Crufts 2023 Judged by Mrs Elaine Tillson

What an honour to have such a record-breaking entry, it was amazing and daunting in equal measure, but I thoroughly enjoyed my day. So thank you to everyone who entered. Thank you also to my brilliant stewards, Stef Kazana and Bill Ashcroft, who kept everything running smoothly so we were able to finish on time.

I understand the ring was enlarged, which was a great help with some of the classes. In general, temperaments were excellent and I received quite a few smiles and kisses. I was disappointed to see coarseness creeping into the breed, however, I feel one of the biggest problems at the moment is tails. The breed standard quotes “carried with a slight upward curve, never curled”. A poorly set or carried tail, detracts from the overall balance of a dog. Also I do not like to see dogs ‘strung up’, a Dalmatian moves much more freely on a loose lead.


1 Goodswen’s Alphadal’s King of Angels ShCm Last time I judged this dog he was a baby puppy so it was hard to believe he is now a Veteran. 7 year old black dog, in good hard condition. Nice head shape, lovely dark eye, well set on ears, gentle expression, very attentive to his handler. Good angulation front and rear, well off for bone, good spring of rib, level topline, correct tail set and carriage. Moved out well at the correct speed, feel he could go all day. Best Veteran Dog and ultimately pleased to award him Best Veteran in Breed
2 McCarthy’s Int/Fr/Ir Ch Domdallino Je Suis Kilndandy JW
Nicely marked 9 year old liver dog, soft expression, good eye colour, well set on ears. Lovely reach of neck into well laid shoulders, good deep chest, strong bone and good feet. Good length of stride, just preferred the tail carriage of the 1st.
3 Christie’s Ch Sophtspot Gold Dust JW

Minor Puppy
1 Baker’s Kelevra Chive Talking with Dalleaf 8 month old bold spotted black dog. Liked his head shape, super dark eye, nicely set ears which he used well. Good length of neck, nicely laid shoulders, good hind angulation, strong round bone. Correct muscle for his age. Moved steadily, and it was lovely to see the ‘puppy roll’. Best Puppy Dog and his extra sparkle pipped the b1tch for Best Puppy in Breed.
2 Kaal’s Schunikka Ifor Dream
Black dog, even though a similar age to the winner, is much more mature. Nice head, good eye colour, well set ears, good reach of neck, well laid shoulders. A little long in loin for me. Moved with a long stride.
3 Pearson’s Kelevra Dill or No Dill

(4, 2 abs)
1 Tavill’s Puntinato Ballante Visual Vision Vortex in Tockica (Imp Bel) Evenly marked black dog of 9 months. Liked his overall balance. Lovely gentle expression, dark eye, used ears well, good neck and shoulders, good front and rear angulation, good bone and feet. Well developed hindquarters, which he used well on the move.
2 Richards’ Mediolanum Winterfell (Imp Srb) Nearly 10 month old black dog lighter spotted than winner. Good dark eye, spotty ears. Plenty of muscle, strong bone and good feet. Moved ok but is a little wide in front.

Junior (12)
1 Whincup’s Tamilanda Instant Envy Well handled 14 month dog with deep black spots. Good make and shape. Lovely head and expression, well set on ears, good length of neck, well laid shoulders, well boned, with tight feet. Correct tail set and carriage, level topline which he kept on the move. Moved with a long stride using his rear quarters well.
2 Daelemans’ Daelly’dots Vigo’s Dr No Belych Also 14 months, super liver colour, loved his head and expression. Lovely make and shape, good bone and feet, good bend of stifle. Moved soundly, unfortunately was a little overawed by the occasion and dropped his tail, which spoilt his outline.
3 Alexander’s Offordale Grenadier

1 Whincup’s Tamilanda Instant Envy
2 Solska’s Alessandro Dalmatian Opera Jun Ch Pl, Jun Ch Cz, Jun Ch Lt Black dog, at one with his handler, overall of good make and shape, deep black spots, nice head and eye colour. Correct tail set. Little straighter in front than winner. Showed drive from behind on the move.
3 Aben’s Namara’s In For A Shock

