Windsor 2018 Judged by Mrs Brenda Rance

DALMATIANS judged by Brenda Rance

It was indeed an honour to judge this well organised show held in this beautiful setting with the castle overlooking the showground. It was 30 degrees but our ring was half covered so I was able to keep the dogs in the shade standing and moving outside in the sun. I must say thank you to my kind stewards who were well organised and extremely helpful and certainly made a great atmosphere around the ring encouraging the audience to give a special applause to the VHC in every class. I was pleased with my entry with top quality exhibits on display and I was looking for good points and my winners displayed true dalmatian type. My bitches held more quality today but I also had some lovely dogs. My main concern is movement – so many dogs had very little drive, lacked muscle tone and therefore crossed in front and rear legs. Others their back legs were overtaking their front. Power of the dalmatian comes from his hindquarters, this pushes the whole body forward just like a horse. Dally rash was evident but on the whole most exhibits were shown with good clean coats. My final thanks must go to the exhibitors on the day who took my decisions in a sporting manner and applauded every class.

B0B AND DOG CC MRS J GREEN & MRS J SEARS Bochendal Simply Red at Judally


BITCH CC DR W J E & MRS J M GARDNER Dvojica Chilli Chutney for Wrendragge JW

RESERVE BITCH CC MRS L M DAVIS 7 MRS J SAUNDERS Ch Dalticino Interlagos From Dallydyl JW Sh.CH

BEST PUPPY MISS J SIMS Mullabuoy Magic Man for Snowspeeder



Veteran Dog or Bitch
. (6 entries) 1 abs
1st Mrs R Lamb Dalpetro Diva JW. Strong boned B/W bitch 7 yrs. old and full of fun and very fit. Won this class on her free-flowing sound movement holding her top line. Good depth of body. Pretty head and expression. Beautifully handled. Best Veteran
2nd Mr & Mrs L Thorner Ch Tolutim Drambuie
Quality B/w bitch of the smaller type shown with hard fit body condition. She is correctly balanced throughout and I could not understand why she did not move better on the day as she was very close. Loved her head with moderate amount of stop and dark pigmentation. Completely attentive to her handler she did not stop wagging her tail through the whole proceedings
3rd Mrs M Gibbs Ch Phadante Dixie Lily JW

Minor Puppy Dog
(1 entry) O abs
1st Miss J Sims Mullabuoy Magic Man for Snowspeeder. Stood alone but very promising six-month-old B/W puppy who was full of bounce and enjoying his day. Plenty of round bone to grow into and the right construction which enabled him to move very soundly for his age. Not overdone in the head and has oval dark eyes. Nicely rounded compact feet. Hopefully will tighten up in front as he matures Deserved his Best Puppy in Breed award.

Puppy Dog (3 entries) Abs O
1st Mrs R Holland Capearlla Its on Ice 8-month-old black spotted puppy with dark spots on shining coat. A nice size with lots of bone he looks very promising. Deep chest with plenty of heart room. Stands four square on strong legs and feet with correct front inclination. Moved with a lot of animation from his good bend of stifle to win this class.
2nd Mrs A M Finlay Dalfin Actual Fact. 9-month-old b/w with excellent dark pigmentation and eyes. Liked his head and long tapering neck. Not the body or bone of the winner so needs time to mature as there is a lot of light between his legs at this stage. Moved on well with a lot of drive but inclined to fly his tail. Beautifully trained and very well handled
3rd Mrs C O’Connor Dalamanti Diamond Raider

Junior Dog
(5 entries) Abs O
1st Mrs J Christie Laguna Dios Free Falcon by Sohtspot (Imp) 17-month b/w with handsome head and expression and sparkling dark eyes. Lovely tight coat and even spotting. Good to see a youngster with so much bone and excellent front assembly and slight spring of pastern. Muscled quarters which he used to move effortlessly around the ring with long striding action and good extension front and rear. He just needs time to get it all together in order to compete with the big boys as he is a real quality dog.
2nd Mrs B Quayle Millebelle Kicking Horse at Cubalibre. Striking evenly decorated l/w Just coming up to 13 months old and well up to size. He stands four square on strong round bone and with good depth of brisket. I would like a more refined head and was suffering from dally rash. Moved with drive holding his back level but just too much convergence today.
3rd Mrs L L Millington Capearlla Pure Diamonds

Yearling Dog
(5 entries) 0 abs
1st Mrs J Christie Laguna Dios Free Falcon By Sohtspot (imp) Won previous class
2nd Mrs B Quayle Millebelle Kicking Horse At Cubalibre 2nd in previous class
3rd Miss L L Millington Capearlla Pure Diamonds

