Crufts 2024 Judged by Mrs Shelagh Stevenson

I would like to sincerely thank the RKC and the Crufts Committee for their invitation to judge Dalmatians at the 2024 Crufts Show. This was indeed a great honour.

I was so pleased with the entry of 223 Dalmatians, the highest in the Utility Group, and thank every exhibitor for entering their dogs for me to assess. There were only 18 absentees which resulted in a long day of judging, particularly with the scheduled 8 am start. I realise that this means an even earlier start for exhibitors travelling to the Show.

The size of the entry meant that only a minority of the exhibits achieved a placing. If you were one of the exhibitors who was unfortunate not to be placed on the day, then take comfort that you qualified and took part in the ‘World’s Greatest Dog Show’, and of course you each took the best dog home!

I was determined to remain honest to myself and judge the dogs on their performance in the ring on the day, and I surprised myself with some of my decisions which made the occasion even more rewarding and enjoyable. I found an abundance of quality exhibits, and decisions were made after much careful deliberation, and often on finer points of distinction. I sensed some very sporting cheering and applause from the ringside, which is to the credit of Dalmatian fanciers who are by and large a very friendly and supportive group.

I would like to say a special thank you to my two experienced and capable stewards, Mr Stef Kazana and Mr Bill Ashcroft who contributed so much to the smooth and timely running of the ring.

Once again, thank you everyone for making my day so special.

VD (4, 0) An excellent class proving that age is no barrier for this breed to be fit for function.
1 McCarthy Int/Fr/Ir Ch Domdallino Je Suis Kilndandy JW L/w with a kind expression and well set on and carried ears. Well proportioned body with a good lay of shoulder and length and depth of rib. Level topline which he held on the move. Balanced angulation enabling positive forward reach and rear drive. Nicely decorated body and excellent. Hard to believe he is 10 years of age. BVD
2 Neath-Duggan & Baker Ch Buffrey Incognito by Dalleaf JW VW Swiss Vch
Another good mover, a little younger than 1 at 8 years. B/w with nicely proportioned head, masculine without coarseness. Good lay of shoulder with straight forelegs. Slightly shorter in body than 1 but this did not detract from, or impede his positive movement. Good body condition and attractive spotting on a tight coat. Alert expression and focussed on his handler.
3 Marley & Libbey Bellili's D'amore De Loin ShCM ShCEx VW 8y B/w, similar in build to 2 and overall well constructed and balanced. Nice reach of neck leading into correct shoulder placement. Level topline. Good bend of stifle which enabled him to move with drive. Deep pigmented spotting on good coat.

MPD (No entries)

PD (6, 0)
1 Moss Sadiedel Let Ur Heart Decide B/w of 11m. Presents an appealing overall profile. Good tight coat with attractive and evenly distributed spotting. Generally well constructed and balanced proportioned. Nice reach of neck, sound forequarters with good round bone. Defined withers and level topline. Well bent stifles enabling him to move with drive. A positive true mover, not overdone in any way and has adequate time to further mature. BPD
2 Dinsdale Dotlun Apache Running Bear
10 m L/w of good colour and spotting. A little unsettled at first but soon came round. Slightly taller and longer than 1 but not to his detriment. Attractive expression with nicely marked and well carried ears. Correct lay of shoulder, well developed chest and nice topline. Generally well constructed. Well balanced fore and aft providing powerful movement. Very attentive to his handler. 1 and 2 could easily change places.
3 Solska Dalmatrix Crazy for You 9 m B/w very attractive even spotting. Well grown and balanced throughout. Lovely reach of neck. Well laid back shoulders. Developed forechest and good spring of rib. Well developed body and nicely angulated quarters. Moved smoothly and steadily with plenty of drive when settled.

