Border Union 2018 Judged by Mrs F Hartley
Border Union Ch. Show 16 June 2018

Judge - Fiona C.T.Hartley

Thank you to the B.U.A.S. for inviting me to judge Dalmatians at their lovely Summer 2018 Ch. Show. Thank you to my efficient stewards Stephen and Margaret and to the exhibitors for showing your lovely Dalmatians for me to judge – I didn’t have enough firsts to go round. Thanks also to Alan for your catalogue.

I had only seen a small handful of exhibits before not having judged for 4 and a half years, this probably accounted for the Dalmatian entry being the largest in the Utility Group and the fifth largest overall.

Importantly -for the record I found every exhibit sound when I examined their movement.

All exhibits were clean. A small number of exhibits were a little apprehensive being gone over. Get them out more –you will be rewarded. Size is creeping up again especially in bitches. Bottom Standard size should not be seen as small. Again and again I found difficulty looking at teeth please do not hold the titbit in your hand at this point as my hands will obscure your titbit and your dog will struggle to see the food. A few dogs needed stronger hindquarters to give them better balanced profile movement. Are they getting enough free running?. The quality in most classes was high and some lovely dogs were down the line or unplaced. From both the dogs and bitches being shown the choice of the class winners, the Challenge Certificate and Reserve CC proves that in this entry there was quality in depth in the breed. A very satisfying conclusion to reach.

Finally you are still showing your dogs strung up, especially on these “cheese wire” show leads- can I convince you to try loose lead showing -it’s natural- it’s easy- it demonstrates your training and control. We are the breed experts so our show dogs should be trained for exhibition not strangled into submission even if Mr/Mrs/Miss X has done it for years.

Puppy D 6/2 absent –what an exciting Puppy class I hope they all mature well

1. Cobb’s Kalokairie Eddie the Eagle – liver spotted- nearly 12 months old-still a long way to go to maturity but an eye-catching dog-liver colour is right –well spotted with good eye colour-good reach of neck-plenty of forechest and depth of brisket –covers the ground well with a long easy stride from those driving hindquarters.
2. Holland + Millington’s Capearlla It’s On Ice - black spotted -9 months old- another good prospect with most attractive spotting and dazzling pigmentation-lovely head and expression-good length of neck-plenty of bone and level topline- well turned stifles- covered the ground well – a little more depth of brisket should come with age.
3. Finlay’s Dalfin Actual Fact

Junior D
9/2 absent Again an exciting class. Puppy and Junior Dog bode well for the future

1. Todhunter + Robinson’s Millbelle Rocky Mountain RDCC - liver spotted-11 and a half months-an exciting Junior just awaiting maturity-beautiful liver spotting the correct colour- attractive head with spotted broken ears- a strongly made body-good turn of stifle and well arched feet-moved well with co-ordination.
2. Millington’s Capearlla Pure Diamonds -black spotted-14 months- most attractive young dog with pleasing spotting-dark eye and well broken ears- good layback of shoulders leading to level topline and deep brisket-good turn of stifle and lovely wagging tail.
3. Quayle’s Millbelle Kicking Horse at Cubalibre.

Novice D
9/1 absent

1. Millington’s Capearlla Pure Diamonds
2. Cobb’s Kalokairie Eddie the Eagle
3. Newton + Newton O Brien’s Chizzmic What a Carry On

Post Grad.
D 7/2 absent

1. Thorne’s Spotiray Billy Elliott of Castletop - black spotted-a strongly made dog- dark eye with spotted ears-good spring of ribs- held his level topline on the move-completed with a wagging tail- strode out well across the ring.
2. Hopkins’ Rapanooey Red Rose - black spotted-more rangier and more spotted than No. 1 but a pleasing dog- dark eye in attractive head- body is well proportioned-plenty of turn of stifle- moved well.-less settled today.
3. Marley + Libbey’s Bellili’s D’Amore de Loin.

Limit D
9/2 absent

1. Croft + Cobb’s Kalokairie Bullet Proof -liver spotted-taller upstanding dog coming into his own now and maturing well-with plenty of bone-deep brisket-plenty of forechest- well sprung ribs- powerful hind quarters which he used to full advantage on the move with his long easy stride.
2. Alexander’s Offordale Picasso - black spotted- balanced mature dog- kind expression- well constructed body with good reach of neck and shoulder placement-evenly spotted –moved freely.
3. Whincup’s Tamilanda Midnight Lily

Open D
8/ 1 absent

1. Neath Duggan + Baker’s Ch. Buffrey Incognito by Dalleaf J W. DCC, BOB & Group 3 in Utility Group –black spotted - headed a line up of lovely dogs- his sire is the dog I last awarded a CC to in 2013- type and quality has bred on- congratulations. He is the ultimate showman and gives a very polished performance and his condition and muscle tone are superb -dark eye in an attractive head-elbows tucked under- plenty of brisket and with well sprung ribs –there still a little bit of maturity awaiting to give him that final polish- great activity and freedom of movement- handled to advantage.
2. Todhunter + Robinson’s Ch.Millbelle Young Gun JW – liver spotted- just built and moves right- lovely liver colour-excellent layback of shoulder- deep brisket-plenty of heart room with well sprung ribs- long easy stride- carrying too much weight today.
3. Dunnachie’s Ch. Dvojica Vendetta

