WELKS 2017 Judged by Mrs Shelagh Stevenson
WELKS 30 April 2017

I had a very enjoyable day judging, and thank all exhibitors for the opportunity to judge their Dalmatians. There was an excellent entry of good quality dogs for me to go over. Generally body condition was good although I felt that some could benefit from more exercise to develop and firm up muscles. Having said that, care should be taken not to over develop muscles as this can give the appearance of coarseness which is not in accordance with the Breed Standard. There were several short tails and this is a feature which I feel tends to spoil the overall outline of the dog. Some dogs really looked the picture when standing but displayed poor movement and this affected my placings being mindful of the requirements of the Breed Standard. Poor shoulder placement and short upper arms were evident in some exhibits, this results in restricted forward reach which inhibits smooth and powerful movement with a long stride.

On a positive note, my entry provided me with plenty of quality dogs from which to choose my placings, which regrettably meant that in some classes there were insufficient places to reward deserving exhibits. I found that temperament was generally good with most exhibits displaying a friendly and outgoing personality which we expect of our breed. The ring was of a good size and all exhibits were able to show and move their dogs to advantage.


(4, 2 abs)

1 Croft Doubtwell Show Stopper JW Well bodied upstanding 8 year old. Attractive head and kind expression and good eye colour. Attractive dense black spotting. Generous bone, correct forequarters and good lay of shoulder. Level topline held on the move, well defined and muscled rear used to advantage. Covered the ground with drive.
2 Dodds & Pearson Kelevra Hudson Hawk ShCM Black spotted also 8 years. Slightly lighter in build than 1 but nevertheless very soundly constructed. Presented in excellent fit condition, Well angulated forequarters, round bone, correct spring of pastern, good reach of neck. Moved out positively.

MPD (2, 0)

1 Staff Brentorview Hercules B/W with a happy disposition. Well developed body for 6 mths. Nicely angulated rear quarters, deep chest nice length of rib and level topline. Pleasing head, dark eye and elegant arched neck. Moved out well, and will improve further as he matures and tightens up.
2 Hopkin Rapanooey Red Rose B/W also 6 mths. Slightly smaller in build at this stage but nicely constructed and presenting a pleasing outline. Good head shape with kind expression, dense pigmentation. Balanced proportions front and rear. Moved well when settled.

PD (7, 0)

1 Baker & Stokes Maddidalli Echo's Hot Spot 10 mths well spotted good colour liver, kind expression. Mature well boned body presenting a pleasing profile and clean lines. Nice tight feet, deep chest, well angulated rear quarters. Moved well and with balance, maintaining his topline and with a good length of stride. Best Puppy
2 Healey Doshaburi The Cloud Dragon At Hebemor
10mths also of good liver colour. Well-schooled puppy at one with handler. Typical head shape with nicely carried ears. Correct shoulder placement and strong forequarters providing positive forward reach. Generous length of rib, well sprung. Steady movement.
3 R Red Rose

(8, 1)

1 Croft & Cobb-McGill Kalokairie's Bullet Proof 17mths L/W nicely decorated. Upstanding youngster, mature in body, strong bone with well toned and developed muscle fore and rear, but not overdone. Attractive head with pleasant alert expression. Elegant reach of neck leading to correct forequarter construction. Well handled to regulate his powerful gait, enabling him to move positively with reach and drive.
2 Gibbs Phadante Mr Blue Sky JW 16 mths B/W, another mature youngster, presented in hard condition. Nicely broken ears framing his face. Well developed body, combining substance with a sound construction. Balanced fore and rear quarter angulation. Deep chest and good length of rib. Lovely tight feet. Drove out well on the move, covering the ground with ease.
3 Southwood & Tofield Rapanooey Solar Solstice

(3, 0)

1 Cobb-McGill Kalokairie's Carbon Copy 14mths B/W, attractively spotted with deep pigmentation. Attractive head and expression and dark eye colour. Well up on size but very elegant with good reach of neck from well laid shoulders. Good depth of chest, spring of rib and level topline. Once settled he moved with a powerful steady gait.
2 R Solar Solstice 14mths L/W pleasant head with good eye colour. Well developed body with generous bone, heavier in build and slightly shorter coupled than 1. Moved adequately, but could have been a little more settled.

