Darlington 2017 Judged by Hazel Chance
Darlington Championship Show 2017


What a wonderful entry I received for my first appointment giving CC’s, especially on a work day. The sun was shining and to say I was excited was an understatement. The only disappointment of the day was the uneven ring that we had been allocated. However all of the exhibitors managed to move their dogs around without too much difficulty. The Dalmatian is bred for endurance but I noticed that a few were muscle bound which I find distracts from the elegance that you see so often in the breed. I also noticed that the dreaded Dally rash was evident and this did play some part in the placings on the day. I was very pleased with both of my line ups and was amazed at how well the main winners went in the respective groups, especially the Veteran who went on to take the top honours of Best Veteran in Show.

Dog CC Winner Millbelle Young Gun. JW. Mr & Mrs Todhunter Robinson
Bitch CC Winner and Best of Breed. Tamilanda Pick-A-Lilly. Mr & Mrs Whincup
Best Veteran Ch. Offordale Chevalier. Mrs. Alexander
Best Puppy in Breed. Offerdale Griffin.
Dog RCC Tamilanda Midnigth Lilly. Mr & Mrs Whincup
Bitch RCC Dallydor The Enchantress. Mr 7 Mrs Tingey.

Veteran Dog.
6, 1 absent

1. Alexander’s Ch. Offordale Chevalier. BVIB. BVIS.. This lovely black dog is still holding his own in veteran dog. This is the first time I have had the pleasure of going over him this handsome boy.0 and I was pleased with what I saw. He was very attentive with his handler and moved out with ease and a long driving stride that is most desirable in the breed. Very handsome head with a kind expression, good length of neck leading into correct shoulder angulation. Great top line that remained when on the move and correct length of tail. Lovely feet and spotting. I was thrilled to hear that he took the top award in Veteran.
2. Barrett & Ford’s Ch. Shulune Ice Phantom of Dalamanti Sh. CM. another nice black with well-defined muscles. His head is what I would expect from this kennel with a great expression, ear set, and lovely dark eyes. He has a good deep chest with plenty of spring of rib. Another dog that moved out with a long stride driving from behind.

Minor Puppy Dog. 1 no absentees.

1. Christie’s Laguna Dios Free Falcon By Sophtspot (imp) (B) . This young dog seemed unsure about being in the ring today but the main road close to the ring was very noisy. He was happy for me to go over him and did settle on the move. A well-boned dog with some noticeable growth to do which I would expect in the younger classes. Lovely clear spotting all over his body. Good angulation on front and back and he moved out well.

Puppy Dog. 2, no absentees.

1. Alexandar’s Offordale Griffin. BPIB. . (B) This young dog is from the same kennel as the veteran and holds many of the same qualities. He was more mature than 2 and this went in his favour. Lovely head free of any due lap and no excessive lip. ##dark eye with a youngsters’ expression of mischief. Correct proportions to his structure and well-balanced. Level top line and correct tail set. Moved out beautifully with his handler and decorated with well-defined spotting. Certainly one to watch for the future.
2. Christie’s Laguna Dios Free Falcon By Sophtspot (imp)

Junior Dog.
5, 3 absentees.

1. Hopkin’s Rapanooey Red Rose. (B) this dog is maturing nicely with many good qualities. He has a masculine head with deep dark eyes. Good reach of neck leading into correct shoulder and deep chest. Well-muscled and defined second muscle in thigh with correct turn of stifle. A pleasure to watch on the move with plenty of drive while maintaining his top line.
2. Lamb’s Dalpetro Digby. (B) This dog has some growing up to do yet appearing somewhat immature to 1. He has a nice spotty head with correct ear set and well-broken ears. Good length of neck and correct angulation of shoulder. Good turn of stifle supplying drive on the move.

Post Graduate Dog. 10, 3 absentees.

