BDC November Championship Show 2023 Judged by Ms J Kitchener & Mrs S Neath-Duggan


My thanks for this invitation to judge Dogs at this lovely show, I felt privileged indeed to be asked again having judged the Bitches in 2018. The ring could not have been better for seeing all exhibits display their gait, so much nicer than the splashing through mud when I last judged, there could be no excuse for anything but rhythmic, fluent ground covering action.

High carriage on tails is still an issue but I found enough whose carriage was good, so all is not yet lost for the future if breeders keep this in mind. I was very satisfied with all of my primary winners, a lot of them liver spotted which says much for their quality in present competition and there are now some good dog puppies coming through.

VD (5) Quality class to start the day
1 CH. KALOKAIRE’S BULLET PROOF. Upstanding and classy liver, built very much on the shape, balance and lines I was looking for. Like his head and kind expression, dark eyes and well set ears. Clean arched neckline, well built front and good ribbing carried well back, strong powerful loin and balanced hind angulation with good width in thigh. Good round bone, tight feet and correct pasterns. Clear white coat and nicely spotted. Sound, fluent and rhythmic mover carrying his tail correctly at all times. In super muscle tone and a great showman. Reserve CC and Best Veteran Dog
Liked this b/s a good deal, he should perhaps have been asked to challenge for Best Black Dog as I consider him among the best of the exhibits I had the pleasure of judging today. Many of the same qualities apply as 1, has a lovely outline and balance and on the move he displayed powerful fluent action holding a good topline. Just marginally preferred the head and expression of 1

1 JAXSONDAL ROCKET MAN. Approaching 9 mth, very typy with a quality head, has a very good front, tight feet and good strength and spring in his pastern for one so young. Well sprung deep ribcage, clean neckline with good definition in wither, a well muscled loin and carrying his tail well. Good hind angulation and carrying a good coat with very nice spotting. Really covers the ground in action and also very accurate up and back. Very promising puppy here.
2 DOTLUN APACHE RUNNING BEAR . 6 mths and obviously not as developed as 1 , but clearly has the essential quality in framework and movement for a successful future . Liked his head and expression, I would say a nice size too and his decoration and correct tail carriage all add to the package. Smooth fluent mover though not yet as accurate as 1 which is to be expected at this stage. Another with very good potential.

1 SALVADORA HEADS WILL ROLL. Just off his first birthday and a very collected and eyecatching liver he is too, his white coat is positively sparkling and his spotting is good with well broken ears, I particularly liked his head, lovely dark eyes and kind expression. Good depth of chest, lovely flow through his front, neck and along the loin which is well muscled, all making for a very balanced picture. Powerful and rhythmic mover with correct tail carriage and an attentive showman. Considered him for the RCC and will be surprised if he does not finish with his title in the fullness of time. Best Puppy Dog
Another quality dog of good size with a lot of potential. At 9 mths giving away something in body development to 1 but is a great natural showman who comes alive in action where he is really covers the ground showing excellent reach and propulsion in profile. Just needs to tighten more in front action. Pleasing head, dark eye, clean neck, good round bone, tight feet and straight front, just a shade longer in loin than 1 and can overstretch his hindquarters at times which just spoilt the balance of his outline. Sure to enjoy a good career going forwards.

(3, 2)
1 KELEVRA DILL OR NO DILL JW. Compact 17 mths b/s who is a great showman, so beautifully schooled and in tip top condition. Boldly spotted on a brilliant white coat, pleasing head, dark eye and kind expression with great pigment. Straight front, good round bone, lovely feet and good spring in pasterns, clean neckline with well defined wither, decent depth and spring to his ribcage, would like more forechest. Well angulated hindquarters and a strong powerful workmanlike dog on the move, just carries his tail rather proudly.

YD (2)
A high quality b/s who just decided not to play the game today. Quality head of good proportions with dark eye, well set ears and a lovely expression, clean neck and good definition in withers, correct front with good shoulder layback , good ribbing and good round bone into tight feet. Shown in super bright coat, well decorated and lovely muscle tone. Fluent mover carrying his tail correctly. Sure he will enjoy better days.

