British Dalmatian Club 2018 Judged by Mr John Watson & Ms J Kitchener
2 November 2018


A satisfying day, in the company of lovely natured dogs, who all seemed to be enjoying their day out. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was a number of pretty good dogs. In some classes there were several that finished further down the line, due to personal preference on the day, that I could have awarded a Challenge Certificate to. Virtually all dogs were in a clean and excellent condition, and all behaved perfectly. Many thanks for the hospitality and welcome afforded by the Officers and Committee to Val and I, and for the kind gift presented at the end of the show. Also grateful thanks to Sue Parkin-Russell and Lynn McMillan for their most efficient stewarding roles. Finally, thanks to my co-judge Jackie Kitchener who was such good company on the day. We happened to agree on all decisions finally made.

Minor Puppy 6 (3 abs)

1. Emmett & Simons’ Ellemstra Against All Odds At only 6m, a confident happy youngster, with eye catching b/s decoration. Perfect size for his age, nicely constructed, and balanced throughout. Expertly handled and moved correctly at the ideal speed.
2. Allcock’s Kayjule Kepler At Dalspartan Older puppy at nearly 9m. More mature, and taller than 1. Smart outline, with clearly defined black spotting. Nice type, but not the free movement of the winner.
3. Mather’s Taliory Saddleside Legend

5 (0 abs) Two lovely puppies headed this class

1. Sims’ Mullabouy Magic Man For Snowspeeder Nearly a year old, this black b/s impressed with his balance, size, and excellent movement. In top condition with correct construction throughout. An enthusiastic showman, and endearing temperament, He is mature enough for me to suggest that he should have a promising future in the show ring. BPD & BPIS
2. Green & Sears’ Alphadal Ain’t Misbehaving At Judally
10m old l/s of elegant proportions, a little longer than 1, and another super mover, with a great tail carriage. Attractive decoration and again in prime condition, with the necessary positive construction. This was a close call in who won. However, he was not quite as outgoing as 1, which swung it in favour of the winner. Once he gains more confidence, he is another who, I feel, should have a successful show career.
3. Alcock’s Kayjule Kepler At Dalspartan

5 (0 abs)

1. Todhunter & Robinson’s Millebelle Rocky Mountain Aged 17m this liver boy is of the correct size. Very soundly put together, with a pleasing gentle temperament. Moved correctly with an easy gait. Even spotting, and good balanced proportions all round, nothing exaggerated. Should do well in the future
2. Cowton’s Tamilander Continental Wave Nearly 14m old, Most of the above comments apply. Except he is b/s, and of a more compact build. Very good front and rear angulations. Another promising young dog Very little in it, could easily change places in future.
3. Holland & Millington’s Capearlla It’s On Ice

2 (0 abs)

1. Todhunter & Robinson’s Millebelle Rocky Mountain
2. Christie’s Laguna Dios Free Falcon By Sophtspot JW
A larger and longer dog with striking black spotting. Extremely long stride. Perfect angulation at both ends, however, movement coming and going not as good as 1 and I preferred the overall balance of 1.

Novice 3 (0 abs)

1. Emmett & Simon’s Ellemstra Against All Odds
2. Alcock’s Kayjule Kepler At Dalspartan
3. Newton & Newton-O’Brien’s Chizzmic What A Carry On

Graduate 3
(0 abs)

1. Cobb’s Kalokarie Eddy The Eagle A generously spotted liver of 16m. Not too tall, but with that essential balance, and excellent bodily condition. Enthusiastic showman, who moved pretty well. Decent rear, but not such good front angulation. Moved correctly with a good even economic stride. I feel sure that he would meet the endurance requirements of the breed.
2. Gardinor’s Dakata Durante Slightly smaller and more compact than 1. Standard size with good black spotting. Although a nicely constructed dog of 2.5 yrs, his movement and ring presence did not match that of 1
3. Baker & Stokes’ Maddidalli Echo’s Hot Spot

Post Graduate
6 (2 abs)

1. Cobb’s Kalokarie Eddy The Eagle
2. Millington’s Capearlla Pure Diamonds JW
Standard size b/s of 18 m. Attractive bold spotting, and very good overall shape, Looked good on the stand, but today his movement was not as good as 1
3. Newton & Newton O’Brian’s Chizzmic What A Carry On

Mid Limit
7 (1 abs)

1. Hernandez R & I. Dalminshi Starlight Express JW Elegant b/s dog of nearly 3 yrs. A lighter build than some, and has a rather aristocratic look about him, with his refined balanced outline, and dark eyes, decorated with evenly distributed spots. Average size, and whilst I would have preferred more angulation in the upper arm, a good steady mover, with a pleasing tail carriage. Quiet gentle temperament. Overall a nice type.
2. Hopkin’s Rapanooey Red Rose JW Just over 2 years old, shorter in back than 1. Tidy proportions, profuse black spotting, and a decent mover, good deep chest, and a happy temperament. A shade proud of his tail on the move.
3. Fryday’s Cragvallie Chance On Me

