S Wales 2019 Judged by Mrs J Kay
South Wales Kennel Association 10th October 2019
Held at the Royal Welsh Showground, Bulith Wells


I greatly enjoyed my day and hope all that entered did too, in the higher classes of both dogs and bitches I was really spoilt for choice with some lovely dogs going cardless. I was surprise to see a few upright in pastern, but tail set and carriage needs urgent attention it spoils the whole presentation.


Minor Puppy Dog
These boys will change places often
1. Richardson – Mapplewell Pocket Rocket – B/S Coming together nicely. Masculine head with high set ears strongly boned throughout nice tight feet. Looks well on the stand although tad loose on the move.
2. Page – Bleize De Montjuic at Winflash (Imp USA) B/S lovely expression from this boy ample bone to tight feet good topline carried his tail well.
3. Hobbs & Whiting – Guru S Nevskih Ostrovov at Rapanooey (Imp Rus)

1. Richardson – Mapplewell Pocket Rocket
2. Townson & Pardoe – Kaytoni What a Night at Daymadals
B/S – Broad skull defined stop strong muzzle ample bone nicely filled chest a little shorter in loin.
3. Sampson – Dalstorm Golden Guinea

1. David & Saunders – Dallydyl the Loving Spirit
L/S Masculine appealing expression Cleanneck slightly arched good topline and tidy underline muscled loin ample bone lovely tail carriage.
2. Emmett & Simons – Ellemstra Against All Odds JW – B/S Nice size good expression from dark eyes pleasinglyfilled chest ample bone and tight feet more compact.
3. Williams – Tolkain Storm King From Phadante JW

Post Graduate
1. Cobb – Kalokairie Eddy the Eagle JW
– L/S Well shaped head with suitably shaped eyes in fit condition good depth of chest and spring of ribs showing reach and powerful drive on the move.
2. McVicar – Dalfin Almond Slice – L/S Better eye colour dark hazel giving a confident dignified expression. Lovely filled chest and spring of rib.
3. Finlay – Dalfin Actual Fact

1.Thorne – Spotiray Billy Elliot of Castletop
– B/S Nicely sized boy ample bone and tight feet full deep chest strength in loin and well angled hindquarters looked well on the move.
2. Locke-Mcfadzean – Caprilli’s Panache over Sassafras (Imp USA) B/S another well put together balanced dog that I was nit-picking between them. Good confident expression from dark eye a little proud of his tail today. On the moved he was free and smooth.
3. Pace – Big Addo

A lovely class of mature adult boys my notes read “Cream of the dogs”
1. Croft & Cobb – Kalokairrie’s Bullett Proof -L/S Wonderful personality from this masculine boy balanced throughout correct amount of round bone and perfect tight feet ample depth of chest and spring of rib strong topline and muscled loin correct hind angulation which his used on the move with a reaching free and powerful driving stride. Reflects the breed standard admirably DCC
2. Christie – Ch Sophtspot Gold Dust JW
– L/S I have long admired this boy and the way he performs for this handler quality and breed type in abundance. Well muscled neck nicely arched set into shoulders and correct round bone down to feet firm topline with gently rising underline correct hindquarters. Kept in first-rate show condition a worthy Ch. RCC
3. Dunnachie – Ch Dvojica Vendetta

1. Pace - Big Addo
- L/S Clear well defined spotting nicely filled chest and well sprung ribs ample bone and nicely turned stifle and short hocks. He moved at a steady pace fluid and driving.

Good Citizen Dog
1. Pace - Big Addo - L/S
2. Wheaton – Buffrey The Last Word at Acinonyx
– B/S Strong neck into shoulders good depth of chest ample bone spotting not as clear with ticking.


