Bournemouth 2019 Judged by Julie Evans
Dalmatian Critique

Bournemouth Canine Association championship show.

A lovely entry. Shoulders need watching the scapula being to upright in lots of dogs. This often causes wrinkle over the withers. Top lines rising and falling away are not typical for our breed but seem to be common. Our standard calls for a strong muscular dog, I found many in the lower classes to lack bone and substance. Many had dirty teeth. That said the quality in the higher classes was wonderfully to behold, open bitch was a joy to judge if somewhat difficult,
Some real hair spliting decisions had to be made.

MPD. (4)
1. Sampsonís Dalstorm Golden Guinea. Excellent construction already apparent in this baby. Good feet and front assembly, great shoulder angulation which was both easy to see and feel from the scapula while he was standing and moving. Very good topline and tail set. Good hindquarters. It all came together on the move with reach and drive. Very promising baby indeed. BPD and BPIB.
2. Norgrove's Sassydals Flugel Horn
. Another nice puppy, good sound construction though not as shapely as 1 at this stage. Good topline, shoulders and hindquarters, a little stronger in head and longer cast that 1, moved soundly two nice puppies.
3. Harrison Stratford's Dalkereve Dark at Midnight.

. (4,2)
1. David & Saunders' Dallydyl The Loving Spirit. Quality puppy so well balanced throughout, head, neck, shoulders and hindquarters all in perfect harmony which lead to sound movement. Just beaten for BPD by the elegance of the winner.
2. Thorne's Castletop Beau Brummell. A nice overall puppy. Good feet, nice head proportions just a bit rangy at this stage.

JD (4)
1. Lock Mcfadzean' Caprillis Panache over Sassafras. Lovely head, good front but the scapula is a touch to upright which gives a level either and a shorter neck than desired. He is however an otherwise quality dog his topline is otherwise good though his tail is a little high set. He moved around the ring really well with great drive from good hindquarters.
2. Emmett & Simons' Ellemstra Against all odds. A quality boy also a little upright in the scapula but still sound in all other departments. Good feet and well balanced all through. Could easily change places with 1 difficult decision.
3. HILL'S Pandamax Mariner.

1. Salkeld's Tippledal Tarw Du. There is a lot to like about this boy, he is very sound from his typical head, long arched neck and sound front, good depth of brisket, good topline and tail set, nice moderately insulated hindquarters. He used reach and drive to power round the ring. I have no doubt he would make a great carriage dog. Best mover in class.
2. Sims' Mullabuoy Magic Man for Snowspeeder. Nice compact boldly spotted black dog. Typical head with lots to like about him though not quite as good in shoulders or the spring of pastern as 1.
3. Finlay's Dalfin Actual Fact.

1. Handyside & Sampson's Dalstorm Future Formula. For me there is so much to like about this dog, good head, nicely arched neck, correct front assembly with a nice forechest, correct shoulders, tight feet, correct and hind angulation giving balance to his construction, nice spring in pastern. The picture was completed with free long striding movement. He could have carried a little more weight to advantage.
2. Cole's Keiradal Le Coup de Foudre. Good front, shoulder and rear angulation, a little long in back, not quite the outstanding attributes of 1.

PGD (5,2)
1. Doreís Daldior Mr Foxtrot. The only dog in this class that displayed good matching angulation in both front and rear assembly, good pasterns and feet, nicely decorated movement was sound but need more enthusiasm to show a bit more reach and drive.
2. Haleyís Doshaburi The Cloud Dragon. Good head and front assembly, good depth of brisket and good topline and tail set. Lacked angulation in the rear.
3. Evansí Lucky Prince of Oaks Farm at Troikadal.

1. Cobb's Kalokairie's Carbon COPY JW. To come straight to the point, boy can this dog move, perfect reach from a correctly angulated front, super drive from correctly angulated hindquarters, sound construction if a little long in back, very good head properties onto a lovely arched neck, this stallion of a dog would have little trouble fulfilling the role of a carriage dog that is my criteria for a good Dalmatian. Very happy to award him RCC.
2. Stocks' Nosparís Shaded Lanson JW
. Quality compact dog. Our standard calls for moderate and thatís what he is, moderate all through with a nice head and neck, moderate shoulder and rear angulation, good topline, moved well.
3. Thorns Spotiray Billy Elliot of Castletop.

1. Frandsen's Multi Ch. Skvaa Luxury Item. Have admired this dog from the moment I set eyes on him, it was my great pleasure to at last judge him. He typifies the breed standard of a perfect working carriage dog. A beautiful well defined head into a correct front assembly, straight legs displaying strong round bone, good feet, good depth of brisket, good fore chest, good clean withers, great topline, correct tailset and carriage, correct angulation front and rear, clearly defined muscle tone all finished off by his excellent long striding, effortless free movement that was a pleasure to watch CC and BOB. Interesting that I liked all of his offspring too.....
2. Quayle's Ch. Millbelle Kicking Horse JW. Another I have admired from ringside, a quality compact dog with strong round bone, attractive head, sound front assembly, would have liked a touch more angulation on the rear to complete the picture, moved out well covering a lot of ground. A worthy Ch.
3. Croft & Cobb's Kalokairie's Bullet Proof.

