BUBA 2023 Judged by Diane Dinsdale
BUBA Show Report


Our breed continues to draw high Ch Show entries but type throughout remains varied. A cause for concern today were some of the heads. Coarse untypical heads with really hard expressions and some short stubby muzzles even on some of the bitches. Dalmatians should have kind heads with correct proportions. Some of the front assemblies were so far forward the dogs were standing like rocking horses. Tails, well the least said, no improvement there. That said I was pleased with my line ups and decisions were hard. The Open bitch class was wonderful.

MPD 6 (1)
1. Bickerdike Jaxsondal Creme de la Creme at Koroyza Happy young man Nice bone and size, fairly short coupled moved round quite nicely. Needs time.
2. Moss Sadiedel Let ur Heart Desire Well marked, longer in body than 1. Well-schooled and moved out happily
3.Watts&Jackson-Peatling Jaxsondal Rocket Man

1.Newton What You See is what you get Passionate about you for Chizzmic(Imp) Strikingly marked, well boned, good for size Tad strong in head. Moved out well with powerful strides. Well laid back shoulders Strong rear Held his top line well. BPD
2. Wright Millbelle Thunderfire
Nice young dog more elegant than one. Shows promise. Just needing to tighten up in movement. Already showing good muscle tone. Level top line and good turn of stifle
3.Barrett Dalamanti Dukes Legend

1. Wilkins Salvadorada Heads Will Roll Attractive liver up to size Kind expression but would like a bit more refinement in head. Well-proportioned length to height ratio. Has good front and feet. Well distributed spotting of good colour. Moved around with long steady strides holding his top line. Showed well with a wagging tail. A nice boy.
2. Cuthbertson Kalsidoni Blue Gemstone Good bold black spotting. Nice head and expression and dark eye. Keeps a level top line on the move and has a good tailset. Good turn of stifle. 1Just a little out of coat today.
3. Baker Kelevra Chive Talking to Dalleaf

1.Pearson Kelevra Dill or no Dill JW Densely marked black. Compact and showy Dark eyes Tail gets up a bit. Very smart mover and well handled.
2. Tavill Puntinato Ballante Virtual Vision Vortex in Tockica Attractive looking dog. Different type to one Evenly distributed markings, decent bone and good feet. Has some fore chest which is lacking in some exhibits. Good body and tuck up. Not as settled as one.
3. Pilgrim Nospars Drambuie

1. Newton What you see
2.Wright Millbelle Thunderfire
3.Barratt Dalamanti Dukes Legend

1 Graham Weall Steyndal Moon Stone among Phidgity Lighter marked black, kind head ,clean neck and sound quarters. Well set on tail Showed and moved well.
2. Hill Dalstorm Incan Mission Played his handler up a bit so hard to assess movement. Good even spotting. Nice eye colour but a bit strong in head.
3. Porter Cotterspot Sir Wensleydale

6 (2)
1.Wootton Tolkain Caliban Smart black with good lay of shoulder. Well ribbed, strong topline and muscular hind quarters.
2. Sims Koroyza Hrafna Florida for Snowspeeder Similar to one in type and size. Has a more refined head. Good eye colour with a lovely expression. Both these dogs moved round well. Close decision.
3. Chattaway Buzzbrook Spellbreaker

1. Green & Sears Alphadal Ain’t Misbehaving at Judally JW Elegant liver with kind head and eye. Good ear carriage clean neck and good front. Holds a level topline standing and moving. Nice tuck up with ribs carried well back. Good hindquarters with well carried tail. Happy dog who moved with precision.
2.Robbins & Hensman Jasquarella Edge of Winter at Palouse Attractive spotting on this black. Shorter coupled than one but was balanced. In good muscular condition Well laid shoulders good firm body and strong rear. Two good sound moving dogs.
3.Johnson Dvojica Evergreen

16(3) A difficult class So many different types and sizes.
1.Christie Ch Sophtspot Gold Dust Well third time lucky for this dog under me. Previously he had coat problems but today presented in tip top condition. Classical outline. Quite lovely in head with such a beautiful soft expression, clean neck, good lay of shoulder down well boned legs onto good feet. Firm level back with correct tuck up, good ribbing and excellent hindquarters. Moved with style and impulsion carrying tail correctly. A great ambassador for the breed. CC BV &BVIS Congrats.
2.Chance & Dodds Apache Dream Catching for Dotlun Well boned liver with rich coloured spotting Lovely head with gentle expressive eyes Firm body and sound quarters An honest dog not overdone in any way. Moved with a long free flowing stride. He is not a flashy dog but so sound. Not the showmanship of one but did enough.
3. Sampson Dalstorm Golden Guinea

1. Croft & Cobb Kalokairies Bullet Proof Hard to believe this liver dog is a Veteran. Presented in fit muscular order. Quality head , strong firm topline and well-turned stifles. Elegant outlook but combines it with strength. Powerful on the run round and showed his socks off to take RCC
2. Neath-Duggan & Baker Ch Buffrey Incognito by Dalleaf JW
Another who carries his years well. Deep black spotting with strong bone and firm muscular body The ultimate showman. Just a bit close going away today.
3. Whincup Ch TamilandaMidnight Lily Completed a trio of worthy gentlemen.