Minor Puppy Bitch
1. Richardson – Mapplewell Limited Edition
- B/S Feminine throughout Dark well shaped eyes suitably filled chest deep and capacious round bone to tight feet lovely angles both fore and aft which shone through on the move carrying her tail at the correct angle as an extension of the spine and topline. A star for the future. BP Thrilled to watch her achieve 2nd in a very strong puppy group
2. Pratt & Pratt – Gatfulls Honey Bee of Lyndalla (Imp Swe)
- B/S Pretty girl that was finer in bone, good size for age and development appealing head and expression from dark hazel eyes.
3. Holland – Capearlla Apres Ski

Puppy Bitch
1. Richardson – Mapplewell Limited Edition
2. Pratt & Pratt – Gatfulls Honey Bee of Lyndalla (Imp Swe)
- B/S.
3. Thomas – Dalstorm Golden Galaxy For Magikala

1. Page – Winflash Lulu Guiness
B/S – Correctly sized feminine girl pleasing dark eyes. Nicely boned and tight feet well sprung ribs moved at a steady pace.
2. Dunnachie & Philip – Dvojica Daisy Diamond B/S –Attractive clean head nicely muscled neck into shoulders straight legs to cat-like feet. Developing well and could easily change places good length of tail.
3. Thomas – Philcarthom One and Only

Post Graduate
1. Hartley & Griffiths – Miragua Heart To Heart
– B/S Always well school from this kennel. Noted the minimal use of treats that kept the dog focused. Ample fill to chest and nicely laid shoulders. She had a strong topline and enough loin keeping a balanced overall picture and good length to tail which never stopped on the move she was confident and outgoing with freedom
2. Goodswen – Alphadal Aint No Sunshine L/S – Ultra Feminine in head with hazel eyes ample round bone to lovely tight feet good depth of chest and spring of rib she moved well.
3. Pace – Dalctori Morganite Rosa

1. Pratt & Pratt – Sophtspot A Heartbeat of LyndallaShCM
B/S – Headed a strong class of bitches. Attractive head and dark eyes long neck nicely arched firm topline and well set tail with good length matching fore and aft angles giving her freedom on the move.
2. Sampson – Dalstorm Eternal Promise JW ShCM L/S – not as feminine in head for me. Nice length of neck well laid shoulders ample bone and tight feet. Moved with power.
3. Christie – Checkmate Iz Terletskoy Dubravy By Sophtspot (Imp Rus) JW

A class full of quality, for those that went cardless it was of no detriment. I was really spoilt for choice thank you.
1. David & Saunders – Ch Dalticino Interlagos From Dallydyl JW ShCM L/S – Elegance with femininty. Appealing head and expression from dark hazel eyes correct skull to muzzle proportions with moderate stop long flowing neck into well laid shoulders ample round bone to tight cat-like feet loin strong and clean with a gently rising underline smooth rounded muscles not over done. Her tail was ofcorrect length and carriage. She had a smooth powerful easy action and would do a day’s work easily at the trot. CC & BOB
2. Gardner – Ch Dvojica Chilli Chutney For Wrendragge JW
L/S – Full of breed type and quality really splitting hairs in this class. A little finer than 1, nevertheless balanced and correct to breed standard. High set ears framing her melting expression good liver pigment nicely arched neck into shoulders filled chest and well sprung ribs clean underline. In show condition on the trot she was free and smooth carrying her tail at the correct angle.
3. Wright – Ch Millbelle Fernie JW JWW18

1. Morgan – Winflash Olympic Star JW ShCM
B/S – Appealing gentle expression from well framed head strong black pigmentation. Lovely make and shape to breed standard she is kept in fit condition moving at a steady trot showing her smooth rhythmic stride BV
2. Thorner – Ch Tolutim Drambuie ShCM
B/S - giving so much away to the younger veteran well filled chest and spring of ribs ample bone through-out and tight feet correct tail carriage on the move. A worthy champion.

Good Citizen
1. Pace – Dalcatori Morganite Rosa
L/S – A little finer in bone although round and strong, well filled chest good clear spotting she moved well at a steady trot.
2. Healey & Wheaton – Hebemor Ruby Tiger From Acinonyx – needs a little time to settle. On the stand she presented a good overall shape and femininty.

Judge: A very happy Janet Kay