Southern Counties 2023 Judged by Maggie Mulholland
Southern Counties 2023

It was my pleasure to once again judge my own breed. Dalmatians have been my passion for more than 50 years and I am never happier than when I am surrounded by them and their friendly owners. My thanks to the hard working Southern Counties Committee for such a well-run show and to my two excellent stewards’, who kept the ring organised so professionally.

Overall I feel the breed is in better shape than it was the last time I judged in 2018. However breeders still need to work on front angulation and head shape, particularly in the males. I was so very impressed with the bitch entry and many lovely bitches went without being placed as the standard was so high. I would also like to say how pleased I was to see so many younger exhibitors showing their dogs with skill and empathy. I know I worked you all hard on the day but this is a breed that needs time and space to settle on the move and “once round the ring” just didn’t do it. Thank you all for your very sporting acceptance.

Class 2391. Minor Puppy Dog Entries: 2 Absentees: 0
1st Place 5073 - Kalsidoni Blue Gemstone (Mr A & Mrs M Cuthbertson) black 7mts, good size and shape, quite mature for age, nice dark eye, neck and length of rib, very good feet, bit unsettled on the move.
2nd Place 5128 - Hafwenna King of The North (Miss S F & Mrs H Richards & Davies) black only 6 mts, and very promising with well shaped head, good bone and tight feet, and level topline and excellent tail set and carriage, very sound too, just needs time.

Class 2392. Puppy Dog Entries: 2 Absentees: 0
1st Place 5112 - Kelevra Chive Talking with Dalleaf (Miss S Baker) black, 11mts, good looking youngster with a clean neck, very balanced and sound, excellent rib length, level topline and good strong bone and tight feet.
2nd Place 5101 - Schunikka Ifor Dream (Miss J M Kaal) black bit bigger all through than one, but nicely put together.

Class 2393. Junior Dog Entries: 6 Absentees: 1
1st Place 5120 - Kelevra Dill or No Dill (Ms C A & Mr S A Pearson) , black, 11 mts, really liked his make and shape, right for size and substance, well-muscled all through, well made in rib, level topline, good round bone and tight feet, he has a good head shape and dark eye and is quite sound and balanced just needs to mature now. One to watch.
2nd Place 5124 - Mediolanum Winterfell (Imp Srb) (Miss S F Richards ) Lightly marked 18 mts, who is constructionally very sound, right size and shape, really good in head proper forechest, good tail and sound mover.
3rd Place 5142 - Puntinato Ballante Virtual Vision Vortex in Tockica (Imp Bel) (Mrs B Tavill)

Class 2394. Yearling Dog
Entries: 4 Absentees: 1
1st Place 5103 - Dalmark's Rhythm and Blues (Ms M Kembrey) , Liver with good bone and well muscled, nicely made in rib and top line.
2nd Place 5168 - Tolkain Caliban (Mrs E Wootton) Black, well up for size, nicely marked, correct ear size and set, nicely arched neck and well-muscled all through.
3rd Place 5090 - Steyndal Moon Stone among Phidgity (Miss Dk & Mr Jd Graham-Weall)

Class 2395. Novice Dog
Entries: 4 Absentees: 0
1st Place 5120 - Kelevra Dill or No Dill (Ms C A & Mr S A Pearson)
2nd Place 5124 - Mediolanum Winterfell (Imp Srb) (Miss S F Richards)
3rd Place 5136 - Dalstorm Incan Warrior (Mrs B Rosser)

Class 2396. Graduate Dog
Entries: 6 Absentees: 1
1st Place 5097 - Decoda's Crackerjack (Mrs H J Howard) Liver, old fashioned type and well up for size, but so beautifully sound with reach and drive from his correct front angulation and strong powerful rear. Dark amber eye with soft expression, forechest, good bone. Super temperament, so steady and true.
2nd Place 5075 - Maddidalli’s Causing A Storm (Mrs H L Davies) black, nicely marked and good for size and substance dark eye, level top line, well muscled and very sound, however change of handler unsettled him.
3rd Place 5072 - Dalberry The Starburst (Mr S, Mrs C & Miss T Crookes)

