Joint Dalmatian Clubs 2018 Judged by Christine Lewis & Mrs, Ilex Whiting


Many thanks to the committee of BDC for nominating me to judge at this years Joint show it was a privilege to have such a good entry of bitches to examine. I had two very efficient stewards Lesley and Josian who kept the ring flowing. Good stewards are essential to the running of a show and are too often taken for granted. Thankyou to both for doing a great job.

The Dalmatian folk had given me a nice sized entry to select from, and I was met with many smiles and wagging tails. Only one Minor Puppy was a little reticent to be handled, and I think she was a bit overwhelmed with the echoing venue, other wise temperament was first class.

The ‘Carriage Dog’ is a moving breed, and I am sad to say there were far too few who really moved correctly. My bitch CC certainly could, she moved effortlessly with an economical gait, truly looked like she could go all day. Several of the bitches looked good standing but the large ring pinpointed the toeing in, close hocks, flapping elbows, over-reaching, lack of forward extension etc.

I have never seen so many “pink feet”, what is this all about? It can’t be blamed on the weather as I live in a swamp with loads of standing water around and none of mine have pink feet.

Not quite as many cathedral fronts as previous times judging but the lack of angulation to the upper arm is still very much present. The Dalmatian should be slightly longer than high, it should not be square in outline, thus enabling a greater length of stride . Where have all the muscles gone? Some had very little muscle tone and were quite soft in the hind quarters with no second thigh in evidence. You don’t need to go miles to keep them in good shape just regular daily exercise. Look at the dogs, study the standard and pedigrees before breeding, and try to improve on what you all ready have. It takes time and effort to breed a top winning dog, so remember the future of the breed is in your hands.

My co-judge Christine Lewis agreed to give the dog BIS. A fine specimen, presented in great condition who showed his socks off and really took command of the ring on the move.

Finally a big thankyou to all who gave me the honour of going over your lovely girls, it was a great show with a friendly atmosphere. Well done to the organising committee.

Minor Puppy Bitch (5)

1. Page’s WINFLASH MISS DIOR 8 month old of good breed type, presenting a balanced outline. Good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, sufficient depth and forechest, nice short loin. Moved a little erratically but basically sound, covering the ground powered by well muscled quarters, good hind angulation.
2. Hajee & Tidcombe’s CASTLETOP SUMMER BREEZE 9 month black spotted with great depth of pigmentation, and good eye colouring. Strong bone and neat feet, and good infill to chest. Nicely balanced throughout, moved o.k.

Puppy Bitch

1. Hobbs & Whiting’s RAPANOOEY RASCALLION Liver spotted pup with good amber eye colour and nicely broken ears framing a pretty feminine face. Strong bone and tight feet, good depth of brisket, short loin. Sufficient turn of stifle and well let down hocks. Moved by far the best in the class. Best puppy bitch

Junior Bitch
(3, 1abs)

1. Thornthwaite & Patrick’s COHAVRICK SYMPHONY Completely unknown to me, a lovely Dalmatian in sparkling form with well defined spotting and pretty feminine head. Balanced throughout with good slope to shoulders and rear to compliment. Moved out well with excellent forward reach when viewed in profile and positive driving action from the rear .
2. Bridge, Meyer & Britton’s KIERADAL MOULIN ROUGE A very wriggly young lady obviously enjoying her day out, great advert for correct temperament. Pretty head with lovely dark eye colour and pleasing expression. Good make and shape to body. Moved with enthusiasm.

Yearling Bitch (10, 2 abs)

1. Gardners’ DVOJICA CHILLI CHUTNEY FOR WRENGRAGGE Very feminine young liver who oozes quality. A sound honest bitch, nothing flashy about her, but everything in the right place. Excellent forchest and depth of brisket, correct angles front and rear. Her correct construction meant she moved well and covered the ground in an economical fashion, with good forward extension , driving from well muscled quarters, lovely to watch in profile. Pretty feminine head with kind expression and nice even decoration. Mentally short listed for res CC.
2. Neath-Duggan & Baker’s BUFFREY HANKY PANKY BY DALLEAF Really close decision between these two good representatives of the breed who share many of the same attributes. Jet black spotting on gleaming white background. Correct construction throughout, particularly her front angulation, totally sound on the move and a real showgirl, handled quietly and sympathetically to bring out the best in her. Certain these two will change places many times.
3. De Rozario, Webb & Chrystal’s JEMBLEWOOD JELLY BEAN

Post Graduate Bitch
(16, 3abs) A class of disappointingly poor movement.