JD (16, 2)
1 Wilkins Salvadorada Heads Will Roll L/w 15 m. Well matured for his age and top end for size. Attractive head shape and expression, very attentive to his handler. Plenty of substance and bone. Slight spring of pastern and tight cat feet. Deep chest to elbow. Good length of ribcage. Strong coupling and well muscled rear quarters. Good coat condition and nicely decorated. Moved positively with a reasonable length of stride.
2 Barreto Dalamanti Morning Sunshine B/w 13 m. Slightly shorter in stature than 1 but presented a good profile and overall conformation. Alert and attentive expression. Nicely carried ears. Very good shoulder placement and level topline and good forward reach when moving. Well defined bend of stifle enabled him to move in a positive manner. Nicely decorated.
3 Wright Millbelle Thunderfire L/w 13 m. Tight coat with rich liver spotting. Attentive expression with good eye colour and ears nicely framing his head. Correct front angulation, straight forelegs and cat feet. Well developed rear quarters with good muscle tone. He covered the ground adequately with a balanced gait. Drive was not quite as positive as 1 and 2.

YD (8, 0)
1 Tavill Puntinato Ballante Virtual Vision Vortex in Tockica (Imp Bel) B/w 21m. Attractively decorated with slightly smaller spotting. Good coat condition. Pleasing head with lovely dark eyes. Well developed in all quarters and soundly constructed. Deep chest and good forequarters. Nicely defined withers leading into a level topline. Good forward reach and following through with positive rear drive covering the ground well.
2 Repeat (2nd in JD).
3 Davies & Richards Hafwenna King John L/w 13m. Attractive head with well carried ears. Attentive expression. Pleasing reach of neck leading to good forequarters with tight feet. Well developed rear quarters and good bend of stifle. Good coloured liver spots, smaller in size but evenly distributed. Moved smoothly around the ring.

PGD (24,0)
1 Crookes Dalberry The Starburst Nice liver colour of good overall proportions. Pleasing head without coarseness. Lovely attentive expression and elegant reach of neck. Level topline, correctly set on well carried tail. Well angulated forequarters enabling good forward reach combined with positive rear drive from well developed hind quarters. Moved with a steady rhythmic action and was every bit a showman. Pushed hard for higher honours today.
2 Mcaloone Perditas The Echo Project B/w with bold well distributed spotting. Slightly heavier in head than 1 but without any coarseness. In profile presented as a compact dog with good shoulder placement and forequarter angulation. Nice tight feet. Pleasing topline. Well developed rear quarters including second thigh, good steady mover driving well from the rear. Well handled.
3 Barrett Dalamanti Caesars Palace B/w with attractive head and expression with well carried ears. Has matured well since I last judged him as a Junior. Of good proportions and construction. Liked his shoulder placement and topline which he held on the move. Deep chest. Drove positively from the rear and covered the ground well. Well muscled and shown in fit condition.

LD (18, 0)
1 Robbins & Hensman Jasquarella Edge of Winter at Palouse B/w of good proportions and size and not overdone in any respect. Attractive head with well held ears. Nicely decorated with even spotting. Smooth lines from his neck into correctly placed shoulders and on to level topline. Good spring of rib. Adequately muscled, not overdone and defined second thigh. Plenty of forward reach which combined with his good turn of stifle enabled him to move with power and drive maintaining a steady, rhythmic balanced gait without any exaggeration. Maintained his performance in the challenge. DCC
2 Precious Dalkiss The Thieving Magpie avec Lupiac
B/w slightly larger than 1 but presented as an upstanding dog. Pleasing head shape and kind expression with dark eyes. Elegant reach of neck. Well laid back shoulder placement and defined withers. Well sprung ribs and strong loin, nicely defined stifle. Not exaggerated in any respect. Strong fluid movement, maintaining his topline.
3 Williams & Tanswell Tolkain Storm King from Phadante JW B/w of good size. Attractive expression and good eye colour. Nicely broken ears well carried, nicely framing his face. Liked his forequarter angulation and straight forelegs. Nice depth, spring ad length of rib. Good bend of stifle and well angulated quarters. Moved well with balance, driving positively and covering the ground with ease. Nicely decorated.