15 (1 abs)
Largest Dog Class containing some very good exhibits

1. Gibbs’ Phandante Mr Blue Sky JW My notes say that he was the correct size, great all round mover, strong, masculine, and compact build. Correct construction, excellent condition with black spotting, and fine show temperament. Why didn’t he win further honours? Well, when it came to the challenge, he was up against two dogs at the top of their game, but he possibly could have been my third. Hope his day will come.
2. Alexander’s Offordale Picasso Constructed on more refined lines, standard size, black spotted. Perfect construction, and in lean fit condition, as good a mover as 1 . This was another close run thing, that might have changed on another day. Just felt he wasn’t as focussed as the winner today. Easily good enough for Champion status
3. Cobb’s PKalokarie’s Carbon Copy JW

6 (1 abs)

1. Christies Ch Sophtspot Gold Dust JW This dog meets all the requirements of the breed standard in movement, construction, and temperament. Add to that excellent liver spotting, super condition and a balanced outline. His movement was an effortless gait, straight and true. Loved his relaxed style of showing. Couldn’t have approached the task in hand any better. Beat off strong opposition in this class, and the challenge to clinch the CC and RBIS . Congratulations
2. Neath-Duggan & Baker’s Ch Buffrey Incognito By Dalleaf JW This must be the ultimate show dog, who operates at a high intensity, totally fixated on the job in hand. Most of the above comments apply, except he has super eye catching black spotting, is slightly smaller, shorter backed, and deeper chested. Has a delightful head and the darkest of eyes. Two different type of dogs, and another marginal decision. Something had to separate them. It was his extraordinary concentration on projecting himself, that on occasions caused him to overstretch and hold his head up high, compromising his angulations both front and rear. Not a reflection on his handler, Simply my opinion today. He will continue to win big time with the qualities he has. RCC
3. Wincup’s Tamilander Midnight Lily JW

Special Memorial Open
3 (0 abs)

1. Green & Sears’ Ch Tolutim Yves St Laurent At Judally Lovely liver of balanced proportions. Not too tall, and moved correctly with great style and purpose, holding his tail to perfection. Of a quiet disposition who went about the job effortlessly. Gave a good account of himself in the challenge
2. McCarthy”s Fr Ch Domdallino Je Suis Kildandy JW Another good liver. Perhaps a shade taller, but more bodily substance than 1, and a somewhat more outgoing temperament. Not much to separate these, except I preferred the movement and tail carriage on the move on 1
3. Hobbs & Whiting’s Boutonneux Baby Buco Alec Rapanooey JW

Special Junior Veteran
4 (1 abs) Three very nice Champions

1. Todhunter & Robinson’s Ch Millebelle Young Gun JW Elegant and attractive liver of 8 years. In top condition, moving with great precision and drive. Wouldn’t have looked out of place in a non- veteran class. Smashing temperament. A credit to his owners and breeder. BVD
2. Whincup & Sibson’s Ch Tamilander Vintage Pink JW
Another liver at 7.5 yrs. Bang on the standard size. and an equally good mover. Loved his proportions and condition. Another where credit goes to owners and breeder. Both of these had very good construction and temperaments. This one just carried a little bit of weight in the final reckoning
3. Whincup‘ s Ch Tamilander Panther Lily JW.

4 (2 abs)

1. Morgan’s Pair
2. Thorner‘s Pair

This was judged jointly, and it was considered that Morgan’s mother and daughter was the best matched pair.

John Watson
Judge (Dogs)


I felt so privileged to be judging Bitches at this prestige show, standing in for a longterm family friend Lindsay Cutts who was unwell and unable to fulfill what would have been his last CC appointment. His entry was lovely and full of quality, particularly in the higher classes. I would happily have given CC’s out to more than a handful of bitches on the day so I really was spoilt for choice and it made for some tight decisions.

My thanks to my Stewards Stef Kazana and John McCarthy for their efficient and friendly work throughout the day, all the exhibitors who took their chance under a substitute judge and the sporting applause given to all the winners. My co-judge John Watson and I were in full agreement for the In Show awards which is always pleasing.

