Windsor 2017 Judged by Mrs Karen Goff-Leggett
Windsor Championship Dog Show 2017

I was very impressed as always with the Windsor committee and the running of the show. Everyone was very helpful, especially my two stewards who I would like to thank for their assistance. The ring was of a great size, the Dalmatians were well-presented and overall the temperaments were sound. It is always a privilege to judge our beautiful breed. The Dalmatian is known for their free movement and soundness, however, my impressions of some of the dogs gave me concern about the standard of movement. There is a lack of muscle on hindquarters and I have also seen some leading to rear hocks so close that they nearly cross. On a more positive side, my winners were very much to the same type and true to the standard of our lovely breed.

I had a super day and was more than pleased with my winners. I would like to thank the exhibitors for supporting the show and bringing along some excellent quality dogs.

VD/B (6, 2 abs )

1. Mrs M Gibbs’ Ch Phadante Dixie Lily JW Striking black spotting on this lovely size bitch, with clean lines. Not showing her age at all on the move, has a classic feminine head, super reach of neck into good topline and tailset, well-constructed front with deep chest. Best Veteran.
2. Mrs C Burrows’ Ch Daedalus Deacon Blue At Shacarlu
Another veteran in great form. 10-year-old b/w, moved freely covering the ground so well in profile, body well balanced with a very sound forehand construction, well boned body, good depth of brisket and spring of rib.
3. Dr R W J & Mrs S E Ely’s Wintermine Flamenco

(1,0 )

1. Mrs S Thorne’s Spotiray Billy Elliot Of Castletop I really liked this BS 6-month-old. He has a very good head and eye colour, scores well in body, good round feet, super spotting on a pure white coat, moved well, correct tail carriage and a lovely temperament. I think he may have a good future.

PD (2, 1 )

1. Mrs S Thorne’s Spotiray Billy Elliot Of Castletop

(8, 0 )

1. Mr & Mrs R & I Hernandez’s Dalminshi Starlight Express Well-developed dog with good outline, strong in head and muzzle, with good eye colour and good ear carriage, good bone, short coupled with a deep chest, moved well with purpose and drive, keeping his topline on the move.
2. Miss T A Gardinor’s Dakata Duranta Well-developed young dog was 15 months of age, well-marked and balanced youngster, lovely head dark eyes, good bone, feet and good hind quarters, moved sound with good reach, free movement, correct tail carriage.
3. Mr C & Mrs A E Healey’s Doshaburi The Cloud Dragon At Hebemor

(7, 0 )

1. Mrs D L & Mr K Whincup’s Tamilanda Midnight Lilly Well-balanced, displays a super outline, a good underline, good bold spotting, lovely head and kind expression, good bone and feet, powerful hindquarters with true let down hocks, very hard condition, moved with drive.
2. Mr & Mrs R & I Hernandez’s Dalminshi Starlight Express.
3. Miss L Wheaton’s Buffrey The Last Word At Acinonyx

(10, 1 )

1. Mr & Mrs R & I Hernandez’s Dalminshi Starlight Express
2. Ms P Baker’s Lancelot Des Landes D'iroise (Imp)
b/w strong muscular forequarters, straight legs, good spring of rib, well-developed second thigh, has active free movement, good turn of stifle, well defined hocks, pushed hard for top honours just let down by coat today.
3. Mrs M Gibbs’ Phadante Mr Blue Sky JW

(9, 1 )

1. Miss T A Gardinor’s Jamelsley Pyracantha At Dakata JW Beautiful bold spotting and excellent dark pigment, handsome head and good ear placement, lovely dark eye, good reach of neck, good layback of shoulder, good spring of rib, looking very fit and well-muscled, not overdone in any way, correct tail carriage, well-defined hocks, keeps his topline on the move, moved effortlessly around the ring. Dog CC.
2. Mrs T B Stocks’ Nospar's Shaded Lanson JW
l/w of the correct colour, smaller spots of the old-fashioned type, handsome head and good ear placement, tapering neck into strong well-built body, looking very fit and well-muscled, free flowing topline and tailset.
3. Mr & Mrs S Donnelly’s Tamilanda Berry Ice Lilly

(8, 0 )

1. Mrs J Christie’s Ch Sophtspot Gold Dust JW lw dog, what a quality class to win today! Well-schooled, beautiful outline and well-balanced angles. From the top of his head right down to his body and onto his tailset was excellent. His front was strong with excellent shoulders and good reach of neck, correct tight cat feet, unfortunately suffered coat condition today. Res. CC.
2. Mr & Mrs J C & K E Mccarthy’s Fr Ch Domdallino Je Suis Kilndandy JW
Handled to perfection, showed his socks off and just demanding my attention, super coat condition liver spotting on a tight based coat, lovely head and long reach of neck, great level topline and good shoulders.
3. Mrs J Green’s & Mrs J Sears’ Ch Tolutim Yves St Laurent At Judally

(5, 0 )

