Border Union 2019 Judged by Mrs P L Dickson

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for allowing me to judge your dogs at this beautiful venue. Holding the two shows together certainly increases the entries for both Border Union & DC of Scotland. I would also like to thank my 2 very able stewards Joyce & Mark, they really kept things running smoothly.

We had a super big ring which allowed the dogs to really get into their stride. All dogs were shown in a clean condition, a couple had slight skin problems but not enough to affect my placings. There were a number with dirty stained teeth. Steep upper arms are still a problem and sadly now appears to be the norm, also there were a few with short tails and a number of dogs were carrying their tails high on the move (must be the Scottish air!!) (However, I had some lovely dogs to go over and was delighted with my winners.

PD 6 (2 ab)
1st Mrs J E Alexander’s Offerdale Vilvaldi Handsome 10mth old B/s boy. He has a lovely head with attractive spotty face, well arched neck and level top line. Good deep brisket, correct tail set and carriage which he held on the move. A balanced elegant dog.
2nd Norgrove’s Sassydals Flugel Horn. Liver spotted baby not quite 7 months old. Attractive spotting and good colour. Good round bone and elbows close to chest, good tail set & carriage. Lots of loose skin at the moment which is expected at this age. Moved and showed well for one so young.
3rd Bliss & Pearson’s Kelevra What A Guy

4 (0)
1st Locke-Mcfadzean’s Caprillis Panache Over Sassafras Quality b/s 16 mth old dog. He has a beautiful head, lovely expression and good dark eyes. Very good front assembly and spring of rib, level top line and tight cat feet. Attractive spotting on a pure white tight coat. Excellent movement with good forward reach and rear drive. The only negative was his very high tail carriage.
2nd Mather’s Taliory Saddleside Legend I liked this young 14 mth old b/s young boy, with better movement could have won this class. Attractive head, leading into a well arched neck. Level top line & strong over the loin. Good bone, well-constructed and a pleasing outline. Will be interested to see how he does in the future.
3rd Emmot & Simons Ellemstra Against All Odds

4 (3)
1st Mathers Taliory Saddleside Legend (repeat)

9 (2)
1st Sims Mullabuoy Magic Man for Snowspeeder B/s dog, attractive head and expression, good bold spotting, well balanced boy. Deep brisket & strong over the loin. Showed himself off well and was the best mover in the class.
2nd McVicars Dalfin Almond Slice Nicely put together L/s dog, lovely spotty face, good reach of neck, excellent top line. Another one enjoying his day out.
3rd Bakers Lancelot Des Landes D’iroise at Oneowun.

7 (1)
1st Hopkins Rapanooey Red Rose I last judged this boy when he was a puppy, I liked him then & today I found a quality B/s dog, lovely head with good dark eye. Nice reach of neck, well ribbed back with good turn of stifle. Excellent pigmentation and jet black markings. Moved positively, close up for rcc. I am sure he will gain his title soon.
2nd Stocks Nospar’s Shaded Lanson Another one I have judged before, he has lovely liver spotting on a clean white coat, a very well balanced boy, good front assembly, and tight cat feet, well ribbed back. Level top line, correct tail set. Moved well and handled to perfection.
3rd Neilsons Bariscot Aristarchus Moonet

5 (0) Good class of 5 excellent dogs.
1s t CC & BOB Christies CH Sophtspot Gold Dust First time I have seen this lovely dog, super head with good eye colour, lovely spotted ears. Attractive liver spotting. Good front & rear assembly, well-muscled, good level back & correct tail set. He moved out positively, he is such a balanced dog and I really liked him. Looked good in the big ring and made the final cut.
2nd RCC Neath-Duggan & Bakers CH Buffrey Incognito By Dalleaf Top winning Dalmatian who I have judged before. So much has been written about him that there is very little to add. He is such an eye catching dog, jet black spotting on pure white coat. Deep chest and level back. Preferred movement of winner today. Nevertheless a really top quality champion.
3rd Whincups CH Tamilinda Midnight Lily

6 (2)
1st & BV Whincups CH Tamilanda Panther Lilly I have judged this lovely b/s dog on a few occasions and have always liked him. Can’t believe he is 7 ½ yrs old, he is a well-constructed and balanced dog. Correct shoulder placement, good round bone, tight cat feet, lovely deep chest. Excellent tail set & carriage. Moved with purpose.
2nd Barrett & Forts CH Shulune Ice Phantom of Dalamanti. 9 yr old b/s dog who moved and showed very well. Masculine head, dark eyes, good front assembly, excellent bone, a worthy champion.
3rd Tingey’s Dallydor Aramis