MP (4, 1 abs)
1 Burrows’ ELLEMSTRA TOUGH COOKIE AT SHACARLU. Very promising 6 month of ideal size, already showing with great confidence and panache. Lovely feminine head with soft expression, eye could be darker. Nicely arched neck and flowing neckline, well ribbed with good forechest for one so young. Good round bone and nice tight feet, well angulated fore and aft with good upper arm, well set tail and has excellent black spotting on a brilliant white coat. Free, sound and easy mover, covering the ground. Best Bitch Puppy
. Lovely head with dark eye, good bone and feet, well constructed in front and ribcage with strong loin and well set tail. Brilliant white coat which is nicely decorated, moving a tad close behind today and couldn’t match 1 in tail carriage. 3 Hartley &Griffiths’ MIRAGUA HEART TO HEART

(3, 2 abs)
1 Millington’s GLORIANDUS ROYAL ELATION OF CAPEARILLA (Imp Rus) . A lot to like about this one, very well schooled and nicely marked liver bitch, of ideal size, good type and very well balanced all through. Feminine head, eyerim pigment could be stronger. Good neck, feet and bone, good spring of rib, well muscled level topline. Well set tail with balanced hind and fore angulations, she covers the ground really well in profile holding a good outline but her feet are not her fortune at present, hope they improve with maturity.

JB (5) Two lovely bitches headed this class.
1 Watts & Jackson-Peatling’s TAMILANDA CONTINENTAL SONG. Has a real stamp of quality about her, is very feminine with a beautiful head, dark eye and strong pigmentation. Well arched neck, good ribbing carried well back, decent shoulder and clean well defined withers. Good bone and lovely tight feet. Has that elusive combination of substance while maintaining femininity and excellent balance throughout. Well schooled, she is a fluent free mover holding a good outline, very well marked and shown in tiptop condition. I would be surprised if she did not gain her title.
2 Morgan’s MALBREOW WISH UPON A STAR. Another lovely bitch of good type, a little finer than 1 all through giving her a very elegant look. Lovely head, good front, round bone and good feet, flowing neck and well sprung ribcage. Slightly longer in loin than 1, correct tail set and carriage and really using her hindquarters effectively to power around the ring with long easy strides. In sparkling coat, good muscle tone and nicely marked.

(6, 1)
1 Bridge, Meyer & Britton’s KEIRADAL MOULIN ROUGE. Well constructed with balance and a pleasing outline, nice head with dark eye and good pigmentation, very good depth of chest and spring of ribcage, particularly noted her good shoulder and upper arm. Round bone and neat feet, clean neckline and strongly muscled loin. Tail is well set and carried, well muscled hindquarters with strong hocks and well developed second thigh. A sound fluid mover.
2 Howard’s SHYDALLY BRIGHTEST STAR. lightly marked liver, very different in type to 1, at just 14 months giving away a lot in maturity all through. Pretty head with soft expression, straight front, sufficient bone and neat feet, well muscled loin, needs to develop in chest and would like a shade more angulation in her hindquarters. Showed well.

(6, 1)

(10, 1)
1 Finch & Bonner’s SOPHTSPOT HOCUS POCUS AT DALTICINO. Up to height for a bitch, but has quality. Nice head with good pigmentation and eye, well constructed in front with good shoulder/upper arm length and angulations which match her hindquarters well. Good forechest and depth of rib, carried well back , clean neckline and well muscled throughout. Feet could be tighter. Impressed on the move where she is sound and fluid and beautifully schooled.
2 Richardson’s MAPPLEWELL ELY BROWN. Liver bitch, pleasing head, eye could be darker and pigment could be stronger, well developed in chest with well sprung ribcage carried well back and strong powerful loin. Good bone and tight feet. Well angulated hindquarters which she uses well in action, she is very sound and powerful, keeping a typical workmanlike outline on the move. Coat not at its best today.

(7, 2)
1 Hartley & Griffiths’ CREAGANBREC GLORY BE AT MIRAGUA. Neat bitch of ideal size , well marked and nicely balanced. Feminine in head with dark eye and good pigment, sufficient spring of rib though I would prefer more forechest . Uses her neck well and is well angulated behind with correct tail set and carriage. Won the class showing superior forward reach and length of stride in profile.
2 McCarthy’s TOLKAIN GOLD STAR FOR KILNDANDY. Quality liver with an attractive head, good substance in bone, chest and body and a clean fluent topline standing. In these respects I preferred this bitch to 1. She is however out of a bigger mould, so not as feminine in outlook, and in profile action could not match the extension, freedom and forward reach of 1.

(4, 3)
1 De Rozario, Webb & Chrystal’s JEMBLEWOOD JELLY BEAN. Very impressed with this bitch, she has excellent type, oozes quality and was shown in hard muscular condition. Lovely head, dark eye and strongly arched neck. Well defined withers and fluid topline with lovely depth of chest and spring to her ribcage, strong loin and balanced angulations front and back. Good round bone, tight feet, well set tail which is carried correctly and strong muscular hindquarters which are well angulated and strong hocks. Sound, powerful and athletic mover. She was close up for the RCC , feel sure the big cards will come her way shortly.