Post Graduate
(9 entries) 0 abs
1st Mrs J Green and Mrs J Sears Bochendal Simply Red at Judally. What a super dog this is, so fit with well-muscled quarters, he really fits the breed standard with so many good attributes. Correct liver colour evenly distributed spots on shining coat. Handsome head entirely free from coarseness and dark amber bright oval eyes. Long nicely arched tapering neck into correct shoulder placement. Round bone down to tight cat feet. Deep chest with plenty of heart room. Good width of stifle which he used to power himself from his strong hindquarters tracking effortlessly around the ring. CC and Best of Breed.
2nd Mr & Mrs R and I Hernandez Dalminshi Starlite Express JW Happy B/w dog shown in tip top condition with large black spots on tight coat and dark pigmentation. Moved very soundly to win his place keeping his back level and carried his tail with a slight upward curve. Very nice head with intelligent expression and dark black eyes. Good width of stifle. Would prefer tighter feet. A very nice type who was completely attentive to his handler.
3rd Mr & Mrs M & C Cleland Candidals Tennessee Vip At Deovolante

(8 entries) 3 abs
1st Mrs R Croft & Mrs A Cobb Kalokairie’s Bullet Proof. Quality well boned darker liver with evenly distributed heavier spotting. Longer in body and shorter on the legs he was correctly balanced for a dalmatian. Nice spotty face and not overdone in the head. Strong neck into level top line which he holds on the move. Liked his deep brisket with plenty of heart room. Really strides out in the front moving and uses his rounded hindquarters to give him the power to drive on soundly and not overrunning himself.
2nd Mrs M Gibbs Phadante Mr Blue Sky JW. Shorter coupled smart b/w dog well-handled and striding out on the move. He is a lovely size and not overdone in anyway and stands four square on strong legs with well angulated front. Just preferred head of winner but he has beautiful clear spotting on clear white coat and pretty spotty ears.
3rd Mrs D L & Mr K Whincup Tamilanda Midnight Lilly JW

(5 entries) o abs
1st Mrs J Alexander Offordale Picasso Mature longer cast black and white dog I have given a reserve CC to before and he did not disappoint today. Kind handsome head into strong neck and excellent front angulation. Smaller spotting of the old-fashioned type evenly distributed on silky coat. Long tapering tail which he did not stop wagging. Moved soundly with good reach with his front legs but not the strength in his hocks as my CC winner. Reserve CC
2nd Mrs S Neath-Duggan and Miss S Baker Ch Buffrey Incognito By Dalleaf JW
. Strong upstanding striking mature b/w dog, presented in prime show condition. Clear dark evenly distributed spots on dense coat. Liked his stallion type head with dark eyes and pigmentation. Strong neck and level top line and holds his tail completely level both standing and moving. Good depth of body and plenty of bone. Tracked on soundly and with drive. Just preferred feet of the winner. So well handled he performs effortlessly and completely in time with his handler.
3rd Mr I Page, Miss C Page and Mrs K Page Winflash Hugo Boss

Good Citizens Dog or Bitch
(8 entries) 1 abs
1st Mr & Mrs M Cleland Candidals Tennessee Vip At Deovolante Shorter coupled black spotted lad who was 3rd in a strong Post Grad class. Liked his fit hard condition and sparkling coat. Not a big dog but very well balanced which reflected when he moved so soundly to win this class. Handsome head and dark kind eyes completed the picture.
2nd Dr E & Mrs W Sampson Dalstorm Black Orchid. b/w Liked her type with very attractive plain feminine head. She really is so correct moving happily and freely around the ring. Strong round bone and good front angulation. Nicely rounded ribcage, well angulated hindquarters and correct let down hocks. Just a little untidy underneath which cost her the class.
3rd Mr & Mrs K Hurst Philcarthon Xcaliber At Finnidal

Special Beginners Dog or Bitch
(8 entries) 5abs
1st Dr E & Mrs W Sampson. Dalstorm Eternal Promise. JW l/w with darker liver evenly distributed spotting. Smaller type but has all the ingredients of a strong well-bred bitch with the necessary substance and correct conformation. She won this class on her sound movement and so well handled by her owner. Came up against some more mature bitches in a later class but I understand she went on to win the Special Beginners Stakes. Congratulations.
2nd Mr & Mrs K Hurst Philcarthon Xcaliber At Finnidal b/w Handsome hard conditioned dog who I have judged before and he has matured now and is so much stronger in his hind quarters. Plenty of body and bone and good slopping pasterns. Lovely coat and condition. Liked his cheeky spotty face and happy disposition. Moved correctly to win his placing today.
3rd Mr & Mrs A & D Pawson Cragvallie Vinny’s Chance

Minor Puppy Bitch
No entries

Puppy Bitch (1 entry) 0 abs
1st Mr S and Mrs D Morgan Malbrow Wish Upon A Star. Very promising 9-month puppy with evenly distributed black spots on clear white coat. Dark pigmentation and eyes and I liked her feminine expression. Has a very good depth of brisket but looking quite tall at the moment. Once she fills out and matures she could have a promising future. Has excellent tight feet. Just needs to gain in confidence being handled. Was very happy moving with her handler around the ring.

