Blackpool 2023 Judged by Mrs G J Lilley

MPD (4,1)
1. Wilkins’ Salvadorada Heads Will Roll
l/s already a confident showman at six months, well made all through with neat feet, good tailset and carriage. Smooth and rhythmic on the move, just scoring on layback of shoulder and slightly stronger topline.
2. Wilkins’ Salvadorada Hasta La Vista. L/s Litter brother to the winner and very similar if, seemingly, about a month less mature. A charming friendly character with good feet, tailset and carriage. He too moved with confidence and freedom.
3. Burke’s Hafwenna The Red Viper

1. Baker’s Kelevra Chive Talking with Dalleaf. Handsome 11 month old with lovely head, eye and expression together with impressive evenly spaced deep black spotting on his sleek mature white coat.. Strongly built, in hard muscular condition, so good for size, type, make, shape and balance with good layback of shoulder, spring of rib and depth through the heart combined with decent tailset and carriage All this combining to produce excellent enduring movement with good reach in profile. Most exciting. BP & RCC, his first. Later PG4 under Liz Stannard
2. S Heads Will Roll
3. S Hasta La Vista

1. Kaal’s Schunikka Ifor Dream. 13 month b/s with a very wise expression, scoring on his well laid shoulder with the marginally better tail carriage of those flying in this class. Can still firm a touch in front. BJD
2. Pearson’s Dill Or No Dill
. A smart felow with a most intelligent expression in his well shaped dark sparkling eyes and the better defined black spotting. He moved well on his neat feet.
3. Williamson’s Shydally Ultimate Edition

1. Kembrey’s Dalmark’s Rhythm and Blues. 22 months l/s, well made all through in hard muscular condition. Good layback of shoulder, feet and tail carriage. Very good mover with enduring gait in profile.
2. S Ultimate Edition. Third in the last class. Lovely head eye and expression, well laid shoulder with good depth through the heart

. PGD (4,1)
1. Robbins & Hensman’s Jasquarela Edge of Winter at Palouse. 2 year old b/s, smartly spotted with well shaped head and eye. So good for make and shape with decent tail set and carriage, a happy non-stop wagger with good depth through the heart. He moved very well, holding his firm topline.
2. Foxall’s Cotterspot Swaledale Duke, 2 year old b/s with neat cat feet. Slightly anxious being handled, possibly the result of being a lockdown puppy and not having become used to shows early on, but then went on to move with happy confidence.
3. Williamson’s Dalstorm Captain Tom

1. Sampson’s Dalstorm Golden Guinea. Most impressive yet unexaggerated 4 year old b/s, so typey and well balanced with good reach of neck and tail constantly awag. Well shaped head with a most intelligent expression in his dark sparkling eyes. So good for make, shape and size with all the parts fitting neatly and accurately into the whole resulting in excellent movement keeping his strong topline whilst holding himself with deserved pride. CC, his second, & BOB It was a thrill be to be reminded that I had given him the RCC at 7 months at Paignton in 2019.
2. Gardner’s Wrendragge Stone the Crows. Just the right sort of name for this strong masculine fellow. Very talkative, full of himself and his own importance. So well made all through with good bone, strong topline and depth through the heart. Very good mover.
3. Barrett’ Dalamanti Caesars Palace

1. Alphadel’s King of Angels. 7 year old b/s with well shaped head and darkest of pigment. Good for size, type, make, shape and balance with good tailset and carriage. Strong bone and deep through the heart. He would insist, for reasons of his own, to stand with his hind legs stretched out behind, which did nothing to help his overall assessment. A very good mover freely covering ground in sidegait, looking as if he could go all day with no trouble at all.
2. Richardson’s Ch Mapplewell Pocket Rocket. Strong masculine 4 year old with good depth through the heart. He moved with great freedom and power.
3. Bliss & Pearson’s Kelevra What a Guy

1. Neath-Duggan & Baker’s Ch Buffrey Incognito by Dalleaf. BOB last time I judged the breed and just as gorgeous as ever! Excellent for size, type, make and shape, moving beautifully with great enthusiam, obviously enjoying every moment. Just to prove his worth, see that he sired the BP & RCC winner BV and shortlisted in the VG under Patsy Hollings.
2. Marley & Libbey’s Bellili’s D’amore de Loin. b/s Such a handsome fellow with a charming friendly expression, well shaped head, good layback of shoulder and depth of chest. He too moved extremely well.