LB (12)
1 Lambs’ DALPETRO DIAMOND JW. Very attentive showgirl who holds her elegant outline beautifully and draws the eye. Has excellent type and is full of quality all through. Pretty head with dark eye and very intelligent expression, beautiful neckline with defined withers, deep well filled chest with ribs carried well back, a strong well muscled loin and balanced angulations in front construction to hindquarters. Excellent feet and bone, correct set on of tail which she carries well. Moved very well in this class with excellent reach, drive and freedom, but was very wayward in the Challenge, pulling badly to one side, which took her out of the equation for higher awards.
2 Whincup’s TAMILANDA PICK-A-LILLY JW. Very close up and so many of the positive remarks above apply equally, although actually I preferred her in head over 1. She is so feminine in outlook and has everything to take her to her title, moving well, covering ground and doing all that was asked of her. Today however she just lacked animation and the joie de vivre I love to see in the breed and in this company sadly it cost her.

(8). What a lovely class, the first 5 all excellent Champions of the breed.
1 Christie’s CH. SOPHTSPOT GLITTERATI JW. Heading a class of beautiful bitches I found this one so correct in type, construction and soundness that I simply could not deny her. She is appealing in head with a dark eye and strong pigment, lovely neckline and really well made front, with layback in shoulder and upper arm, lovely depth of chest and firm topline. Good bone, tight feet, correct tail set, well angulated and strongly muscled hindquarters with strong hocks. Shown in superb sparkling coat which is well marked and in hard athletic condition. Absolutely sound, free mover which gave her the class. Just preferred the slightly smaller and more feminine outlook of the CC and RCC winners, but would never wish to say anything to detract from how much I admired this lovely girl and the one behind her.
2 Finlay’s CH DVOJICA BLACK SWAN AT DALFIN ShCM. Out of a very similar mould to 1, little to choose between them and as a result ran her very close indeed. Thought her a shade more feminine in head than 1, but not quite as perfect in forehand construction, otherwise the same remarks apply equally to them both. Having moved really well earlier in the class, she just lost her straightness at times with her mind elsewhere as the class progressed and this swung the balance.

Special OB
1 Wright’s CH. MILLBELLE FERNIE JW JWW18. I thought I had found my CC/RCC winners before this class came in so was completely blown away by this classic young liver bitch, so strong and correct in all departments yet also so totally feminine. Most lovely head and dark brown expressive eye, flowing topline from her neck, well defined withers, strong well muscled loin and perfect tail set and carriage. Everything flows, she has excellent front construction with good bone and tight feet, her ribs carried well back and perfect hind angulation. Could not fault her powerful, free and rhythmic action on the move and consider her to be perfect for size, type and overall balance. Bitch CC and with full agreement of my co-judge Best in Show
. Another beautiful liver, a shade larger than 1 but has elegance and refinement so no doubting her gender. Very pleasing in head and all through has the required strength in body and bone needed for the breed’s purpose. Very good topline which she holds on the move, shows so well with a free and flowing action. Presented in excellent coat and body condition and very nicely marked. She has so much to like she was another in close contention for RCC.

Junior VB
(7, 2)
1 Emmett & Simon’s CH. DALLIVIRO REBA MAC AT ELEMSTRA JW ShCM. Ideal size, totally feminine and what a beautiful balanced outline. She had to be gorgeous to beat off strong competition for the RCC today. At 7 years old she still has a beautiful head and expression, gorgeous neckline and shoulder angulations, correct bone, tight feet and good depth of chest. Well muscled quarters with good angulation and was thoroughly enjoying being back in the spotlight. Her coat positively gleams with wellbeing and her condition is exemplary. Moves as well as ever – so sound and free with great reach and drive, carrying her tail correctly. I note she is the dam of my BPB so has passed on her high quality and outstanding type to the next generation, how exciting. Reserve CC and Best Veteran in Show
. 9 year old and very well constructed, well marked and a nice size. Attractive in head , good bone and tight feet, carrying herself well and moving well with good reach, drive and freedom.

Senior VB
(7, 2)
1 Tingey’s CH. PHAELAND PHEONIX PHOREVER BY DALLYDOR JW. A real showgirl, at 11 years old clearly enjoying her day in the ring, lovely head and lovely dark pigmentation , very good bone and tight neat feet. Lovely deep chest, well laid shoulder, strong loin and in excellent body and muscular condition with good hind angulation. Bright white coat which is beautifully decorated and moving out well with freedom.
2 Thorner’s CH. TOLUTIM DRABUIE ShCM. Pretty 10 year old, another who knows the ropes well and intended to make the most of herself in the ring. Very well marked and shown in great coat and condition. Not as positive on the move as 1.

Jackie Kitchener (Judge)