Northern Ireland 2017 Judged by Chris Toynton
Northern Ireland Dalmatian Club Ch. Show. 23rd Sept. 2017.


Min. Puppy. –

1st – Christie’s – Laguna Dios Free Falcon by Sophtspot. 8mth lad of correct liver colour & even decoration, developing a nice masculine head, well built for age with plenty of bone & substance to grow into but not overdone, moved with superb balance & soundness, handled expertly & was allowed a free rein to show himself off well, definitely one to watch in the future. Best P D. & Res B.P I S.

Puppy. 2(0)a

1st – Christie’s – Laguna Dios Free Falcon by Sophtspot.
2nd – Alexander’s – Offordale Griffin.
Honest all round boy with nice male head & good length of neck, strong bone going down to tight cat feet, thigh & second thigh hard & developed, both in class of sound construction but this one was less settled today & still needs time but certainly another one to keep a keen eye on I am sure.

Jnr . 4(0)a

1st – Hopkin’s – Rapanooey Red Rose. Endearing youngster with kind eye & pleasing head & face, at a good stage of development & with time on his side to mature slowly, correct height & length of body for age, presents a good outline was best movement in class, handled expertly & presented in nice coat condition.
2nd – Small’s – Alioth Moonlight Surprise. Jch. Very profuse proper ‘spotted’ dog of correct liver colour, as they should be, nice width of front for age & good turn of stifle, lovely deep chest & tuck up of loin, showed good forward reach when moving.
3rd – Pavey’s – Dotlun Bootstrap Bill at Granardal.


1st – Perry & Sampson’s – Dalstorm Eternal Spirit. Winner of my next three classes & deservedly so, his maturity is just at the correct stages of development & was best overall, body is of good height & length for a male & when viewed from a distance presents a lovely outline & head shape, good amounts of bone & substance all over, moved with a nice even gait & well balanced.
2nd – Small’s – Alioth Moonlight Surprise. Jch.
3rd – Barclay & Sampson’s – Dalstorm Eternal Flame.


1st – Perry & Sampson’s – Dalstorm Eternal Spirit.


1st – Perry & Sampson’s – Dalstorm Eternal Spirit.
2nd – Hopkin’s – Rapanooey Red Rose.
3rd – Baker’s - Dalmaigheo Love is the Drug. Ir Jnr ch.

P. Grad.

1st – Neilson’s – Bariscot Aristarchus Moonet. Big strong handsome black well spotted masculine lad with rich pigmentation & darkest of eyes, of good construction throughout, shown in fit hard condition with plenty of bone & muscle, moved with a balanced & powerful driving action, one of the few that is capable of a day’s work, held a strong topline & stood four square, he is so close to top honours but am sure his day will come soon.
2nd – Millington’s – Gloriandus Sagaro of Capearlla. One of good rich liver colour & pigment & evenly decorated, correct height, deep chest & nice spring of rib, sound & balanced when moving but appeared to lack maturity & development for class age, needs time & experience in earlier classes first.

Limit. 2(0)a

1st – Gamble’s – Croga Re of Taylorstown at Mullabuoy. Defined male head with eyes, ears & length of muzzle in nice context, length of neck & body in correct proportion to height ratio, tail & tailset coming off from the back & carried well on the move, tracked evenly fore & aft & moved with good driving action & Dog & handler flowed in lovely unison, presented in good clean coat condition with nice clearly even decoration.
2nd – Cobb’s - Kalokairie’s Carbon Copy. Compact youngster of nice length & depth of body, lively & well animated, tight white coat with lovely jet black even spotting, nice amount of muscletone on well rounded rear quarters, correct shoulder placement which allowed good extended forward reach when moving, another one that appeared to lack maturity for class age & should not be rushed too soon, credit to handler got the best out of him making good use of this large ring & he loved it.

Open. 7(1)a

1st – McCarthy’s – Domdallino Je Suis Kilndandy. Jw. Both top placings in this quality class are really fine examples of livers & as true to the standard at present, this handsome chap has got the masculine well defined head & ears that is in superb balance & context with the rest of him, body of the soundest construction & conformation, shown freestanding & with minimum contact he kept his head & topline held well standing & moving, movement was with a balanced soundness & steady controlled action well up on his pasterns, presented in the peak of condition he was a joy to go over. Res. D c c. & B Liver in show
2nd – Christie’s – Ch. Sophtspot Gold Dust. Jw.
Same applies to this top quality exhibit also, coming out of one of the best producing kennels of our day, he is another wonderfully well constructed example of a male as you will get, head not over nor underdone, strong powerful tight shoulders, bone & muscle are well developed which gives him strength & drive, on the move he covered the large ring with ease & surety, only his outline was not at its best today showing a small amount of weight on the withers which in this high quality class was the close deciding factor.
3rd – Bermingham’s – IR Ch. Cannabee Casanova at Lornlee.


1st – Alexander’s – Ch. Offordale Chevalier. An honour to have the top winning Dalmatian of all time under me today & seeing he has been under me twice before over the last five years & I haven’t been able to assess him properly due to his power & strength that now in a veteran class is under control, what can one say that has not been said about him already, he really has proved to be ‘the’ best example of our breed certainly in my thirty years of experience, I wrote before ‘this lovely well built male is another stallion that the breed is sadly lacking’ & I stand by that today, he is in his prime of life & height of fitness, so well constructed all over that I could not fault any part of him at all but this time being able to assess his movement fully in a large ring I could not fault that neither, foot perfect, balanced, precise, powerful & controlled he moved like a thoroughbred racehorse & that is why I could not deny awarding him the ultimate accolades today & his 55th c.c. B.o.B. & Best in show.



