developed chest with good depth of brisket. A bitch of correct length being well coupled with nice length of loin, good level top line and well carried tail stood and on the move. She has a good rear end that is well developed with good turn of stifle and overall presenting a lovely picture of a future UK champion.
2. Quayle’s Cubalibre Follow On. This bitch ‘follows on’ nicely from a kennel that is giving consistent quality. Unfortunate to meet first who was on top form ,but still a nice bitch that gave her all. Another with good balanced feminine head with a clean reach of neck well developed whither and flowing level top line and good tail set. She has a well laid shoulder and good for chest with a well sprung rib and nice length of loin. On the move she covers the ground displaying good drive and front extension. A bitch that moves with ease and was at one with her handler and a young bitch that I feel is still developing and with time will deliver.
3. Finlay’s Dvojica Black Swan at Dalfin Sh CM.

Veteran Bitch
3 Entries (3) Always a difficult class to judge this one as at seven I personally believe you can’t write these dogs off as veterans. It’s no age for this breed and many are just coming into their own.

First Gibbs Ch PhadanteDixie Lilly JW. Certainly one that does not show signs of age who flowed around the ring with ease displaying good movement having plenty of drive and so in tune with her handler. A compact black bitch with the darkest pigment and wonderful contrasting white coat. Good feminine head with a well broken ear. She presents herself well highlighting a good front with correct lay of shoulder leading to a good spring of rib and length of loin – not overdone in any way. Good rear angulation and bend of stifle. Had the better movement over second today.
Second. Barrett’s Maricdale the Gold Digger of Dalamanti Sh CM. A good feminine liver bitch who I have always liked in the past that didn’t quite have the drive of movement that I know she normally displays. A good bitch, slightly shorter coupled than first, with a pleasing head, good reach of neck, well sprung rib and level top line leading to a well set tail that didn’t stop. Showed her heart out as she often does. Good on the movement but first had it over her today.
Third Ch Mapplewell Dancing Queen of Lascelles.

Judge: Sidney Bolt