East of England 2019 Judged by Mr K Berry
East of England Agricultural Show 2019 Dalmatians Kevan Berry (Ricksbury)

I really enjoyed my day judging the breed with Challenge Certificates for the first time. I was only sorry my mentors in the breed Susan Graham and Caroline Gatheral were not there. No doubt Susan was screaming from above hopefully, on her best behaviour.
The breed standard states that the breed is capable of great endurance. In order for this they have to have good legs and feet i.e. feet round and compact. I was sorry to see many had splade feet. There was also a high percentage of very high tail carriages. All of the exhibits were well presented and all the winners were well applauded.
I would like that thank the exhibitors for making this such a special day for me.

MPD (4,0)
1 Bliss & Pearson Kelevra What A Guy A black well spotted of ideal size. He has a beautiful head with neat well set ears. A balanced body and has good legs and feet. His temperament was quite delightful, this was proven when he slipped his lead and went to play with the dogs in the next ring. He was actually rugby tackled to the ground by a gentleman and returned to his owner, having had great fun. He certainly has a wonderful disposition. This is a puppy with a great future ahead of him. I was delighted to award him the RDCC and Best Puppy in Breed and he was later 3rd in a strong Utility Puppy Group under breed specialist Mr Samson.
2 Sampson Dalstorm Golden Guinea another lovely puppy of ideal size and proportions. Just lost out on a slightly slacker topline. He has a good tail set and croup and excellent legs and feet and shows great promise.
3 Harrison-Stratford Dalkereve Dark at Midnight

1 Alexander Offordale Vivaldi a well-marked black spotted with a good head and well-set eyes. He has a very good neck and shoulders. A well-balanced body and he moved with great freedom around the ring.
2 McMillan Keiradal Captain Jack for Dalyance a slightly bigger black spotted of nice type. Not quite the topline of the winner but should mature nicely.
3 Harrison-Stratford Dalkereve Dark at Midnight

(3, 1)
1 Emmett & Simons Ellemstra Against All Odds well balanced black spotted with excellent shoulder placement. He has an impressive head with a kind expressing. Nice body and a clean outline on the move.
2 Tomlinson Swingle River Mr Smee needing to settle but of nice size and proportions. A pleasing head with good eye and well-set ears. Moved well, I liked him very much for breed type.

YD (4, 0)
1 Sims Mullabuoy Magic Man for Snowspeeder JW clear winner of this class. He is a lovely size and so well balanced. Distinction black spotting. Has good balance throughout with excellent movement. He has good legs and feet enabling him to move soundly both back and front.
2 Cowton Tamilanda Continental Wave lovely young dog, of ideal size and has a strong neck which was slightly arched. Has a good deep chest. He just needs to settle on the move.
3 Finlay Dalfin Actual Fact

(9, 1)
1 Holland & Millington Capearlla Its on Ice smart black spotted rather proud of his tail. Good body proportions. Pleasing head, good construction with excellent shoulder placement. Moved well around the ring.
2 Alexander Offordale Griffin another well-made black spotted. I found him a little loose all-round but a nice size with good deep chest, another with lovely feed and again rather proud of his tail.
3 Gardinor Dakata Duranta

(10, 1)
1 Marley & Libbey Bellili's D'amore De Loin ShCM smart black spotted, not over done in anyway. Pleasing head, good neck and shoulders. He has a balanced body and again excellent legs and feet. Showed a clean outline and an easy free moving dog.
2 Gardinor Jamelsley Pyracantha At Dakata JW another good black spotted dog of nice size. He had a pleasing head. Wonderful legs and feet and a stylish mover. It was minor details that separated 1st and 2nd
3 Hernandez Dalminshi Starlite Express JW

(6, 1)
1 Christie Ch Sophtspot Gold Dust JW this dog stood out today he is certainly capable of great endurance. Of ideal size and so well balanced throughout. He has a lovely head of good length with such an intelligent expression. With a good arched neck with oblique shoulders, perfectly proportion thorough out and has the desired powerful gait on the move. Wonderful liver spotting. DCC & BOB and later shortlisted in the Utility Group. A breed specialist commented on how lovely the dog looked in the group, that comment meant a lot to me.
2 Croft & Cobb Kalokairie's Bullet Proof a slightly bigger, liver spotted dog. Again, he had a pleasing head with excellent neck and shoulders and powerful mover around the ring.
3 Whincup Ch Tamilanda Midnight Lilly JW

(2, 0)
1 Hobbs & Whiting Boutonneux Baby Buco Avec Rapanooey JW 7-year-old not the best topline but certainly moved the best. Has a good tailset and croup and excellent legs and feet.
2 Whincup & Sibson Ch Tamilanda Vintage Pink JW lovely dog of good breed type and quality. He just appeared slightly sluggish on the move and was carrying a little excess weight.