Veteran D
6 / 1 absent

1. Allcocks’ Creaganbrec Face of Beau at Dalspartan - 8 y o-liver spotted- good dark eye- the right colour of liver-evenly placed spots- lovely outline- good neck and shoulders- plenty of bone-correct tail carriage- in excellent condition and handled well.
2. Whiting’s Cibrith Captain Kirk JW ShCM- 9 y o - black spotted- another veteran in excellent condition- happy temperament- very showy- good reach of neck and deep body with good lung room-great activity of movement-will outstretch though.
3. Barratt + Fort’s Ch. Shulune Ice Phantom of Dalamanti ShCM

Puppy B
5 / 0 absent. 4 lovely puppies

1. Morgan’s Malbreow Wish Upon a Star BPIB - black spotted, nearly 9 months old- what a lovely puppy to have bred- most promising- full of quality- well spotted- feminine head and expression- well balanced and everything in the right place- moved well and freely around the ring.
2. Bartholomew’s Tamilanda Continental Lily -black spotted -9 months old- a well constructed bitch still a long way to go but a lovely type –heavier spotted than No. 1 but that’s no problem with good clear spots- this handler will get the best out of her.
3. Frandsen’s Dalstorm Future Faith

Junior B
6 /1 absent

1. Wright’s Millbelle Fernie RBCC - liver spotted- just over 1 year old- how lovely to find this very feminine bitch-very even spotting just the right colour - appealing face-good bone down to well arched feet and correct front with elbows tucked under a well sprung ribcage-level topline held on the move-strong hindquarters-strides out well.
2. Bartholomew’s Tamilanda Continental Lily
3. Ward’s Frankish Chatelaine

Novice B
4 / 0 absent

1. Bartholomew’s Tamilanda Continental Lily
2. Frandsen’s DalstormFuture Faith
–liver spotted – the colour is a bit dark- a strongly made promising puppy- good make and shape- with plenty of bone and a good turn of stifle-moves well.
3. Suggett’s Kalokairie Decadent Diva at Kintegus

Post Grad.
21 /6 absent

1. Gardner’s Dvojica Chilli Chutney for Wrendragge JW – liver spotted- just 2 y o- even spotting pattern-an elegant showgirl built on flowing lines-pretty face-excellent length of neck leading to a good layback of shoulder-elbows neatly tucked under- good depth of brisket- well set on tail-covers the ground with a long stride.
2. De Rozario + Webb + Chrystal’s Jemblewood Jelly Bean (IKC) - black spotted-good even spotting- lovely spotty face- dark eye- well off for bone-made right and moved right-the best of stifles and strong hocks.
3. Jenkins + Ridgway’Luccombe Strawberry Kisses

Limit B
13 / 4 absent

1. Croft’s Kalokairie Barberella from Koroyza BCC - liver spotted- my find of the day in bitches- what’s not to like about her- at 2 and a half years old coming to her best and made up on the day- very feminine with quality all through- really good liver spotting- text book conformation and a joy to watch her driving hindquarters on the move- handler – keep your hands low to keep her head angle balanced.
2. Neath Duggan + Baker’s Buffrey Hanky Panky by Dalleaf JW – black spotted and yet another find in this well spotted feminine bitch-pretty face with well broken ears-well constructed body with the right amount of bone and a level topline-good turn of stifle-her day will come.
3. Lamb’s Dalpetro Diamond JW

Open B
8 /2 absent

1. Gardner’s Ch.Dvojica Black Again at Wrendragge JW ShCM black spotted- so much to like about this bitch’s flowing lines -another who is well put together and attentive to her handler- attractive head -plenty of reach of neck-good shoulder placement and spring of rib-level topline- long stride.
2. McKenzie’s Mapplewell Waterfall - black spotted- really unlucky to meet No 1 in such good form- great personality-strongly made without coarseness-good shoulders and deep brisket- not quite as elegant as No 1 and carrying a little too much weight today.
3. Pages’ Winflash Prada Candy Kiss

Veteran B
6 / 2 absent

1. Quayle’s Ch. Cubalibre Spot On JW – black spotted-an old favourite of mine- what a lovely bitch now in veteran at 8 y o - well balanced and an ideal size-appealing head and expression-good neck and shoulders-level topline and a good turn of stifle- the best of spotting.
2. Dore’s Ch. Daldior Ace of Diamonds JW - black spotted- 9 y. o. slightly older but like all in the veteran classes carrying her years lightly- excellent make and shape-dark brown eye-well broken ears- carries the right amount of bone-good forechest and spring of rib-good turn of stifle.

Fiona C.T.Hartley Judge