1st – Chance & Dodds – Dalmark The Tia Maria for Dotlun. 10mth liver girl with correct colour & pigmentation, beautiful dark eyes & feminine head, nice length of neck that flows into topline naturally, correct development of body for age that shows off clean lines & nice curves , moved with a controlled precision & strong driving action from the rear, looked a picture standing & moving, handler showed her with subtlety & presentation could not have been better, showed real ring presence & the qualities that are associated with this breeding kennel. B.P & B.P.I.S.


1st – Quayle’s – Chizmic Carry On with Cubalibre. Dynamic young B/w which I judged recently in an a.v class & today she appeared more settled which presented a better topline, has a lovely make & shape & is in very hard fit condition, very powerful when moving & covered the big ring with ease using a good length of stride that only comes from a correct shoulder placement, presented in nice clean clear coat, this is another to watch in the future as am sure is destined for top awards.
2nd – Gardner’s - Dvojica Chilli Chutney for Wrendragge. Jw. Coming out from strong breeding stock this girl has good feminine features & qualities that make a true carriage dog, conformation & sound construction along with her nice head shape, good length of body, wide front & even rear quarters are amongst her best attributes, moving with good tracking, balance & striding action, she just lacked the animation & enthusiasm today which I know she has, presentation was impeccable she has lovely even decoration.

Yearling. 2(0)a

1st – Quayle’s – Chizmic Carry On with Cubalibre. Jw.
2nd – Sampson’s – Dalstorm Eternal Promise.Jw.
Bitch of good substance & structure, feminine head, well developed forechest & strong tight muscled shoulder, ample bone going down to round tight cat feet, correct tail set & length of tail, excellent muscletone all over, moved with plenty of speed & drive from rear quarters, looked a nice picture standing, presented in lovely condition & handled well.

P.Grad. 1(0)a

1st – Evans – Tyrodal Legacy of an Angel. Well balanced & nicely put together with good amount of bone & substance, shoulders of correct angulation & tight across the withers showing a clean neckline & topline which she held when stood, moved with good drive & power from behind & nice extended reach at the front to cover the ground quickly, expertly handled using minimum control & presented in nice clean natural coat.

Limit. 7(2)a

1st – Page’s – Vivienne Westwood by Winflash. Another real showgirl coming out of this kennel that has all the attributes of a winner, tight compact well put together body with just the right amounts of bone & muscletone yet still showing femininity, movement was swift & surefooted with superb drive & even tracking fore & aft being ‘at one’ with handler, shown in full clear clean coat with profuse evenly marked decoration. Res. B.c.c.
2nd – Hobbs & Whiting’s - Rapanooey Rhona.
This, very similar to 1st placing in compactness & substance, pretty feminine head, nice broken ears which she carries well, body of good construction & sound conformation which stood out in her movement, just have preferred a tighter waistline but was shown in lovely clean coat & handled with nice expertise.

Open. 10(0)a
1st – Christie’s – Ch. Sophtspot Glitterati Jw. Once again produced by this kennel comes another top quality exhibit, honest all round bitch with attributes in abundance, lovely clean lines & curves, strong substantial body with hard fit muscle & everything of exact correct proportion, her outline flows neatly from her skull down her nice length of neck & across her level topline to her tail which comes straight off her back in a nice line, her underside outlining her depth of chest tuck up of loin & rear angulation, having extended forward reach & good spring on her pasterns showed real fluidity in movement in which one found difficult to fault, superb presentation & experienced handling brought out the best in her. B.c.c. B.o.s. & Res. B.i.s
2nd – Quayle’s – Ch. Cubalibre Spot On. Jw.
Eyecatching girl with very distinct jet black even spotting on the whitest background, lovely feminine head & expression, very similar virtues to 1st placing & one can see why she is a top winner, front construction & depth of chest is as good as it can get, whole outline is what you envisage from the standard & movement viewed from all angles is very true & precise showing a sound balanced gait, she stood out well in this large class & held her own nearly taking the top spot, presented in the peak of condition & handled with minimal intervention.

Sp Vet. 6(2)a

1st – Wright’s – Angelic Aphrodite for Millbelle. At 10yrs young is still very alert & agile, presenting a nice outline & strong definition of bone & muscle, standing well up on her toes she kept her poise & composure at all times, showed nice fluid movement with no signs of weakness in the pastern joints or stiffness of shoulders & thighs, handler gave her the freedom to do her own thing.
2nd – Kennedy’s – Beebo Betty. Ir Ch. Again, at 9yrs she shows no sign of slowing or weakness of joints, carrying a tad more weight than 1st but, by no means detrimental to her soundness, health or movement, handler put her through her paces well & she rose to the occasion with relish.

Brace Class.

1st – McCarthy’s
Only ones in this class but a sight to behold with a very evenly matched pair of superb liver spotted breed examples in unison moving with the older male slightly taking the lead over the younger female around the ring keeping even distance from the handler, one could not deny awarding them the red rosette for the team professionalism.

Jnr Handling. - 12 to 16yrs 1(0)a

1st – Miss K. Howard. First time for this young lady who took to it well, by simple explanation of commands she executed them very well keeping close control of her 4yr Dalmatian bitch & that is not an easy task with a strong mature dog even for some adult handlers, with practise experience guidance & education she should have a good future in the sport, she needs to study some of the top jnr handlers & develop her own style & dress code.

Judge. Chris Toynton.