1. Whincup’s Tamilanda Midnight Lilly JW. RCC. (B) I was pleased to finally get my hands on this boy having admiring him from the ring side since he was a puppy. Typical type of this kennel, all having beautiful cat like feet. Handsome head with clean features and dark eye. Well covered body and muscle to touch. Correct angulation on front and rear with great turn of stifle. Good spring of rib with deep chest and level top line. Moved out beautifully with one with his handler. He glided around the ring with his long stride and ample drive. Good contender for the CC.
2. Fryday’s Cragvalle Chance on Me. (B) the boy appeared to be happy to be on the ring, typical of the breed wanting to please his owner. Masculine head with dark eye. Good proportion in his body with correct angulation front and back. Good turn of stifle which was evident in the drive he displayed on the move keeping his top line in place.
Limit Dog. 10, 2 absentees.

1. Todhunter Robinson’s Millbelle Young Gun JW. CC. (L) I have always loved this dog since he first came under me as a youngster. He moved around the ring with such ease and elegance, he was my easy CC winner. Great clean outline with everything in proportion and place. Well decorated with the correct liver colour spotting. His coat is now in immaculate condition. Beautiful head full of expression and alertness. Plenty of bone and well-muscled, looks like he could work all day if it was asked of him. Great outline and top line with correct angulation front and rear.
2. Gamble’s Croga Ri Of Taylorstown (B) This handsome dog was unlucky to come up against 1. Strong head but still holding elegance, I would prefer a darker eye. Clean lip and correct ear set. I do like the front of this dog with his chest easily reaching his elbow and plenty of room for air growth. Good angulation front and rear with a good turn of stifle. He moved out easily with his handler who used his long stride to his dog’s advantage.

Open Dog 9. no absentees.

1. Dunnachie’s Ch. Dvojica Vendetta (B) This kennel grows from strength to strength. I like this dog very much. Well defined muscle without becoming muscle bound. Beautiful masculine head using his ears to his benefit at all times. Long reaching neck leading onto a powerful front displaying good bone leading down to perfect feet. Correct angulation on front and rear and moved out with so much drive it was a joy to watch. Lovely decoration on the whitest of coat.
2. Christie’s Ch. Sophtspot Gold Dust JW (L) I have waited a long time to judge this boy and I wasn’t disappointed, he was unlucky to come up against 1. Beautiful head with correct colour of eye for liver. This dog has one of the best fronts of the day with a good depth of chest. Clean top line and correct tail set leading on to correct turn of stifle which enabled him to glide around the ring.

Veteran Bitch 6. no absentees

1. Dores’ Ch. Dalidor Ace of Diamonds JW. 9 year old black bitch. Such a pretty head on this girl and lots to like about her. Kind expression with dark eye, correct ear set and good clean lip. Good reach of neck leading onto a well-developed front and cat like feet. Nice depth of rib with plenty of room for expansion of the lungs. Good turn of stifle that provided plenty of drive when on the move. Moved out well with her handler with little evidence of her age to be seen. Obvious that this girl still enjoys the show ring.
2. Whitings’ Cibrith China Aster Sh. CM. Another 9 year old girl but this time a liver. Again this girl sports a lovely head with a correct amber eye. It is a while since I have judged this girl and she has never lost her spark. She has some of the nicest feet that you can find in the breed. She remains in good shape for her age and flowed around the ring with ease and drive.

Minor Puppy Bitch. 2, no absentees

1. Whiting’s Akaroa Lulu. 7 month black bitch. Well matured and schooled for her age. Well decorated on a lovely white coat. Nice to see a plainer head for a change. Good reach of neck moving onto the correct shoulder angulation and good depth of her ribs. Loved her topline that remained intact on the move. She was happy to be on the moved and flowed with drive. Defiantly one to watch for the future.
2. Clement’s Perditas Penelopea. 6 month and I think that this might have been her first show. he wasn’t as confident as 1 and I think the busy road didn’t help her. It was nice to see that she was still puppy and her handler was very supportive and patient with her. Nice feminine head with kind dark eyes. Overall a nice shape with well-defined spots on a dense coat. 2 Good angulation noted with a good tail set.

Puppy Bitch. 3, no absentees.