OD (15, 0)
Biglarnia Int/Se(u)Ch/Dk Ch/Fi Ch Running Spot’s Dancing Bob Dk W21/22/23 Fi W19/22 Se W 23 Ww'23 Euw22 L/w on size with plenty of bone and substance. Attractively marked and good liver colour. An upstanding and handsome boy with an attentive and alert expression. Well broken and nicely carried ears. Good coat condition. Good muscle tone throughout but not overdone in any way. Correct shoulder placement and return of upper arm, leading to straight well boned forelegs. Good width and depth of chest. Well defined stifle and developed second thigh allowing him to drive positively with good length of stride and rhythmic gait. Maintained a level topline on the move. RDCC
2 Whincup Tamilanda Air Force One
B/w of good size and proportions presenting an attractive profile. Good head shape and ears well carried. Attentive and alert. Good reach of neck leading to nicely defined withers. Liked his forequarter angulation, strong round boned forelegs and good spring of pastern. Good depth of chest and level topline, strong loin gently arched over croup. Well developed hind quarters. Moved in a positive manner with determination and drive, well presented.
3 Philip & Dunnachie Ch Dvojica Enrique B/w Compact in stature and balanced throughout. Well decorated, lovely dark eyes enhancing his kind expression, good reach of neck leading into well laid shoulders. Pleasing front assembly and level topline which was maintained on the move. Plenty of powerful drive from the rear. Nicely presented.

1 Sampson Dalstorm Golden Guinea JW L/w Nicely constructed with balanced proportions, well decorated with spotting of good colour. Correct eye colour and attractive expression. Neck nicely arched. Good lay of shoulder. Pleasing general outline. Good depth of chest and spring of rib, defined quarters with good bend of stifle. Moved steadily and positively when settled into his stride.
2 Newton What You See Is What You Get Passionate About You for Chizzmic (Imp) B/w boldly marked. Although only just out of Puppy he held his own on maturity. Slightly shorter in muzzle than 1 but a pleasing expression and good eye colour. Correct shoulder placement and level topline, deep chest, well muscled rear. Clean profile. When settled, he moved positively driving well from the rear.
3 Repeat (3rd in VD).

VB (18, 0)
1 Gardner Ch Dvojica Chilli Chutney for Wrendragge JW L/w 7 y. This is a bitch I have previously given top honours to and was not disappointed in judging her as a Veteran. Lovely shape of head offering a kind expression and elegant reach of neck. Nice lay of shoulder with good length of rib. Good front with nice tight feet. Level topline and well muscled rear. Moved with drive in a positive and true manner. Shown in good overall condition. BV
2 Mcmanus Boschendal Ashes of Roses
B/w 8 y. Youthful in all regards for her age. Happy disposition. Slightly shorter in neck than 1 but presented an elegant profile. Dark eyes and attentive expression. Excellent shoulder placement and forechest, nicely defined withers and level topline which she maintained on the move. True and positive movement.
3 Neath-Duggan & Baker Ch Buffrey Hanky Panky by Dalleaf JW B/w 7 y. Nicely marked bitch of good proportions. Pleasing head with well carried ears and dark eye colour. Straight forelegs and well laid shoulders. Ample width of forechest. Well defined rear quarters with good bend of stifle. Moved with drive and determination and not giving way to her years. Outgoing and attentive to handler.

MPB (1,0)
1 Bryder Diocletian Aberfeldy B/w 9 m. Correct stage of development for her age presenting a pleasing balanced profile. Attractively decorated with a nice tight coat. Alert expression enhanced by well carried ears and dark eyes. Sound overall construction. Good round bone in straight forelegs, well developed rear quarters. Moved with drive, stood alone but well deserved place. BP