SBD 5(1)
1. Goddard& Barry Dalberry That Boy Is Mine Nice type Attractive make and shape with decent spotting-and tail carriage.
2.Pligrim Nospars Drambuie Well marked with dark eyes Good feet.
3.Porter Cotterspot Sir Wensleydale

14(2) Goodness a baby boom. Some promising babies here and some nice ones went unplaced. Those placed were more together
1. Quayle Cubalibre Wishing Star What a lovely liver baby. Took my eye. Most attractive head with spotty face. Well carried ears. Nice for type and size. Good angles both ends and stands naturally. Correct amount of bone and well arched toes. Moved very well for her age. So promising. BP
2. Dunnachie Dvojica Filthy Gorgeous
. Smart black baby. Very well trained. Well-marked. Good round bone and tight feet. Lots to like but the winner just had the edge in side gait today.
3. Van Den Elsen Puntinato Ballante Weihai Wejs Wanderlust

1. Quayle Cubalibre Star Attraction Litter sister to MP winner. A touch longer in body and not as profusely marked. Has a lovely head and eye. Nice bone. Firm topline and good quarters. Nice tuck up. Moved really well for a youngster and should do well.
2. Stevenson Dallyador White Snowflake at Macula Pretty black with nice head and eye. Well broken ears. Lighter marked. Good lay of shoulder. Firm level top and nice hindquarters. Mischievous on the move but settled eventually.
3. Tingey Dallyador White Magnolia.

1.Cubalibre Wishing Star
2. Neath-Duggan and Coyne Kelevra Pickle My Fennel with Buffrey JW
Stylish liver. Nicely marked and has good bone. Just right for size. Moved round with purpose. Gets her tail up a bit.
3.Wilkins Salvadorada Gold Fever

1.Alexander Offordale Santtini Lovely young girl. Beautifully presented in sparkling coat and condition. Pleasing head with well set on ears. Neckline into good front. Tight feet. Firm body and well-turned stifles. Good tailset and carriage. Good on the move. Quality shines through.
2. Whincup Tamilanda Instant Star JW Different in type to one.Striking black pigmentation. Dark eye. Nice front with good forelegs and feet. Well defined hindquarters. Moved round with long strides.
3. Wilkins Salvadorada Honestly Maybe

1.Cubalibre Star Attraction
2.Dallyador White Snowflake at Macula
3.Sadiedels Arab Girl

1.De Rozario & Brooks Jemblewood Jelly Baby Really Smart black presented in first class order. Nice make and shape with jet black spotting. Balanced head with lovely eye colour. Good front assembly with firm body and strong hindquarters. Showed and moved very well. Very nice bitch.
2. Ward Frankish Tete A Tete Similar in type and outline to one but a shade heavier in body. Nice head but plainish face. Good quarters and sound on the move. Could put more into her showing but a nice exhibit.
3.Stocks Nospars Gin and Tonic

1. Scott Allen & Davis Dallydyl Code Breaker J W Really lovely liver with excellent make and shape. Such a pretty head and good amber eyes. Rich coloured spotting. Stands on good quarters and has a firm body with good tuck up. Showed very well and moved out in fine style.
2. Davis Tamilanda Continental Boom Nice type and stands in a good outline. Well-marked with even decoration. Enough bone and substance with good front and nice turn of stifle. Moved out well.
3. Collier Kallierbelle Bluebelle

1. Derrick & Ryan Kalokairies Hocus Pocus Took my eye Feminine liver with a beautiful make and shape. So balanced. Head pleasing with well carried ears Tidy front and good along top with firm hindquarters. Tail set on correctly. Yes she has a lack of spots on one side but her other qualities outweighed this I really liked her.
2. Collier Kallierbelle Ceither J W Nice type and very sound. Pleasing head and eye and good front assembly with good spring of pasterns. Strong topline and sound hindquarters. Moved out with good long strides.
3.Nicholson Steyndal Simply the Best at Dibynn.

15(2). The best class of the day. Some good bitches had to go cardless.
1. Chance & Dodds Ch/SwissCh/Ir Ch Dotlun Apache Inch Perfect Headed a lovely line up of quality ladies. She has femininity combined with enough substance. Lovely spotty face and neck set on well with a good front assembly. Stands on firm legs. Body is firm with good ribbing and perfect tuck up and level topline with correct croup. Strong well defined hindquarters and perfect tailset and carriage. In tune with her handler. Shown on a loose lead and moved round with easy long strides. CC BOB and finished Group 3 in strong company.
2.Hopkin Ch Dvojica Evangelista at Joubello JW Very attractive black Sparkling coat and condition Well made with very nice head and expression Has a good topline and quarters Pushed winner hard and a close decision Moved with style and precision RCC
3.Whincup Ch Tamilanda Continental Gold
. Such quality. Would have been happy to have awarded all five placings a first.

VB. 6(1)
1. Neath-Duggan & Baker Ch Buffrey Hanky Panky by Dalleaf Well-presented black in fit condition Feminine but with substance Not overdone in anyway. Good head with dark eyes Well boned legs with good spring of pasterns. Moved well.
2. Croft Ch Kalokairies Barberella from Koroyza Well marked liver with good coloured spotting .Lovely head with nice amber eye. A little sloping in croup but moved out with purpose.
3.Morgan Winflash Olympic Star JW ShCm

1.Tamilanda Continental Boom
2.Sadiedels Arab Girl
Nice Well grown puppy Elegant outline Nicely marked and good front
3. Bradley Hafwenna Valyria

Diane E Dinsdale