1. Thornthwaite’s Cohavrick Symphony. 11 month black bitch. Again another well matured puppy. Lovely broken ears set correctly on her head while framing the overall picture. Good reach of neck minus any dewlap. Well up on her pasturns with cat like feet. Her body was well formed under the touch and she had powerful drive from her behind.
2. Crooke’s Dalmark The Ratafia. 10 month old liver bitch. I really liked the construction of this puppy and it was obvious to the eye that she still is a puppy. My only criticism would be that she needs more weight on her and to enable her to keep the bone that she has. Lovely liver colour that this kennel always seems to get right. Lovely facial expression and very intent on her handler who did very well with her. Moved out with drive and determination.

Junior Bitch. 8, no absentees.

1. Neath-Duggan & Baker’s Buffrey Hanky Panky by Dalleaf JW (B) What a very pretty and eye catching girl. I really liked her overall shape and construction that this kennel is well known for. Very nicely marked on a pristine white coat. Correct size and shape with good angulation. Lovely to watch her on the move as she glided around the ring and well deserved her place in the line-up.
2. Gardner’s Dvojica Chilli Chutney For Wrendragge. (L) Different type to the 1st but again very appealing, was only beaten on movement. Pleasing construction with great angulation that she uses to her advantage. Good topline with correct tail set. What you see is what you get. Unlucky to come up against one. Promising future for both.

Post Graduate Bitch. 14, no absentees.

1. Whincup’s Tamilanda Pick-a-Lily JW. CC & BOB. (B) This lovely girl ended up being my BOB and BCC winner. Both very well deserved. This girl stands out when in the ring against her competition. After going over her brother I was just as impressed with this girl. Beautifully decorated on a clear white coat. Beautiful head with the richest dark eye, ears well set and alert at all times. Good reach of neck and plenty of depth to her chest and rib cage. Good bone and the tightest feet. Good angulation to the rear and good length to body without any exaggerations. Flowed around the ring as one with her handler and was happy to keep going not fazed by the expectations of her. For me this was the best class of the day, radiating quality.
2. Brennan’s Daymadals In The Mood JW (B) This girl won her place on the move, with the longest stride and drive from behind. Beautiful spotting on a clean white coat. Not the most feminine head but her other qualities out way this. She is of good size with a level topline and correct tail set which she holds to her advantage.

Limit Bitch. 9, 3 absentees

1. Tingy’s Dallyador The Enchanteress JW. RCC. . (L) I was happy to award this girl the RBCC after winning this class. I have watched her mature and have to say that I am pleased with the outcome. Sporting a very pretty head recognisable from her mother, with correct pigmentation in spotting and eye. Well-muscled and it is clear that this girl could work all day if it was required of her. She moved out with grace and speed whilst maintaining her top line and her tail leaving her back as it should. Nice portioned chest with ample lung room. Good bone with well-defined feet and correct angulation.
2. Wilshaw’s Tamilanda Colla Lilly (B) Another lovely girl with a similar outline to 1. Lightly marked but still with sufficient marking to not be distracted by it.very femine head with nicely broken ears held to perfection. Good dark eye and very intent with handler. Clean outline with no over exaggeration. Good front with nice depth of chest. Great topline and tail set. Moved out lovely with a strong drive from the rear.

Open Bitch. 12, 3 absentees.

1. Dodds & Pearson’s Ch. & Ir Ch. Kelevra Classic Cliché JW Sh. CM. (B) I have always liked this homebred bitch and it is a while since I have had the pleasure of going over her. She has matured very nicely and is a great example of our breed. Feminine plain head with well broken ears. Correct portion of head to muzzle with clean lip. She has a good reach of neck flowing onto nice front with a well laid shoulder. Good top line and tail carriage that she maintained on the move. Correct hind quarters that helped her power around the ring with her handler. If she had been in perfect condition she would have been my winner of the day.
2. Christie’s Ch. Sophtspot Glitterati (B) Another great example of the breed. Lovely dark eye full of expression. Well-developed chest which is good to see as the breed appear to be losing this. Excellent topline and just the right amount of tuck up. Good spring of rib with plenty of room for lung expansion when working to her full capacity. Just didn’t move out at well as 1 today.

Judge - Hazel Chance