BDC Feb Open Special Awards 2020 Judged by Catherine Hobbs
BDC Open Show

Special Awards classes

Thank you to the community for inviting me to judge their special awards classes. Thank you to my excellent steward for keeping my nerves down and running the ring so smoothly. I enjoyed my day out and pleased with the quality of dogs I had, so thank you for making it difficult for me.

Class A Junior Dog/Bitch (7 entered, 2 abs)
1st Dalstorm Golden Guinea JW. B/W Male 13 months. Maturing nicely only just out of puppy. Very masculine head with well-set ears, well angulated with a nice front, well-muscled. Strong back, correct tail set. Moved steady and stride out well. Front and back movement correct. Super shower and wanted to please.
2nd Dallydyl My Cousin Rachel. B/W Bitch 16 months. Slightly older than first but still maturing nicely. Lovely feminine outline to this bitch. Pretty head, correct ears. Nice even angles. Even dark spotting on white background. Well-muscled. Moved well and steady keeping a good top line. Lovely to watch.

Class B Post Graduate Dog/Bitch (8,1)
1st Malbreow Wish Upon A Star. B/W Bitch 2 years. Very pretty head and expression, correct ear set. Good equal angles to help her move steady around the ring. Nice level top line and hold well when moving. Good front and back movement. Nice bold dark spotting to finish her off nicely.
2nd Dalmark The Ratafia. L/W Bitch 3 years. Feminine head with lovely expression. Pleasing front with correct shoulders. Good equal angles. Nice steady movement with level top line and correct tai set. Correct front and rear movement. Was enjoyable to watch with young handler and her dog work as one.

Class C Open Dog/Bitch (8,0)
1st Ellemstra Against All Odds JW. B/W Male 21 months. Has really matured well this boy. A good clean masculine head with well-set ears and a kind expression. Strong neck into back with beautiful angles. Moved steady and with purpose. Level top line. To finish him off a clean white coat with deep black stopping.
2nd Winflash Olympic Star JW ShCM. B/W Bitch 7 years old. Hard to believe this girl is a veteran, such energy and power when moving, flowed round. Very showy wanting to please. A lovely move and shape, nicely angled. Correct front and back movement. Good dark spotting on white background.

Judge: Catherine Hobbs (Rapanooey)