Junior Bitch (5 entries) 2abs
1st Miss C Hobbs and Ms M Whiting Rapanooey Rascallion. Strong liver bitch with round bone down to tight feet and plenty of body. Liked her pretty spotty face with the correct amount of stop. Has very strong hindquarters and developed second thigh. Shoulders were well laid back and elbows set close to the body. Tracked soundly and effortless to win this class.
2nd Miss J M Wright Millebelle Fernie. Another liver bitch with beautiful evenly distributed correct colour spotting on tight coat. Standing she is a picture and shown very well by her handler. Finer in bone than the winner. Lovely cheeky expressive head with pretty spotty ears. Long tapering neck into level top line and correct tail set. I think the heat was affecting her as she was moving close with too much convergence and not as freely as the winner.
3rd Mr I Page, Miss C Page & Mrs K Page Winflash Miss Dior

Yearling Bitch
(5 entries) 1 abs
1st Mrs S A Duggan & Mrs S Baker Buffrey Hanky Panky By Dalleaf JW. Very smart black spotted bitch with large evenly distributed spotting on silky coat. Really attentive to her handler and did not stop showing. Nicely balanced with level back and wagging tail. Shorter type but she has a nicely rounded ribcage. Stands four square on straight legs. Moved with a good length of stride.
2nd Mr J C and Mrs K E McCarthy Tolkian Gold Star for Kilndandy. Taller upstanding liver spotted bitch of the correct colour. Extremely attractive head into good length of neck into correctly held top line held on the move. Liked her tight cat feet. Lovely personality which she puts all in to her showing. Has plenty of substance and strong well-rounded hindquarters which she used to drive around the ring.
3rd Mrs F & Miss C Carrick Tessmene Sweet Violet

Post Graduate Bitch
(13 entries) 4 abs
1st Dr W J E & Mrs J Gardner Dvojica Chilli Chutney For Wrendragge JW Super feminine liver spotted bitch of the correct colour with evenly distributed spots on clean immaculate shining coat. She excels in breed type and has the quality we need in the breed. Strong quarters with ample bone and substance and good depth of brisket and well let down hocks. Moved soundly with great freedom and long strides from her muscled powerful hindquarters. Just my cup of tea so I had no hesitation in awarding her first CC in very strong competition.
2nd Ms S A Norgrove Sassydals Slingsby Firefly. Smart black spotted bitch with even clear defined spots on strong construction. Pretty head and spotty ears. Liked her long tapering neck into correct front angulation. Round bone and cat feet and particularly liked her slopping pasterns. Nicely rounded hindquarters and let down hocks. Just inclined to drop her top line standing as she held her head too high. Moved very soundly to win her place in this very strong class.
3rd Mr & Mrs A T & M Cuthbertson Ellemstra Little Mix with Kalsidoni.

Limit Bitch
(12 entries) 1 abs
1st Mrs J T McManus Boschendal Ashes of Roses. Well built black spotted bitch, litter sister to my dog CC winner and out of the same mould as she excels in quality and certainly can move as she has such powerful quarters. Evenly distributed even spotting on clean coat. She has a very happy disposition and the most gorgeous head carriage and long nicely arched neck. Carried her top line and tail set level standing and moving. Well angulated chest and round bone down to tight feet with slopping pasterns. I like her a lot and she won over some excellent bitches in this class.
2nd Ms R Croft Kalokairie’s Barberella From Koroyza Darker liver with pretty spotty face and dark amber eye. Not as tall as the winner who she pushed hard in the class. Stands four square showing off her lovely construction especially her front angulation but just needs to keep her head level so as not to spoil her top line. Strong rounded rear which she used effortlessly to move positively with a good length of stride. She has a lot of quality and breed type.
3rd Mr M & Mrs J Cooper Charmindals Pussy Galore

Open Bitch
(7entries) 1 abs Three worthy champions topped this class and they were all real quality.
1st Mrs L M David and Mrs J Saunders. Ch Dalticino Interlagos From Dallydyl JW Sh Ch. Showy mature strong well-built correct colour liver bitch with attractive spotting and shown in gleaming coat. Won this class with her piston action from her angulated hindquarters to give her that typical dalmatian drive and free flowing movement. Her solid construction is very much to the breed type and standard and she oozes quality. A very worthy champion. Reserve CC
2nd Mrs J Christie Ch Sophtspot Glitterati
. Beautiful feminine black spotted bitch with dark large round eyes set into pretty face and excellent pigmentation. Her construction is correct which reflected in the way she tracked positively on the move. Has ample bone and liked her well sprung ribs and angulated stifle. Showing her socks off she looked gorgeous and did not put a foot wrong helped by her experienced owner.
3rd Mrs A M and Mrs M Finlay. Ch Dvojica Black Swan at Dalfin Sh Ch.

Brenda Rance, Judge