SBD (4, 0)
1 Marley & Libbey Bellili's D'amore De Loin SHCM repeat
2 Fryday Cragvallie Chance on Me attractive black spotted, who retained a good topline and was confident on the move.
3 Pawson Cragvallie Vinny's Chance

(4, 1)
1 Brennan Kaytoni Have You Seen Her still a little lean but a balanced black spotted who moved well. She has good legs and feet and a balance body. Moving and showing well and is a promising prospect.
2 Millington Capearlla Imperial Topaz liver spotting puppy of nice size. Pleasing head and she has good body proportions. Retaining a good topline on the move. 3 Thomas Dalstorm Golden Galaxy

(6, 1)
1 Page Winflash Lulu Guiness she is a lovely size and a great mover. Clear spotting, balanced body, has good legs and feet. A very promising puppy one to watch. BPB
2 Christie Checkmate Iz Terletskoy Dubravy By Sophtspotj
a lovely puppy just a little lose all round. She is very typical of the breed and she has the potential to go all the way to the top when she firms up.
3 Alexander Offordale Violetta

(8,0) A nice class
1 Burrows Ellemstra Tough Cookie at Shacarlu very elegant black spotted with good proportions. She has a correct head pattern and a smart mover. Lovely size.
2 Tingey Dallyador Secret Addiction another well balanced black spotted with a strong neck. Excellent shoulders, good body proportions and a nice steady mover. A very pretty girl with good spotting.
3 Page Salsusa a Milliion Dreams at Winflash

(4, 0)
1 Watts & Jackson-Peatling Tamilanda Continental Song JW I liked her size. Good black spotted, a little heavy, good legs and feet another with correct shoulders. Has excellent spotting. She was retained to the last 4 for the BCC
2 Whiting Sumaiya Dee Ja i she was a tad smaller but she has very good carriage. A pleasing head and a balanced body. Has a happy disposition.
3 Pace Dalcatori Morganite Rosa

(7, 1)
1 Crookes Dalmark The Ratafia liver spotted of correct size. She was a little unsteady and a tad slack in topline but she has good legs and feet. The most appealing face. When standing she had a very good balance outline.
2 Whiting Sumaiya Dee Jai repeat
3 Pace Dalcatori Morganite Rosa

(7, 1)
1 Patrick Cohavrick Symphony black 2 1⁄2 years old so well balanced. She has a lovely topline with the correct tail set, which she carried so well. A bitch of lovely size with a very nice head. She could, with more finish (muscle tone), go onto higher things.
2 Healey Dalmark The White Witch at Hebemor a liver spotted of good type, pleasing head with a balance body. She has good proportions. Moving stylishly around the ring.
3 Pace Dalcatori Morganite Rosa

(8, 0)
1 Christie Sophtspot Golly Gosh at Appennine a stunning liver spotted well- balanced bitch with a fabulous outline. She has a strong neck with excellent shoulders. Many of the remarks I made of the DCC winner apply to her outstanding. Very close decision for the top award. RBCC
2 Cuthbertson Ellemstra Little Mix with Kalsidoni
a good well-balanced black spotted of lovey shape. She has a beautiful head and such a clean outline. Good tail set and excellent movement. Another bitch that could, with luck, go to the top.
3 Lamb Dalpetro Diamond JW

(9, 4) Any one of the 5 present could have won this class they are worthy of their titles.
1 Gardner Ch Dvojica Chilli Chutney for Wrendragge JW Quality throughout, so well balanced with a wonderful head, good ear set and melting expression. Dark liver spotting, she is full of breed type and quality. A powerful sound mover both back and front. BCC I was told later this is her 7th
2 Dodds & Pearson Int/Ir/Hr/Ch Kelevra Classic Cliche JW SHCM outstanding bitch belling her years. 6 years old, she has excellent proportions throughout. She has the sweetest head. Has a good reach of neck and a deep chest. Excellent proportions and a supper sound mover.
3 Page Winflash Prada Candy Kiss

(3, 0)
1 Emmett & Simons Ch Dalliviro Reba Mac At Ellemstra JW SHCM black spotted of outstanding quality. She is still moving and showing so well. Has wonderful legs and feet, a well-balanced body, correct tail set and carriage. I was delighted to hear that later in the day she had won a strong Utility Veteran Group. She was also retained in my last 4 for the BCC. She certainly displays the lasting qualities of the breed.
2 Lamb Dalpetro Diva JW another lovely black spotted bitch of quality. Just a tad slack throughout.
3 Sampson Dalstorm Black Orchid SHCM

(7, 1)
1 Patrick Cohavrick Symphony a liver spotted bitch of nice size and fair mover, just a little narrow throughout. Just lacks substance.
2 Pace Dalcatori Morganite Rosa pretty bitch with distinctive spotting, just a little close behind.
3 Brennan Daymadals In the Mood JW SHCM

Kevan Berry