Class 2397. Post Graduate Dog
Entries: 6 Absentees: 1
1st Place 5135 - Ailsadot Astral Peacock (Miss ER & Mr JH Rosewell & Hayward) black, well balanced good dark eye, good substance and round bone, well shaped head, deep rib level top line and correct tail set and carriage. Well muscled and very sound and stylish mover
2nd Place 5067 - Buzzbrook Spellbreaker (Miss E M Chattaway) black with lots to like about him, plenty of substance, deep rib and well muscled, proper fore chest, eye catching dog. Unsettled on move, handler would do well to stop talking to him incessantly and let him do his job.
3rd Place 5164 - Decoda's Captain Tom (Mrs E L Williamson)

Class 2398. Limit Dog
Entries: 11 Absentees: 2
1st Place 5086 - Wrendragge Stone The Crows (Dr W J E & Mrs J M Gardner) One of the best classes so far. Black, well marked and won this very strong class on his super sound movement and correct and typical head shape, so lacking in the males. Lengthy arched neck into well laid shoulders, good long rib, level topline round bone and tight feet, strong and powerful rear.. So well handled too.
2nd Place 5137 - Dalstorm Golden Guinea JW (Dr E & Mr W Sampson) black, so unlucky to meet winner here, I have always liked this very understated dog, and he didn’t disappoint. Great head shape and eye colour, lovey expression, well made all through and nicely sound.
3rd Place 5099 - Dvojica Evergreen (Miss E Johnson)

Class 2399. Open Dog
Entries: 8 Absentees: 3
1st Place 5123 - Ch Dvojica Enrique (Mrs L & Mr M Philip & Dunnachie) the first and second are completely different in make and shape, but both conform to the standard. Winner is black, and very eye-catching in his markings and outline, he also has ring presence. Good size and substance, lengthy neck, good round bone and tight feet, dark eye. Very well handled. CC
2nd Place 5107 - Ch Caprillis Panache over Sassafras (Imp Usa) (Mrs A Locke-Mcfadzean)
another eye-catching stallion dog, beautifully marked, with a good fore chest and deep rib, he is well made in head and is very sound.
3rd Place 5118 - Bleize De Montjuic at Winflash (Imp Usa) (Mr I & Mrs K & Miss C & Mrs J Page & Page & Page & Howell)

Class 2400. Special Beginners Dog
Entries: 4 Absentees: 0
1st Place 5135 - Ailsadot Astral Peacock (Miss Er & Mr Jh Rosewell & Hayward)
2nd Place 5168 - Tolkain Caliban (Mrs E Wootton)

Class 2401. Veteran Dog
Entries: 2 Absentees: 1
1st Place 5114 - Ch Buffrey Incognito by Dalleaf JW (Mrs S A & Miss S Neath-Duggan & Baker This lovely typical Dalmatian male was on fire today and never put a foot wrong, he is such a lovely strong handsome dog with a super head and eye, lovely arched neck, good rib and strong level back, well-muscled all through and so balanced, at 8 years young he looks better than ever and could certainly hold his own. He is a beautiful dog and was a delight to watch. Res CC & BVIB

Class 2402. Good Citizen Dog Scheme
Entries: 6 Absentees: 0
1st Place 5076 - Maddidalli River Song (Miss T T Davies) very pretty black bitch, well made all through, balanced in outline and nicely proportioned in head, dark eye of correct shape, deep rib, moved well and so well handled by her young owner.
2nd Place 5097 - Decoda's Crackerjack (Mrs H J Howard)
3rd Place 5063 - Nalderhill Aphrodite at Waltzaway (Ms C & Mr K Chappell & Williams)

Class 2403. Special Beginners Bitch
Entries: 4 Absentees: 0
1st Place 5122 - Dalfellin Agape (Mrs M L & Mr A J Penn) , black bitch, nicely feminine, well marked, liked her head shape, good dark eye and well set ears of correct size, neat feet and well muscled. BSBIB
2nd Place 5076 - Maddidalli River Song (Miss T T Davies)
3rd Place 5111 - Winflash Mirage (Mrs L E Moss)