1. Todhunter Robinson & Robinson's Ch. Millbelle Young Gun. I have long admired this dog. So well put together matching good angulation front and rear, good depth of chest, great topline and tailset, beautiful head on nicely arched neck, strong round bone still moves out so well with lots of ground coveridge. Very sound and worthy Ch. He was a strong contender for the top awards. BV. From the veteran classes.
2. Pace's Big Addo. Lovely head, quite sound in construction, matching balanced angulation, good feet, moved out well.
3. Hurst's Philcarthom xcaliber at Finnidal.

1. Dalstorm Future Formula. Winner of GD and an easy winner in this class. I believe he also won the beginnerís Stakes.
2. Bridge,Meyer & Britton's Keiradal Moulin Rouge at Akoni. Compact bitch, good angulation front and rear, a nice little carriage dog. Tail a bit low set.
3. Cole's Keiradal Syrena.


1. Thomasí Dalstorm Golden Galaxy at Magikala. What a beautiful puppy, litter mate to my BPIB. She pressed her brother hard and only lost out to being a little bit reserved and so not the ring presence he had. Just a baby but had all the promise required, everything was as it should be, correct angulation, solid round bone, everything fitted together so well, once she is settled i would expect a very bright future for her.
2. Scott & Blissett's Kystuno Rosemary Russett. Not the great angulation of the winner but never the less a nice quality compact bitch, nicely proportioned and moved out well.

PB (3)
1. Kaal & Rance's. Dallydyl Dream of Manderley. This puppy is very nice in body, quite a nice head but would like a stronger muzzle, nice angulation front and rear, good bone and substance, a little long in hock but of course maturity will make a vast difference and hopefully bring it all together, she has quality and I will watch her mature. Moved out well.
2. Evans & Saunders Dallydyl my Cousin Rachel. Litter mate to winner though not the bone or substance and very different in type. Nice angles, good topline and tail set, moved well.
3. Coleís Keiradal Syrena.

1. Christie's Checkmate iz Terletskoy Dubravy by Sophtspot. Liked this compact and very sound bitch, typifies a real carriage dog. Lovely head, good angulation, good topline & tailset, looks like she could go all day with excellent ground covering movement. Not a lot of her but itís all quality.
2. Wallington's Dallydor Secret Passion for Rovinjdal. Sound compact bitch balanced angulation front & rear, moved well preferred the road going qualities of the winner.
3. Hobbs & Whitings Rapanooey Ragdoll.

1. Howard Riddle's Shydally Wish Upon a Star. I saw quality in this well angulated bitch. She is a little long in back but everything fitted together well, lovely head and long arched neck into a very good front assembly, good feet, moved well with drive from the rear.
2. Dallyador Secret Passion for Rovinjdal.
3. Whitings Sumalya Dee Jai.

1. Dallyador Secret Passion For Rovinjdal
2. Hajee & Tidcombe's Castletop Summer Breeze
. Good balanced angles front and rear, nice type, good head, good feet, good topline & Tailset, moved out well.
3. Morgan's Malbreow Wish upon a Star.

1. Howard Riddle's Shydallys Annie Power. Topped a trio of good bitches. My notes say...beautiful bitch and she is. So very sound in construction apart from a little long in back but that aside and she is nothing but quality from a good head and muzzle, long arched neck into great shoulders and equally good rear angulation powerful rhythmic movement, so sound I loved her.
2. Cole's Keiradal Mel's Destiny. Another very sound bitch, everything fitting together in harmony, presents a nice picture on the move, another who is capable of doing her job. Unlucky to meet 1.
3. Finch & Bonner's Sophtspot Hocus Pocus

(11) quality class topped by
1. Dalstorm Future Faith. Had everything I look for in a true Dalmatian carriage dog. Sound balanced construction, strong round bone, tight feet, correct angulation, lovely head and strong muzzle, long crested neck, perfect topline with no wrinkle over the withers, super outgoing disposition so of course with all these attributes she powered around the ring and was a joy to watch. Pleased to award her her second CC. Offspring of my BOB as were several other winners.
2. Cuthbertson's Ellemstra Little Mix with Kalsidoni. So very close up to 1. Many of the same qualities in this lovely bitch the deciding factor was she had some wrinkling over her withers, everything else was so very similar, unlucky to meet 1 in such great form. A lovely bitch with a bright future.
3. Wright's Offordale Anastasia Avec Millbelle JW.

(12,2) The ultimate class of superb bitches!
1. Emmett & Simons' Ch. Dalliviro Reba Mac JW Sh.CM. A truly superb bitch, so well angulated, good topline & tailset, good bone and substance yet ultra elegant & Feminine, moved out like the true carriage dog she is, a fabulous & worthy champion. RCC. I had to really split hairs between her and the CC winner who just had the edge with cleaner withers.
2. Wright's Ch. Millbelle Fernie JW. Another superb bitch I have admired from a puppy she certainly did not disapoint. Correct angulation, excellent topline, tailset & carriage, strong round bone and substance yet Feminine and elegant, she displayed purposeful long striding ground covering movement very difficult decision between her and 1.
3. David & Saunders Ch. Dalticino Interlagos from Dallydyl JW Sh.CM

1. Bolts Boutonneux Galathea at Gemmont. Quality bitch beautifully marked, lovely head and muzzle, good clean neck, excellent front assembly with matching rear, excellent round bone, tight feet, excellent topline with perfect tailset, a bit long in loin. Moved well and covered a lot of ground with a long stride.
2. Morgan's Winflash Olympic Star JW Sh.CM completely opposite in type to 1. Smaller compact bitch, very balanced & feminine, moved well.
3. Thorner's Ch. Tolutim Drambuie Sh.CM.