1. Norgrove’s SASSYDALS SLINGSBY FIREFLY Won this class on her superior movement in a class of pretty awful movement. She moved soundly from all angles with economical low ground covering action and looked like she could move effortlessly all day. Lovely young lady with dense black spotting on pure white coat, pretty head with dark eyes. Excellent front assembly with good slope to shoulders, nice depth of brisket and ribbing carried well back, short in loin. Correctly carried tail on nicely sloping croup, strong quarters and well defined second thigh, well let down hocks.
2. Sampson’s DALSTORM ETERNAL PROMISE Another bitch who was balanced throughout and another sound moving girl. Even liver spotting though on the heavy side, nice head and dark eyes giving good expression. Moved out well with good forward reach and driving from well muscled quarters.

Mid Limit Bitch
(6, 1abs)

1. Haywood-Ridgway’s LUCCOMBE STRAWBERRY ROYALE Pretty feminine bitch, evenly decorated jet black spotting and dark eyes to compliment, shown in really hard condition. Not only did she look like she could go the distance, she felt like she had. Super hindquarters with well developed second thigh, nice turn of stifle and well let down hocks. Excellent on the move viewed from every angle. Deserved the Reserve CC in some stiff competition.
2. Richardson’s MAPPLEWELL ELY BROWN More compact liver lady with appealing head and lovely ear carriage. Strong bone, neat cat feet, Balanced in outline with correct angulation. Good depth to body and well ribbed up, nice short loin. Moved soundly.

Limit Bitch

1. Wilkinson’s GWYNMOR HIGH FIVE TO HUNACRES JW (Imp) Today she topped the lot and really deserved her crowning CC. A beautifully spotted girl very typical of this kennel , just oozes quality. Ultra feminine with very pretty head and lovely melting expression. Good clean lines, neckline flows into well angled shoulders and good topline which she held on the move. Strong rear assembly which drove her evenly and effortlessly around the ring. Absolutely sound movement with economical ground covering profile stride. She may not be a “tail wagging fool” but every part of her fits the standard perfectly. CC, BOS, RBIS
Another lovely bitch with beautiful rich liver markings of correct colour on pure white background, and deep amber eyes giving a soft expression. Good construction with balanced outline to body, excellent depth and forchest. Good angulation to rear and well turned stifles. Once she’d stopped pacing, had really sound movement when view from all angles and decent length of stride when in profile.

Open Bitch
(15, 3abs) Not enough cards to go round in this really strong class of quality bitches, many will swap places on a different day. Super to have so many good ones to choose from, thank you.

1. Finlay’s Ch DVOJICA BLACK SWAN AT DALFIN Another lovely bitch who has caught my eye ringside on many occasions, well in contention for top honours but just didn’t feel she was giving her all today. Balanced throughout and another sound moving girl. Good even black spotting on a tight white coat, nice head and expression. Moved out well with good forward reach and driving from well muscled quarters.
2. Haywood-Ridgway’s Ch LUCCOMBE STRAWBERRY DREAM JW Shown in great condition today, lovely even spotting covering her balanced outline. Angulation at each end well matched, with good slope to shoulders and upper arm, strong well muscled quarters with well defined second thigh. Moved soundly with purpose and drive.
3. Mckenzie’s MAPPLEWELL WATERFALL Good movement, no matter what angle she is viewed from she is totally sound, true fore and aft.

Junior Veteran Bitch (6, 1abs)

1. Alexander’s Ch OFFORDALE SAPPHIRE JW Awarded her a CC in 2012 and she is still very much a worthy Champion and at just over 7 years old showing no sign of age. Balanced in body with good length to height ratio, sufficient depth to brisket. Good length of stride in profile and sound coming and going.
2. Gibbs’ Ch PHADANTE DIXIE LILY JW Another quality black spotted girl with deep chest and good balanced outline. Pretty head with nice dark eye colouring, pleasantly spotted body, jet black on gleaming white background. Moved out well would put many a youngster to shame.

Senior Veteran Bitch
(5, 1abs)

1. Pickup’s ROADCOACH RIBBONS AND ROSES Not showing her 11+years one bit, thoroughly enjoying her day out and full of life. Appealing head and expression, nice length of neck into well laid shoulders. Good construction throughout, with balanced angulation. Her competent young handler showed how absolutely sound she was on the move when viewed from all angles. Delighted she went on to be BVIS
2. Scott-Allen & Davis’ TOLUTIM ZAFFRE
Well made 12 year old still very sound in movement, the rear tracking the forehand perfectly. Correctly constructed with plenty of depth and forechest. Pretty head with dark eyes and well broken ears.


1. Kembrey’s Liver spotted of similar type, moving in complete unison matching strides all the way round the ring.
2. Thorner’s Half sisters well matched in looks, worked together well after a half circuit.
3. Hipkiss’ Mother and daughter who didn’t co-operate well on the move, similar in type.

Ilex E Whiting (Judge).