ND (6)

(3, 1)
1 DALMARK’S RHYTHM AND BLUES. Such a sound liver, did not put a foot wrong in any direction and shows excellent reach and drive in profile. Very nicely marked, well sprung ribcage of good depth, carries his tail well. Nice head, lovely eye and good pigmentation. Shown in good muscle tone and body condition though his coat was showing a small touch of rash.
2 DALSANO ARBETH STAR. Lightly spotted liver who was not enjoying procedings today. On the tall side but has good bone , I like more depth and spring in his ribcage and I found him rather straight in shoulder, upper arm and also in hindquarters which means his gait is somewhat restricted.

PGD (5, 1)
1 DALSTORM INCAN MISSION. Liked his head, dark eye, good pigment and lovely expression on this lad, lovely clear well distributed markings, broken ears, and in excellent coat, muscle and body condition. Has good round bone, tight feet, well sprung deep ribcage carried well back , clean neckline with defined withers and is correct in couplings, being neither too short nor too long. A good mover, fluent and sound, carrying his tail correctly.
2 SOPHTSPOT PERFECT STORM. Such a brilliant white coat on this lightly spotted dog, Presents a good outline in stance but could not match 1 on the move for accuracy though covers the ground well in profile. Would prefer more substance in body and although he has good dark eyes and a kind expression I would like to see more masculinity in the head.

1 DALLYADOR LOCKDOWN LEGEND. My first comment on this l/s was ‘statuesque’, this 3 yr old is very well marked, has good depth in body, a well carried tail , correct angulation and very firm hocks which, with his good neckline, all add up to a pleasing outline. Really liked his head and expression, his amber eye is soft and kind and his pigment very good. Good round bone with well sprung pasterns, good front and feet, well laid shoulder though just a shade steep in upper arm, defined withers and well muscled loin with correct length in couplings. A good mover, fluent, free and athletic.
2 TOLKAIN STORM KING FROM PHADANTE JW. Smaller and more compact package to 1, winning this place on the move where he is very pleasing , showing good fluency, rhythm and carriage. Could not match 1 for showmanship and he is a shade heavier in skull , but has a lovely dark eye, well broken ears and a kind expression. Another with a good layback in shoulder, well carried tail and good hind angulation.

1 OFFORDALE VIVALDI. A rather classical 5 year old whose topline is so clean from his nose to the tip of his tail, everything flows so well. His coat is gleaming and his black markings are very good. Lovely head proportions, dark eye and good expression, clean neckline with good wither definition, good forechest and straight front. Well sprung ribcage and strong muscular loin, correct hind angulation with good width in thigh and no exagerations. Impresses on the move where he is very sound and covers the ground effortlessly with good tail carriage and a good degree of elegance. In the mix for the CC and RCC certainly.
2 OLILOU HEAVENLY HAMILTON BY WINFLASH. More substantial and more heavily marked than 1 dog but otherwise carrying many of the same qualities with good forechest, excellent depth and spring to his ribs, strong powerful hindquarters and showing happily with great attitude and carriage. Liked his head and expression, good tail carriage and another excellent sound mover.

(6, 1)
1 CH MILLBELLE KICKING HORSE AT CUBALIBRE JW. Top quality l/s who appealed from the very start of the class and he just seemed to get better, settling into his rhythm on the move so easily and in stance the composite showman showing masculinity, elegance and a balanced typical outline. Liked his head, dark amber eye and kind expression; his front, feet, pasterns and layback in shoulder are all very good and he uses his neck so well, giving him a degree of superiority that none of his competitors could match today. Good roomy ribcage carried well back, strong muscular loin and well carried tail. His hindquarters are beautifully balanced with strong hocks with good width in thigh. Shown in excellent muscle and body condition. CC and pleased to see him go Best in Show.
Very appealing head and expression on this b/s, he is more heavily marked and his pigmentation as a result is superb, but his whole balance and outline is very typy and well balanced and he can certainly hold his own on the move showing good fluency, reach and drive and also good accuracy on the up and back. Has a good shoulder, excellent framework all through and, if anything, a shade more forechest than 1 but somehow just lacked the attitude the CC and RCC winners, but he certainly ran them close. Best Black Dog