8 (1) lovely class of promising pups, which bodes well for the future of the breed. Will be interesting to see how they all fare in the future.
1st BP PG1 & Res BP in Show. Paterson’s Kelevra What a Storm. A very promising b/s girl of just 8 mths. Very feminine head with darkest of eyes, lovely expression. Big bold spotting on a pure white coat. Very good front assembly, good tail set and carriage, she moved with a good rear driving action. I am sure this one will go to the top. She certainly did very well today.
2nd Christies Checkmate IZ Terletskoy Dubravy by Sophtspot. Very elegant b/s girl of 11 mths . She has a very pretty head, good reach of neck, and level back. Correct tail set and good bend of stifle. Lovely make & shape, another one who moved out well.
3rd Haywood-Ridgeways Luccombe Strawberry Fizz.

9 (0)
1st Stocks Pandamax Lady Martin to Nospar 15 ½ mth old b/s girl, nice head with good dark eye. Good shoulder placement, straight legs close to body, tight cat feet. Arched neck, level top line & good tail set. Nice turn of stifle & well let down hocks. Moved positively with good reach. Presented in tip top condition.
2nd Tingey’s Dallyador Secret Addiction An elegant b/s girl, only 13 mths so not long out of the puppy class. very pretty head with lovely spotty well carried ears enhancing her delightful expression. Well arched neck and level top line & good tight feet. She has a lovely outline and is very pleasing on the eye. Another one who moved well.
3rd Burrows Ellemstra Tough Cookie at Shacarlu

1st Carroll’s Willowvine All Eyes On Me B/s girl, attractive markings. She has a good top line and nice turn of stifle. Moved better in this class. Very attentive to her handler.
2nd Coxon’s Taliory Serendipity Target B/s with very good bone, nice reach of neck. Feminine head but would prefer a darker eye to enhance expression. Movement was a bit erratic today.

PGB 9 (0)
1st Dinsdale’s Roadcoach Rejoice With Dalesbread Classy L/s girl, she is such a lovely make & shape. Very pretty head, with deep amber eye & well set spotted ears. Nicely arched neck, level top line, welll ribbed back & good turn of stifle. Excellent bone & feet. Lovely even spotting of a good liver colour. Moved with drive.
2nd Pratt & Pratt’s Sophspot in a Heartbeat of Lyndalla Very feminine B/s girl, balanced throughout, good front assembly, well arched neck & level top line. Nicely rounded rear with good width of thigh. Looked lovely both standing & moving.
3rd Morgan’s Wish Upon A Star

14 (0) Strong class of some very good bitches
1st & CC Christie’s Sophtspot Golly Gosh At Appennine A lovely well balanced liver, gorgeous head with pretty spotted ears enhancing her delightful expression. Nicely arched neck into well laid back shoulders, good straight legs, elbows close to chest. Well rounded bone & tight feet. Deep brisket with good tuck up, lovely tail set & carriage. Looked lovely standing and moved to perfection. Delighted to award her, the all important 3rd ticket. Later learned she is litter sister to my dog cc.
2nd Watts & Jackson-Peatling’s Taminlanda Continental Song Upstanding well constructed B/s bitch, good round bone and tight cat feet. Very good front assembly. Moved positively with good forward reach and drive. I am sure this one has a very bright future.
3rd Lamb’s Dalpetro Diamond

10 (4) Lovely class of 6 Champions who I am sure will & do change places on a regular basis.
1st RCC Wright’s Ch Millbelle Fernie Ultra feminine bitch, she has a lovely head, with well spotted ears enhancing her mischievous expression. Good make & shape with lovely clean lines. Eye catching liver spotting, moved out well & demanded my attention. Close decision between her & my eventual CC winner.
2nd Gardener’s CH Dvojica Chilli Chutney For Wrendragge I have judged this lovely girl before & I really like her. Feminine head with lovely expression, attractive liver spotting, firm level back, sound as a bell throughout. Good deep brisket and nice tuck up, excellent width of thigh. Moved with good forward reach & excellent drive from her well defined hocks. When she entered the ring I thought she would be my winner, but just felt today she lacked the extra sparkle she usually has.
3rd Dunnachie’s Ch Dvojica Voltion

3 (1) 2 lovely ladies, but unfortunately only one red card.
1st Haywood-Ridgway’s CH Luccombe Strawberry Dream 7 ½ yr old, attractive head with good dark eye. Well distributed black spotting. Correct front assembly, straight legs & elbows tight to body. Level top line. Moved out well.
2nd Lamb’s Dalpetro Diva Nicely balanced b/s 8yr old, attractive head with gentle expression. Good lay of shoulder, lovely deep brisket. Moved & showed very well, at one with her owner.

Pat Dickson (Judge)