ND (7, 0)

1 K Carbon Copy
2 R Red Rose
3 Lamb Dalpetro Digby

(9, 3)

1 Donnelly Tamilanda Berry Ice Lilly B/W Overall well balanced construction. Presented in excellent condition, with well toned muscle throughout, and sporting a bright and tight coat. Attractive head and good eye colour. Deep chest, strong round bone, tight feet. Good shoulder placement. Carried himself well, moving with positive drive and balance.
2 Forrest Elabri Esprit Horizon At Spotswood L/W Nicely constructed dog of substance but not exaggerated in any aspect. Pleasing head and expression. Good wither and sound shoulder placement and forequarters, presenting with adequate forechest. Moved well settling into a positive drive.
3 Green & Sears Boschendal Simply Red At Judally

(10, 0)

1 Hobbs & Whiting Boutonneux Baby Buco Avec Rapanooey JW Excellent eye colour. Well muscled B/W of good overall construction. Strong round bone on straight foreleg, nice spring of pastern and tight feet. Movement was sound, good reach and true driving from well bent stifles. Unfortunately not in his best coat today but his other attributes could not deny him his place.
2 Tingey Dallyador Aramis L/W Attractively spotted. Lovely broken ears framing a pleasing face. Correct shoulder placement, clean over the withers, level topline leading to correct tail carriage. Well defined angulation of fore and rear quarters. Balanced throughout, excellent muscle tone. Moved steadily and with drive.
3 Gardinor Jamelsley Pyracantha At Dakata JW

(9, 0)

1 Alexander Ch Offordale Chevalier JW B/W attractively marked and shown in excellent coat. Nice head shape and good eye colour. Good reach of neck leading to well placed shoulders. Strong in forequarters with deep chest. Level topline which he maintained on the move. Well muscled in body. Rear quarters well defined with good bend of stifle. He presented a lovely picture standing and did not disappoint with his movement, driving out well and covering the ground with ease. Deserving winner in this quality class, maintaining his performance in the challenge. CC.
2 Goff-Leggett Ch Washakie Shoshone Chief JW
B/W with lovely spotting and coat condition. Beautiful head and expression and dark eye colour. Slightly smaller in stature than 1 but this did not detract from his excellent body conformation. Well boned with strong quarters, good shoulders, deep chest and level topline. Moved positively with power and balance. Was at one with his handler at all times. Pushed hard for 1st place and was a deserving Res CC.
3 McCarthy Fr Ch Domdallino Je Suis Kilndandy JW


(6, 0)

1 Quayle Ch Cubalibre Spot On JW 7 yrs B/W attractive spotting on a lovely tight coat. Very well bodied and shown in fit condition. Gentle attentive expression. Well laid back shoulders, straight forelegs and deep chest down to elbows. Good spring of rib. Nicely angulated rear quarters. Drove out well on the move.
2 Gibbs Phadante Dixie Lily JW 7yrs B/W. Elegant head and good ear carriage. Bitch of substance. Excellent lay of shoulder and pleasing reach of neck. Lovely tight feet. Sound construction throughout. Displaying a good bend of stifle which she used to advantage to provide balanced drive on the move.
3 Saunders Caprilli's Genuine Gift To Dallydyl ShCM

(3, 0)

1 Hopkin Rapanooey Roulette B/W 8 months mature in body. Nicely constructed with pleasing head and expression and good dark eye. Nice straight foreleg, tight feet and good shoulder placement. Level topline and ample length of loin. A little preoccupied at first but soon settled to move very well.
2 Thornthwaite & Patrick Cohavrick Symphony B/W of 6 mths. Slightly taller in stature than 1, and presented an appealing outline in profile. Evenly spotted, dense pigmentation. Kind expression, nicely spotted ears framing face. An elegant reach of neck leading to well laid shoulders. Deep chest and good muscle tone for her age. Moved steadily.
3 Kembrey Dalmark The Blondie

(12, 1)