Post Graduate
(17, 3 abs)
1 Wilkins’ Jasquarella Fire ‘N’ Ice at Salvadorada Liver dog of good make and shape, in super condition. Lovely expression, good eye colour, good angulation front and rear, good round bone, tail held correctly. Covered the ground well on the move.
2 Barrett’s Dalamanti Caesars Palace Black spotted dog of overall good make and shape, lovely expression, good dark eye, nicely arched neck, good front and rear angles. Correct tail set, level topline, held well on the move. Close decision.
3 Tingey’s Dallyador Lockdown Legend

(23, 2 abs)
1 Van Den Elsen’s Puntinato Ballante Tic Tac Terror I have never seen this dog before and it was a definite ‘wow’ moment. Just loved everything about this dog. Undeniably masculine, but showing elegance. Super head and expression, lovely dark eye, well set on ears, good reach of neck. Balanced angulation, good spring of rib, level topline, correct tail set and carriage. An absolute joy to watch on the move, both fore and aft and in profile. Excellent length of stride, with an easy and rhythmical gait. Showed his socks off and I was delighted to award him the CC and later BOB
2 Green & Sears’ Alphadal Aint Misbehaving at Judally JW
Super liver colour on this elegant and well balanced dog. Gentle expression, good eye colour, uses his ears well. Good front and rear angulation, deep chest, well boned, tight feet. In good hard condition, he used his well muscled rear to drive round the ring. A cliché, but he was unlucky to come up against the first today, however, I was pleased to award him the Res CC
3 David & Saunders’ Dallydyl The Loving Spirit JW

(18, 1 abs)
1 Philip & Dunnachie’s Dvojica Enrique Eye-catching black dog, clean lines, well balanced with super black pigment. Nice head shape, good dark eye and very attentive to his handler. Nice forechest, level topline, good tail set and carriage. Moved true, making the most of the large ring to show off his long stride.
2 Bliss & Pearson’s Kelevra What A Guy JW Black dog in excellent condition, smaller framed than 1. Good overall balance, Gentle expression, good ear carriage, good length of neck, well laid shoulders, good bone and tight feet. Moved steadily round the ring.
3 Biglarnia’s CIB Ch Running Spots Dancing Bob Euw-22 DK V-21 Fi V-19 Fi Jv-19

Good Citizen Dog Scheme
(7, 1 abs)
1 Crookes’ Dalberry The Starburst Liver dog of good overall make and shape. Soft expression, correct eye colour, nice reach of neck into good shoulders. Level topline which he kept on the move and his well muscled hindquarters enabled him to move with drive.
2 Marley & Libbey’s Bellili’s D’amore De Loin ShCM ShCEx Deep black spotting on this dog who was also in the Veteran class. Gentle expression, dark eye, good length of neck, level topline and good tail set. Although larger than the winner was lighter in bone, but he moved freely round the ring.
3 Hutchinson’s Tyrodal Angel Delight


(22, 4 abs)
1 McManus’ Boschendal Ashes of Roses A favourite of mine who is now coming up to 8. In good hard condition, with a sweet expression, nicely set ears, good reach of neck, level topline, well defined second thigh. Correct tail set and carriage. Moved well with drive round the ring.
2 Jenkins & Ridgway Luccombe Strawberry Kisses Beautifully marked, deep black spotting on this 7½ year old b1tch. So attentive to her handler, lovely expression, dark eye, good shoulder placement, level topline and correct tail set. Moved with a good long stride.
3 Croft’s Ch Kalokairie’s Barberella from Koroyza

Minor Puppy
1 Neath-Duggan & Coyne’s Kelevra Pickle My Fennel with Buffrey Beautiful markings on this pretty liver girl. Good overall balance, level topline, good bone. Moved with a long stride with a similar ‘puppy roll’ as her litter brother. Very well presented and handled.

Puppy (4)
1 Chance & Dodds’ Dotlun Head over Heels Lovely liver girl of 11 months, was a bit silly to start with, but soon settled to show off her lovely outline. Good head shape, dark eye, well set ears, super reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Deep chest, good bone and feet, level topline with correct tail set. The big ring suited her as she was able to show off her good long stride. Best Puppy Bitch. For Best Puppy I just preferred the extra verve of the dog.
2 Alexander’s Offordale Santtini Immaculately presented puppy with jet black spotting. Liked her gentle expression, good dark eye, clean in outline, lovely bone and super tight feet. Good bend of stifle and correct muscle for her age. Unfortunately not as settled on the move as the winner today.
3 Jenkins & Ridgway’s Luccombe Strawberry Ripple