Class 2404. Minor Puppy Bitch
Entries: 5 Absentees: 1
1st Place 5133 - Salvadorada Honolulu Honey (Miss V & Mr M Robbins & Hensman) 6 mts liver, very nicely marked and good colour, well bodied with a correct front and strong rear, well boned, neat cat feet level topline and well placed and carried tail. Very sound when she settled.
2nd Place 5056 - Hafwenna Valyria (Miss C Bradley) , black, such a pretty feminine baby at 6 mts, love her head shape and dark expressive eyes, good ear set and shape, I am sure she is one who will do very well in the future when she has more time.
3rd Place 5155 - Applodal’s Belle De Boskoop (Miss E L Whiting)

Class 2405. Puppy Bitch
Entries: 3 Absentees: 1
1st Place 5115 - Kelevra Pickle My Fennel with Buffrey (Mrs S A & Mr S Neath-Duggan & Coyne) , 11 mts liver, well marked and good for size and substance, she has the most attractive and typical head shape, balanced in skull and muzzle and good flat shull with correct definition in front of ears. Arched neck into well laid shoulders, correct round bone and super tight cat feet. Deep lengthy rib. Strong level top line and very sound and stylish mover, definitely one to watch. BPIB
2nd Place 5155 - Applodal’s Belle De Boskoop (Miss E L Whiting)
Only 6 mts , liver, giving much away in this class, she is well made and could do really well with more training and confidence.

Class 2406. Junior Bitch Entries: 5 Absentees: 2
1st Place 5152 - Tamilanda Instant Star (Mr K & Mrs D L Whincup), 16mts black, very showy and eye-catching youngster who is very sound with a lovely head shape and well set ears, reachy neck, deep rib and strong quarters. BJIB
2nd Place 5057 - Kystuno Gaia (Mrs V Brennan)
, Liver, completely different to winner, but well marked with a very sweet expression, reach neck, good round bone, strong rear and deep rib.

Class 2407. Yearling Bitch Entries: 5 Absentees: 0
1st Place 5116 - Winflash Chanel Paris (Mr I, Mrs K & Miss C-L Page) , very eavenly marked black, eyecatching and very feminine, arched neck and really good forehand , proper forechest, deep lengthy rib and short strong loin She is a powerful and sound mover and well deserved this class.
2nd Place 5147 - Jasquarella Lady in Red (Miss S & Mr J Walder & Swain) , Lovely liver bitch that I really fell for. Super head shape, correct ear set and size, arched neck, strong level back. She needs more time and ring experience but I think will trouble the best.
3rd Place 5166 - Decoda's Toffee Apple (Mrs E L & Mrs H J Williamson & Howard)

Class 2408. Novice Bitch
Entries: 4 Absentees: 1
1st Place 5141 - Nospar's Gin and Tonic (Mrs T Stocks) , showy liver with bags of ring presence, nicely made all through, good arched neck, good strong bone and tight cat feet, deep rib, so sound and stylish on the move.
2nd Place 5057 - Kystuno Gaia (Mrs V Brennan)
3rd Place 5127 - Hafwenna Bonfire (Miss S F & Mrs H Richards & Davies)

Class 2409. Graduate Bitch
Entries: 7 Absentees: 1
1st Place 5139 - Dallydyl Honey Trap JW (Mrs J M & Mrs L M Saunders & David) , Lovely liver, good for markings and colour, so well put together and balanced, lovely shaped head, flat skull and balanced muzzle of correct length, well set ears of good shape and size, arched neck deep rib such a good forehand action from her correctly angled front. Well muscled all through, so sound. Lovely bitch.
2nd Place 5066 - Buzzbrook Lily of The Valley (Miss E M Chattaway) , black, loved her head and eye and expression, reachy neck into well laid shoulders, deep lengthy rib and level top line. Sound and fluid, she pushed winner hard and I guess they will change places on another day. Lovely girl.
3rd Place 5141 - Nospar's Gin and Tonic (Mrs T Stocks)

Class 2410. Post Graduate Bitch
Entries: 9 Absentees: 2
1st Place 5069 - Kallierbelle Ceithir (Mr, Mrs & Miss Collier) , black, elegant and sound, good for size and substance, grand head shape, balanced in skull and muzzle, flat skull, good definition in front of ears dark expressive eye, correct front deep lengthy rib and strong and powerful rear.
2nd Place 5102 - Dalmark The Ash Blonde (Ms M Kembrey) , Liver, good for size and outline, nicely made in head, correct ears, good round bone, deep rib and quite sound mover.
3rd Place 5140 - Dallydyl Code Breaker JW (Miss M & Mr S Scott-Allen & Davis)