(14, 0)
1 Smith Kensesqui Dreamweaver Days L/w 10 m. Nicely put together with attractive and correct shaped head. Lovely reach of neck. Well constructed forequarters with nice lay of shoulder and defined wither. Good overall proportions. Adequate bone throughout. Developed hindquarters with well angulated stifle. Moved in balanced and true manner. Very attentive to handler.
2 Philip & Dunnachie Dvojica Filthy Gorgeous B/w 10 m. Well developed for her age, pleasing head and expression, nicely decorated body and good coat. Well laid shoulders and level topline leading to nice arch over loin and well carried tail which was held well on the move. Nice tight front feet, deep chest and good spring of rib. Moved well and true.
3 Thorne Cariadymor Shingehill Cove of Castletop L/w 11 m. Another well developed puppy, compact in body. Good head shape and eye colour, lovely tight coat. Clean lines. Deep chest to elbow, well sprung ribs and level topline. Well developed quarters, nice tail set and carriage. When settled on the move did so in a positive manner.

JB (17, 2)
1 Quayle Cubalibre Star Attraction L/w 9 m. Up to size and well grown on for her age. Good head and ear carriage and attractive eye colour. Good substance with ample bone. Balanced angulation fore and aft. Strong forequarters with straight forelegs and nice tight feet. Excellent spring of rib. Strong in loin. Well muscled and toned rear quarters enabling good drive.
2 Tingey Dallyador White Magnolia L/w 15 m. Nicely proportioned bitch with good head shape and broken ears which she carried well, good eye colour. Correct shoulder placement and angulation of forequarters. Well boned, nice straight forelegs with adequate forechest. Level topline maintained on the move. Good width of thigh and nicely muscled throughout. Good steady mover.
3 Locke-Mcfadzean & Lopes Fortuna Phoenixx Rising over Sassafras (Imp Usa B/w 13 m. Slightly smaller in type but very well constructed and balanced throughout. Nicely decorated sporting dense black pigment. Attractive head and expression well broken ears and dark eyes. Elegant reach of neck and strong forequarters. Lovely tight feet. Very well developed rear. Moved positively and true in a balanced manner.

YB (8, 0)
Alexander Offordale Santtini B/w 21m. Beautifully proportioned bitch. Lovely bold spotting on a pure white coat presented in very fit condition. Well shaped head, dark eyes and kind expression. Lovely reach of neck, well defined wither emphasising good lay of shoulder. Strong forequarters with well boned straight legs, good spring of rib and deep chest. Strong level back rising gently over the loin. Good tailset and carriage. Stifles well developed, prominent second thigh. Displayed powerful forward reach and positive rear drive which enabled her to cover the ground effortlessly. Tidy outline with good tuck-up Happy and alert disposition. BCC & BOB
2 Barnett Salvadorada Happy Go Lucky
B/w 15m. Slightly smaller in build than 1 but a very soundly constructed bitch. Evenly distributed spots. Good head shape framed by nicely broken ears. Correct shoulder placement and well boned forelegs. Deep chest and developed. Good length of loin and smooth underline. Maintained her topline whilst moving positively.
3 Jenkins & Ridgway Luccombe Strawberry Ripple L/w 22m. Top end on size but well balanced and constructed. Spotting of good colour. Pleasant head and expression, elegant reach of neck and good shoulder placement. Straight forelegs, well sprung ribs and good length of loin. Well muscled rear and defined turn of stifle. Moved with drive covering the ground.

PGB (29, 3)
1 Davies Tamilanda Continental Boom B/w An unexaggerated bitch presented in lovely condition. Stronger head but not coarse with a kind and alert expression, dark eyes. Nice length of neck leading into correctly placed shoulders. Good bon to front legs. Well defined withers and level topline. Deep ribcage with good length of loin with adequate tuckup. Well muscled rear quarters with good turn of stifle. Good mover with positive forward reach and rear drive. Pushed hard in the Challenge.
2 Cox & Cartwright Strayamayt Tasmanian Devil B/w Upstanding, well decorated bitch. Projected herself well. Pleasing profile nicely proportioned throughout. Feminine head, nice expression and dark eye. Elegant reach of neck. Very well placed shoulders and defined withers. Deep chest and strong over the loin. Well boned straight forelegs. Defined tuckup. Nicely developed rear quarters with good stifle angulation. Moved steadily with true positive gait.
3 Bolt Fakenham Fontanella Another B/w well constructed bitch of good make and shape. Good headshape with attentive and alert expression. Nicely carried ears. Good muscle tone throughout but not overdone. Deep ribcage and capacious chest. Correct tail set and carriage. Balanced fore and hind quarters allowing steady co-ordinated movement.