(15, 4 abs)
1 Whincup’s Tamilanda Instant Star Striking deep black spotted young lady, litter sister to Junior Dog winner. So attentive to her handler. Feminine head, good eye colour, well set ears, good length of neck, good front and rear angulation, round bone and good tight feet. Moved easily with a lovely long stride.
2 Stocks’ Nospar’s Gin and Tonic Another beautifully presented happy young lady. Lovely even liver spotting, with a well balanced outline. Good head shape and eye colour, good round bone, tight feet, nice bend of stifle. Just preferred the tail carriage on the move of the winner.
3 Borras’ Perdita’s Nightshade Petals

(24, 3 abs)
1 Verhek’s Flying Spots Lily of the Valley Loved the head and expression on this elegant liver lady. Well balanced with good front and rear angulation, level topline and correct tail set, however she did drop her tail from over concentration. Once settled on the move, showed good length of stride and purpose.
2 Collier’s Kallierbelle Ceithir My notes for this one say ‘unassuming’. She isn’t one that jumps out at you but when you get your hands on her she is so well made. She has such a gentle expression and lovely spotty ears. Good angulation, bone and tight feet. Moved with drive.
3 Chattaway’s Buzzbrook Lily of the Valley

Post Graduate
(31, 5 abs)
1 Scott-Allen & Davis’ Dallydyl Code Breaker Beautifully marked liver, pretty head and expression, good ear carriage, nice length of neck, good shoulder placement, level topline with correct tail set and carriage. Good amount of bone, well muscled, moved true fore and aft. From the side she showed excellent reach and drive. A serious contender for the Res CC.
2 Saunders & David’s Dallydyl Honey Trap Litter sister to 1 and the same comments apply to her. Lovely head and expression, nice reach of neck, good shoulder placement, level topline and well defined rear muscling. Felt her sister had the edge on movement today.
3 Derrick & Ryan’s Kalokairie’s Hocus Pocus

(24, 4 abs)
1 Howard Riddle’s Shydally Star Attraction Beautifully presented and well handled black bitch. Attractive head, good reach of neck, well laid shoulders, level topline and correct tail set. Nicely boned, good feet, good bend of stifle. Moved steadily showing good reach and drive.
2 Wareham’s Tamilanda Valentina Lilly at Dotsadaisy Lighter spotted than 1 but so well proportioned. Gentle expression, good ear carriage, good reach of neck, shoulder placement and topline. Good muscling, moved true fore and aft.
3 Finlay’s Dvojica Excuse My French at Dalfin JW

(18, 3 abs)
Fabulous class, headed by two stunning liver bitches.
1 Whincup’s Ch Tamilanda Continental Gold CW12 I remember the first time I saw this liver girl and I was impressed, so I was very pleased to actually judge her. Really well handled, her owner gets the most out of her. Nice to see her and the 2nd shown on a loose lead. So elegant and clean in outline, beautifully marked, feminine head, correct eye colour, well set ears which she used well. Lovely reach of neck, good angulation front and rear, good spring of rib, level topline and correct tailset. Strong bone, good second thigh, tight feet and lovely short nails. Moved effortlessly round the ring showing great reach and drive. A well very deserved CC and BOS.
2 Gardner’s Ch Dvojica Chilli Chutney for Wrendragge JW
I cannot believe this beautiful liver lady is nearly 7. She exudes elegance, attractively marked, pretty head and expression, good ear carriage, good shoulder placement, level topline into correct tailset. Round bone, good feet, well muscled rear. Flowed round the ring with ease, one who could go all day. Very happy to award her the Res CC.
3 Neath-Duggan & Baker’s Ch Buffrey Hanky Panky by Dalleaf JW

Good Citizen Dog Scheme
(15, 2 abs)
1 Pickup’s Roadcoach Ray of Sunshine Sympathetically handled, evenly spotted liver b1tch, gentle expression, lovely spotty ears, good front, level topline, well set and carried tail. Good depth of chest, nicely boned, moved with a good stride round the ring.
2 Tysterman’s Carodal Jacobs Ladder VHC in the large Yearling class, another beautifully marked liver, pretty head, well set ears, clean in outline, nice front and chest, lovely waggy tail. Needs to tighten up behind but she is still young.
3 England’s Dalens Bethany Char at Silverspot

Elaine Tillson (Judge)