Class 2411. Limit Bitch
Entries: 13 Absentees: 5
1st Place 5138 - Tyrodal Seven of Nine at Dalstorm (Dr E & Mr W Sampson) , This was a very strong class and made my decisions quite difficult, so many good bitches. Liver loved her size and outline, quality bitch so balanced and sound. She is well made through out, great head shape, flat skull, lengthy tapering but strong muzzle, ears set just right, correct in front angulation, deep lengthy rib and strong short loin and powerful rear, she is very much an understated bitch but fits the standard perfectly and has such good breed type.
2nd Place 5080 - Dalens Queen of The Seas at Silverspot (Ms M & Miss P England & Edens) Black won on her outstanding movement in such a strong class, she has a beautiful head shape, good dark expressive eye, deep rib and strong rear, round bone and tight feet. So elegant and sound. Two really beautiful bitches
3rd Place 5074 - Maddidalli Embers Glow (Mrs H L Davies)

Class 2412. Open Bitch
Entries: 11 Absentees: 1
1st Place 5085 - Ch Dvojica Chilli Chutney for Wrendragge JW (Dr W J E & Mrs J M Gardner) There were 11 entries in this class with only one absent, I have judged many open bitch classes in my very long career in Dalmatian but this class just took my breath away, I just stood and looked at all of these outstanding bitches and got quite emotional at the quality and breed type in front of me. The five that I placed were all interchangeable, and the five that went card less were all super quality bitches that I would have been happy to go home with. My winning bitch who won the CC and BOB on the day is very much a classic, I have admired her Since she was a baby puppy, and I have never changed my opinion about her, Liver, with good clear markings on a pure white coat, in superb condition and on the day this girl was on fire, she never stopped showing. Perfect for size and outline, her head is just lovely, flat skull, well defined in front of ears, muzzle long and powerful, ear shape and set just right. Lovely arched neck into a text-book front, shoulders clean and muscular and set at the correct angle allowing her front to move to perfection, deep lengthy rib, strong short loin, level back, and a perfectly set and carried tail. Good round bone, strong rear well defined hocks, moderate turn of stifle. All quality and breed type. Moved with great fluidity, no shortage of reach or drive, smooth, powerful and rhythmic with a long stride. I was thrilled with her performance, and privileged to judge her.
2nd Place 5061 - Dotlun Apache Inch Perfect (Miss H & Miss P Chance & Dodds) Young liver Ch. That I have watched since she came out as a puppy, and she did not disappoint going over her. She is just so well put together, best of head shape with a flat skull, balanced tapering muzzle, good eye shape and colour, beautiful reachy neck into correctly angled front, level back, strong loin, so well muscled all through, very powerful rear, well let down hocks, good bone, neat feet. Joy to watch on the move, reaching and driving with smooth fluid action. She is beautifully marked and a good liver colour and I was delighted with her on the day. Res CC
3rd Place 5083 - Dvojica Excuse My French at Dalfin JW (Mrs A M & Mr M Finlay)
This is a stunning black bitch who deserves to have a critique, to come third in such a fabulous class Is a feat in itself. She is young and fit and very eyecatching, well-muscled and just full of quality and style. Great size and substance, good rib and level top line. Moved out soundly and with good reach and drive and well deserved her place.

Class 2413. Veteran Bitch Entries: 3 Absentees: 0
1st Place 5079 - Dalens Bethany Char at Silverspot (Ms M England) liver, seven, and very sound and stylish, loved her head shape and dark amber eye, good deep rib and still has a super powerful rear
2nd Place 5084 - Ch Dvojica Black Again at Wrendragge JW ShCM (Dr W J E & Mrs J M Gardner) Black, with a lovely shaped head, flat skull, good lengthy of muzzle, very balanced, reachy neck, has kept her top line and is so very sound.
3rd Place 5148 - Tamilanda Blue Water Lilly at Dotsadaisy ShCM (Miss N J Wareham)

Mrs M Mullholland