(3, 1)
1 RAPOONETY RANUNCULUS. Another quality l/s with a lot to admire. Good head, amber eye, solid eyerim pigment and soft kind expression., an attentive showman he makes the most of himself and presents a balanced outline. Good straight front, good depth of chest and a decent forechest, powerful loin and good hind angulation and correct tail carriage. Moved well at the start but seemed to lose enthusiasm in the challenge, well marked with broken ears and shown in good coat and muscletone.
2 TAMILANDA AIR FORCE ONE. Nicely marked and well constructed b/s, really loved his head and expression, darkest eye of the day without doubt. Good round bone and tight feet, though pasterns could be better, clean neckline, strong loin and good rear angulations but a carrying his tail a shade proudly on the move.

BRACE (7, 4)
1 Collier’s two b/s bitches who are not only of very good quality but are very well matched for height and type and move in synchronization beautifully, both with lovely fronts, covering the ground and extending so well in action. My co judge and I were in complete agreement deciding this one.
2 England. Black and a liver, both bitches who showed well together, in stride on the move and of matching height but not as well matched for type or as good in fronts as 1.
3 Gabbott & Handyside



I would like to thank the British Dalmatian Club for the invitation and for the members who voted for me. I would also like to thank my stewards Leanne and Kevin for keeping me and the ring well organised.

1st Eden’s Dalens A Spot Of Trouble JW ShCM ShCEx Well presented seven and half year old black spotted bitch and correct size, shown in peak condition. Attractive head with the darkest of eye, elegant neck, level top line, deep chest and well bodied. Moved effortlessly around the ring.
2nd England’s Dalens Bethany Char At Silverspot I couldn’t believe this bitch is the sister of my winner. She has the same attributes as her sister but today unfortunately, she wasn’t wearing her best coat. She never took her eyes of her handler and never stopped wagging her tail.
3rd Davies Maddidalli Embers Glow

(7 Entries 0 Abs)
1st Morgan’s Winflash Olympic Star JW ShCM I have admired this bitch for many years, from the moment she entered the ring she was paw perfect, showed in tip top condition a credit to her owner. Her forte is her movement, with reach and drive that covered the ground effortlessly. Why she never gained her title is a travesty but today I was pleased to award her Best Veteran Bitch and with my co-judge’s agreement she was awarded Best Veteran In Show.
2nd Patrick’s Spiral Desdemona ShCM
Another beautifully marked black spotted bitch of correct size. famine head with well broken ears, elegant neck flowing into a level top level. Correct front, well bodied, lovely tight feet and well balanced especially on the move.
3rd Dawson’s Washakie Endless Summer

(9 Entries 2 Abs)
1st Thorne’s Cariadymor Shingehill Cove Of Castletop A very promising seven month old liver spotted puppy. Well put together, well bodied for one so young, which I like to see. Compact body with plenty of bone. Showed and moved extremely well and very focused on her handler.
2nd Pickup’s Dotlun English Rose At Roadcoach Just six months old liver puppy slightly smaller than the winner. Attractive head with adorable expression, correct eye, well broken ears. Lovely body with good spring of rib, plenty of bone, tight feet. Good rear angulation, not settled on the move.
3rd Smith’s Kensesqui Dreamweaver Days

(9 Entries 1 Abs)
1st Locke-McFadzean’s Fortuna Phoenixx Rising Over Sassafras (IMP USA) Very eye catching black spotted puppy, beautiful head with well broken ears, darkest of eye. Well bodied with plenty of bone, moved around the ring with style for one so young, I’m sure she has a great future ahead of her and I was pleased to award her Best Puppy Bitch along with my co judges agreement Best Puppy In Show
2nd Tingey’s Dallyador White Magnolia
Eleven month old liver spotted bitch just slightly bigger all over than my winner but still all in proportion. Well marked, showed in lovely condition and she is very eye catching on the move.
3rd Robbins & Hensman’s Salvadorada Honolulu Honey At Palouse

(3 Entries 0 Abs)
1st Follow’s Steyndal Princess Of Wales Gorgeous black spotted bitch with so much to offer, correct size with lovely make and shape, very balanced especially on the move, well muscled but not over done in any way. She is very focused on her handler and one to watch out for.
2nd Wilkin’s Salvadorada Honestly Maybe Eleven month old liver bitch, slightly heavier in build than my first but still very attractive. Stands four square, unfortunately not as steady on the move as my winner.
3rd Barnett’s Salvadorada Happy Go Lucky