MPB (7)
1. Wilkins’ Salvadorada Hopes N’Dreams. 7 months b/s Well marked with charming feminine expression. Already a sophisticated showgirl So good for make and shape with neat cat feet, scoring on layback of shoulder, tailset and carriage. Very good mover. The promise is all there. BPB
2 Barnes’ Steyndal Baroness
, l/s of the same age. Very feminine with a bright intelligent expression, She moved well if a touch overproud of her tail.
3. Wilkins’ Salvadorada Hummingbird

1. S. Hopes ‘N Dreams
2. Neath-Duggan & Coyne’s Kelevra Pickle My Fennel with Buffrey
. l/s scoring here on balance with strong topline, good reach of neck and excellent movement if choosing to fly her tail at times.
3. S. Hummingbird

1. Alexander’s Offordale Santini. 15 month old b/s Chock full of quality, lovely for size, type, make, shape and balance. Taken far too fast by her new young handler at first but, when she was persuaded to slow down, this beautiful youngster moved as to the Manor Born. Most exciting. BJ and later a well deserved JG2 under Peter Young.
2 Herd’s Dotiun Dancing Queen at Ricoh. l/s of the same age Very smart and well balanced with good depth through the heart and neat feet. A happy character, who moved well.
3. Stocks’ Nospar’s Gin and Tonic

1. Vockings’ Bellehoud Tipple at Portunes. Very feminine, rich dark liver spotted, well balanced with a strong firm topline, neat feet and a long well set and carried tail. Very good mover.
2. Mellings’ Jemblewood Candy Floss. Another very dark liver spotted with a good tailset and carriage. Feminine with well laid shoulder, just a bit longer in loin than the winner. Very stylish on the move, covering ground in sidegait.
3. Page’s Winflash Chanel Paris

1. Wallington’s Ailsadot Astral Lyra b/s Full of quality, a happily wagging character with clearly defined spotting, good shoulders, topline and depth through the heart with long well set and carried tai, scoring on her neat compact feet. She went well.
2. Page’s Winflash Osprey. b/s. 19 months with good layback of shoulder and long tail. She too moved very well.
3. Newton & Newton O’Brien’s Cotterspot Nidderdale Lady of Chizzmic

1. Foster’s Perdita’s Tomorrowland. Very smart and well balanced with clearly defined black spots,, of lovely proportions, good depth of chest and strong topline. Excellent mover. A hard decision over.
2. A. Astral Lyra, beating what proved to be her dam into third place here
3. Wallington’s Kaytoni Isn’t She Lovely at Ailsadot

1. Pearson’s Kelevra Mind Your Nebula, well balanced with good layback of shoulder and turn of stifle with strong powerful enduring stride, keeping her topline firm. RCC, her third such to add to her CC
2. Alexander’s Offordale Kalinda. A charmer indeed of lovely proportions, excellent make and shape. Difficult to assess fairly with constant changes of handlers but, once settled, moved to match the excellence of her conformation. Her turn will surely come.
3. White’s Ch Sophtspot La De Da at Belsmard

1. Morgan’s Winflash Olympic Star. 11 years old b/s, nonetheless quite and utterly beautiful, chock full of quality and elegance. Holding herself with the greatest of deserved pride with good reach of neck, in splendid adult coat and hard muscular condition. So well balanced. It was not only a joy to see her standing but to handle with all the parts fitting neatly into the whole with good layback of shoulder, turn of stifle, depth through the heart, neat feet and well set and carried non-stop wagging tail. A charming outgoing character with a most intelligent expression and excellent pigment. Typically covering ground with her free, powerful rhythmic stride, looking as if she could go all day with no trouble at all. She is something very special and hard to believe that this was her first CC following 6 RCCs. Gathered later that she was the eldest of the breed ever to have won such an award. Many congratulations to her obviously devoted owner for having kept her in such splendid condition.
2. Edens’ Dalens A Spot of Trouble. 7 years old It would be interesting to know just how one with such an charming outgoing temperament could have earned herself this name! Good layback of shoulder, firm level topline and excellent movement.
3. Croft’s Ch Kalokairie’s Barbarella from Koroyza

Jane Lilley