1 Gardner Dvojica Chilli Chutney For Wrendragge L/W 10 mths Well grown on for age and nicely constructed. Pleasing head with good ear carriage. Nicely arched neck and correct shoulder placement. Deep chest and good length of rib following through to ample length of loin. Moved steadily and true and drove out powerfully.
2 Davies Maddidalli Embers Glow B/W 10 mths attractively marked with dense pigment and close coat. Well constructed forequarters, tight feet and generally mature in body for her age. Steady sound mover, maintaining her topline on the move. Attentive to her handler.
3 McCarthy Tolkain Gold Star For Kilndandy

(12, 2)

1 Lamb Dalpetro Diamond 10mth B/W of good proportions with adequate bone. Nicely spotted, outgoing disposition. Attractive head with pleasing expression complimented by well carried ears and good eye colour. Elegant reach of neck. Well developed in fore and rear quarters. Moved really well.
2 Harrison-Stratford Dalminshi Dark Dakota At Dalkereve 17 mths B/W. Good construction, free of exaggeration. Pleasant and attentive expression, dark eye colour. Balanced angulation of fore and hind quarters. Gently arched neck and well laid shoulders. Balanced on the move, maintaining a level topline.
3 Croft Kalokairie's Barberella From Koroyza

(8, 2)

1 Drewitt-Barlow Vanhelsing Talk To The Hand 20mths B/W. Excellent reach of neck, dark eye, attentive expression with ears carried close to head. Would have preferred fractionally stronger foreface. Lovely tight feet, well boned straight forelegs and correct shoulders. Well angulated rear quarters with particularly good bend of stifle. Moved with drive and purpose.
2 McManus Boschendal Ashes Of Roses 22mths B/W slightly heavier in build than 1, but combines substance and femininity. Capacious chest, good depth length and spring of rib. Developed fore and rear quarters. Overall sound construction. Attractive head and dark eye. When settled, movement was balanced and positive.
3 Dodds & Pearson Dalcarla Gladys Knight

(11, 1)

1 D Diamond
2 D Chilli Chutney For W
3 M Embers Glow

(12, 1)

1 Bolt Gemmont Affirmed By Fakenham B/W evenly spotted. Nice shape and proportions. Pleasing head, well carried ears and attentive expression. Correct front construction and generally well off for bone. Level topline, well muscled rear. Moved positively and true, tracking well. Presented in excellent fit condition.
2 B Ashes Of Roses
3 Thomas Buffrey Magic Moments With Philcarthom JW

(9, 3)

1 Dawson Washakie Endless Summer B/W attractively spotted with good pigment. Feminine without fineness. Pleasing head shape, dark eye colour and well carried ears. Alert and attentive. Elegant reach of neck. Good shoulder placement. Powerful rear quarters, good bend of stifle assisting drive, true and steady mover. Lovely in profile. Strong contender in the challenge, and deservedly Res CC.
2 David & Saunders Dalticino Interlagos From Dallydyl JW ShCM
L/W of lovely colour, slightly larger build than 1. Pleasing head with lovely spotted ears framing the face. Nice tight coat. Excellent shoulder placement, deep chest. Well constructed with plenty of bone and shown in good firm condition. Moved positively but just missed out on the drive of 1.
3 Tingey Dallyador The Enchanteress JW

(13, 3)

1 Christie Ch Sophtspot Glitterati JW B/W. Even spotting on a dense white coat. Pleasing and well proportioned head with kind and attentive expression, dark eyes and well carried ears. Elegant reach of neck leading into well developed front with good lay of shoulders, correct return of upper arm, strong foreleg and cat feet. Nice level topline, firm muscled loin. Strong and powerful rear quarters with well bent stifle. Combined with her sound forequarters, enabled her to cover the ground in a true and positive manner, displaying excellent reach and drive. Excellent profile image and not overdone in any respect, and excelled in a class of true quality bitches. CC & BOB.
2 Emms Dallydyl Love In Idleness
B/W presenting with so many of the attributes of 1. Slightly heavier in build but this did not detract from her overall profile and impression. Lovely dark pigmented coat and eye colour, appealing expression. Correctly angled fore and aft, deep chest, level topline and adequate length of loin. Well boned throughout. Positive and true in movement.
3 Alexander Ch Offordale Larissa.

Shelagh Stevenson