LB (25. 5)
1 Moss Winflash Mirage B/w Nicely constructed bitch, presented a clean and flowing outline. Attentive and alert expression. Deep pigmented spotted on clear coat. Elegant neck with good reach. Good forequarter angulation with slight spring of pastern and tight feet. Chest of adequate width. Level topline rising gently over the loin, good tailset. Well defined rear quarters and hocks. Moved well with a positive true positive action covering the ground with ease.
2 Scott-Allen & Davis Dallydyl Code Breaker JW L/w Liked her all round qualities. Pleasing head shape framed by nicely set on ears. Good length and slight arch to neck. Shoulders well laid back and nice return of upper arm. Well boned straight forelegs. Good spring of rib and level topline. Well developed and defined rear quarters and let down hocks. Not a patient bitch but steady on the move earning her place. Lovely colour liver.
3 Derrick & Ryan Kalokairie's Hocus Pocus L/w Slightly longer cast than 1 and 2 but well bodied and sound. Lovely smooth lines to her body with excellent shoulder placement and good width of chest. Excellent front and rear construction , well muscled with defined hocks. Neat tuck-up. Moved in a true positive way driving well from the rear and reaching from the front.

OB (21, 5)
1 Richardson Ch Mapplewell Limited Edition B/w Compact bitch of good construction and substance, not overdone. Typical head and expression. Attractively marked with deep black spots on a tight white coat. Held herself well projecting her attributes. Good shoulder placement and front assembly and reasonable width of chest. Capacious chest and good spring of rib, level topline which she held on the move. Correct tail carriage and set. Nicely defined and muscled rear quarters with good turn of stifle. Drove around the ring with purpose and a co-ordinated manner. Totally focussed on her handler. RBCC
2 Van Den Eijnden Lu Ch Puntinato Ballante Virgin Violet Valley
B/w Well developed bitch of excellent proportions and presenting a neat outline. Good head and well carried ears attractively framing her face. Elegant neck and good shoulder placement following through to a lovely level topline just slightly arching over the loin. Well set and carried tail. Good width and depth of chest, Tight feet. Well muscled and developed rearquarters and pronounced second thigh. Positive sound movement. Excellent rapport with handler.
3 Howard Riddle Shydally Star Attraction B/w Another quality bitch of good proportions. Slightly finer in head than 1 & 2 with lovely broken well carried ears. Elegant in stature with attractive outline. Lovely dark spotting on bright white coat. Good length and arch of neck, straight forelegs and reasonable width of chest. Smooth lines leading from withers across topline to good tailset. Well defined turn of stifle and second thigh. Positive and determined movement driving out well.

1 Collier Kallierbelle Ceithir JW Lighter spotted B/w with tightest of coats. Sound throughout and well proportioned, with good angulation of quarters both front and rear. Good length, depth and spring of rib. Moved with a relaxed and balanced long stride, holding her level topline well. In total unity with her handler.
2 Foster Perdita's Tomorrowland JW Well balanced B/w of sound proportions. Dark eye and broken ears contribute to her kind expression. Nice forequarter angulation, strong straight forelegs and light spring of pastern. Toned hindquarter muscle. Positive rear drive and balanced on the move.
3 Tysterman Carodal Jacobs Ladder L/w of good colour, slightly heavier in build but maintained the elegant attributes of the breed. Pleasing head and body. Well laid back shoulders. Good depth and width of chest. Well muscled rear quarters which enabled her to move with power and drive. Good tail carriage.