1. Mrs J Bardey’s Dalcross Destiny's Child Lovely shape and balance, good head with correct eye and expression, good strong neck, correct topline, moved well with handler.
2. Miss L Wheaton’s Buffrey The Last Word At Acinonyx B/W 13 month old dog, lovely overall shape, lovely head with good eye and ear set, nice angles, needs to strengthen in topline, but moved well.
3. Mr & Mrs A & D Pawson’s Cragvallie Vinny's Chance

(4, 1 )

1. Mrs C Rose’s Candidals I Believe A nice puppy of just 6 months old. When asked to move, spent a lot of time jumping in the air, when she came back to me she was very happy and very easy to examine. Good head, dark eyes, beautiful black spotting on a tight based coat, good shoulder placement on a clean neck - very elegant outline.
2. Mr B & Mrs S Littler’s Dalmark The Kir Royale l/w 6 months. Quality puppy bitch from this well-known kennel. Moved effortlessly around the ring showing a great level topline, excellent condition good shoulders and good reach of neck, good eye colour and moved out well for one so young.
3. Mrs F Reay’s Spotiray Swan Lake

(2, 0 )

1. Mr & Mrs J C & K E Mccarthy’s Tolkain Gold Star For Kilndandy lw youngster who moved out well, steady and good driving movement and tracked very true. Typical, feminine head and expression, correct front assembly with good lay of shoulder, good legs, very shapely with good bone and feet, moved soundly, correct tailset. Best Puppy.
2. Mrs F & Miss C Carrick’s Tessmene Sweet Violet
A pleasing moderate youngster with attractive spotting, pleasing classical head, nice clean neck onto a defined wither correct topline, croup and tailset. Nice to go over, tracked well.

JB (9, 1 )

1. K & S Harrison-Stratford’s Dalminshi Dark Dakota At Dalkereve JW b/w bitch, has a classic feminine head, super reach of neck into excellent topline and tailset, held so well on the move, lovely body proportions, with well-matched soundly constructed quarters, never stopped showing.
2. Dr W J E & Mrs J M Gardner’s Dvojica Chilli Chutney For Wrendragge JW l/w bitch, I am very impressed with this young liver spotted bitch. She demonstrates some lovely loose lead work, moving soundly and with ease around the ring, very feminine expression and good eye colour, well laid shoulder and length of upper arm, presenting a good outline, moved true.
3. Dr R W J & Mrs S E Ely’s Wintermine Hanako

(12, 0 )

1. Mrs D L & Mr K Whincup’s Tamilanda Pick -A- Lilly Another strong class. b/w bitch so well-balanced and beautifully made head eye and expression, well-made all through with strong level back, well laid shoulder, good feet, bend of stifle, strong and powerful on the move.
2. Mr & Mrs A T & M Cuthbertson’s Ellemstra Little Mix With Kalsidoni b/w a quality bitch in good, hard condition. Very well constructed, with good layback of shoulder, depth through the heart, with good bone and feet, she went well with good reach in sidegait.
3. Mrs L Richardson’s Mapplewell Ely Brown

(9, 2 )

1. Dr J & Mrs S Stevenson’s Macula Moonlight Mystique JW correct eye colour and ear placement, lovely reach of neck, well developed front and rear quarters, good turn of stifle and let down hock, she moved with plenty of drive and intent.
2. Mrs C Burrows’ Elaridge Hawks Phoenix At Shacarlu B/W old fashioned bitch with substance, well balanced, lovely head and expression, good strong neck going into well laid shoulders, correct angulation front and rear, loved her free movement, showed well.
3. Mrs J T Mcmanus’ Boschendal Ashes Of Roses

(10, 4 )

1. Mrs L M David’s & Mrs J M Saunders’ Dalticino Interlagos From Dallydyl JW Sh.CM An easy winner, in harmony and very feminine, just a bit light in eye, strong neck, one of few with correct angulation in front, moved well going around, with correct topline, beautiful spotting, moved out well with purpose and drive.
2. Mrs D & Mr L Dore’s Daldior Miss Hula Hula Girl Super elegant, eye catching, upto size, well broken ears, liked head and expression, level back and correct tailset, good turn of stifle, moved with purpose and drive.
3. Mr & Mrs R Tingey’s Dallyador The Enchanteress JW

(9, 0 )

1. Mrs J & Mr D Petersen’s Ch Daedalus Cliff Angel JW Very attractive, very feminine, correct outline, lovely neck and topline, well-angulated behind, big bold spotting, very positive side gait, moved with purpose and drive, well handled, lovely temperament, outstanding both standing and moving and presented in the best condition. Bitch CC and BOB.
2. Mrs B Quayle’s Ch Cubalibre Spot On JW
A bitch I have admired for many years, femi-nine, really love her head and expression, good clean neck, correct bone and feet, well spotted, moving out well, spot on coming and going, well-handled as always. Res. CC.
3. Mrs J Christie’s Ch Sophtspot Glitterati JW

Judge Mrs K. Goff-Leggett.