- No Entries

NOVICE BITCH (10 Entries – 3Abs)
1st Thorne’s Cariadymor Shingehill Cove Of Castletop
2nd Wilkin’s Salvadorada Hummingbird
Eleven month old nicely constructed liver bitch, attractive head, well broken ears, appealing eyes but does have some missing pigment. Slightly longer in body than my winner, neat tight feet, well boned and muscled, moved smoothly around the ring.
3rd Stevenson’s Dallyador White Snowflake At Macula

(6 Entries 2Abs)
1st Kembrey’s Dalmark Banana-Rama Stylish liver spotted bitch with attractive head, correct bite and eye colour. Stood correctly with good angles front and rear, good deep chest, well boned, neat tight feet, level top level which was held on the move.
2nd Locke-McFadzean’s Alphadirato Rising Star Over Sassafras (IMP EST) Very showy liver spotted bitch, slightly darker in colour than my winner, very attentive to her handler, has a lot to offer and moves with ease around the ring.
3rd Eden’s Steyndal Diamond White At Dalens JW

(8 Entries – 2Abs)
1st Scott-Allen’s Dallydyl Code Breaker JW Beautiful liver spotted bitch of correct size, gorgeous head with the most feminine expression, full pigmentation, elegant neck into well laid shoulders, lovely front, good spring of rib, level top line with correct tail set. Good rear angulation, well let down hocks, moved with ease around the ring.
2nd Hill’s Scampdal Vice Versa Very showy black spotted bitch of correct size and proportion, slightly slender in body than my winner, pleasing head, well boned, nice well muscled rear.
3rd Townson & Pardoe’s Sophtspot Phantasia For Daymadals

(10 Entries – 2 Abs)
1st Nicholson’s Steyndal Simply The Best At Dibynn I’ve watched this bitch on many occasions, and I personally feel that she has very much been overlooked but her performance today warranted her not just her class win but RCC, Attractive black spotted bitch who stood out in this class. Correct size, shown in tip top condition, overall very balanced not just standing but on the move as well.
2nd Collier’s Kallierbelle Bluebelle Well presented black spotted bitch, shown to perfection. Attractive head, full pigment and dark appealing eyes. Elegant neck flowing into a level top line, shoulder line a little upright, correct tail set, moved with drive around the ring.
3rd Quayle’s Cubalibre On One

(16 Entries – 1 Abs)
1st Derrick & Ryan’s Kalokairie’s Hocus Pocus Liver spotted bitch of correct size, feminine head with a gorgeous expression, lovely make and shape and not overdone in anyway, beautifully balanced especially on the move. I was so pleased to award her first CC and I’m sure it won’t be long before she gains her title. She was also awarded Reserve Best In Show and Best Opposite Sex
2nd Kembrey’s Dalmark The Ash Blonde
Beautifully spotted liver spotted bitch, well bodied, pleasing head, good front and rear, well boned, lovely tight feet, moved well with handler.
3rd Page’s Winflash Chanel Paris

(4 Entries 1 Abs)
1st Lamb’s Ch Dalpetro Dotty JW Very showy black spotted bitch who is a worthy champion. Lovely head, darkest of eye, good front, clean shoulders, level top line, well boned, moves soundly coming and going, showed to perfection.
2nd Finlay’s Dvojica Excuse My French At Dalfin JW Beautifully presented black spotted bitch of correct size, overall lovely make and shape. Attractive head with well broken ears, good front, well bodied, level top line and well muscled rear.
3rd Howard’s Shydally Star Attraction


1st Derrick & Ryan’s Kalokairie’s Hocus Pocus
2nd Hobbs & Whiting’s Ch Sophtspot Knockout At Rapanooey
Beautifully presented black spotted bitch not overdone in anyway, nice head and expression, lovely arched neck into a firm level top line, very balanced especially on the move.
3rd Penn’s Dalfellin Agape At Dalarisa

Sally-Ann Neath-Duggan (Judge)