Joint Clubs 2017 Judged by Diane Dinsdale & Maggie Mulholland

Many thanks to the Joint for honouring me with this appointment but especially to the exhibitors for allowing me to meet their lovely dogs. A quality entry with few absentees. Big improvement in feet and nails since I last judged and spotting was of a high standard. Temperaments were fantastic with just a couple of overawed youngsters ( perfectly acceptable) Well done. My biggest disappointment of the day was over a couple of dogs that I have admired for some time but who were sadly out of coat on the day and this affected my placings.

MPD (5)

1. Christies Sophtspot In Sync. BPD. Striking black baby oozing confidence. Well boned and bodied . Attractive head, dark eyes, balanced outline and stands on good feet. Moved with good strides. Developmental but very promising .Some lovely dogs coming from this kennel now and I note this exh bred the sire of RBIS and BP
2. Wheatons Buffrey the Last Word at Acinonyx. Well-grown black v attractive markings. Pleasant head with kind expression In lovely coat Good tail set.Raw but has lots of potential.
3. Healeys Dashabiri the Cloud Dragon at Hebemor


1. S in Sync.
2. Gardinors Dakata Duranta.
Another promising lad. Can see his sire running through him. Excellent pigmentation. Has already an air of elegance. Really lovely head and eye. Moved with style and freedom carrying his tail correctly. Promising.
3. Buffrey The L W at Acinonyx.


1. Croft and Cobb McGills Kalokairies Bullet Proof. What an exciting young dog this is. At the top end of the scale for size but he is perfectly balanced Looks stunning in outline. Gorgeous rich liver markings. Very intelligent head and keen expression. Eyes of good colour. Good length to height ratio. Strong along back with good ribbing. Great bone and substance but retains that essential air of elegance that I like. In gleaming coat and handled so well. Considered him for the top honour but he is v young. Moved like a dream in the Challenge RCC .
2. Whincups Tamilanda Midnight Lily.
Loved him as a puppy and still do. Another up to size but also balanced in outline. Great head and length of neck. Carries strength through his body lines and has ample bone. Moves with a good stride and commands attention. Close decision.
3. Barclays Dalstorm Eternal Flame.


1. Neath Duggan and Bakers Buffrey Incognito by Dalleaf. Very flashy black. Compact and showy. Good depth of chest . Tremendous depth of colour carried through his coat. Kind in head and well carried ears. A real showman and handled to advantage.
2. Barclays D E Flame. Good sized and not overdone. Nice head and eye .Well bodied and moved out well.
3. Hernandez Dalminshi Starlight Express

(14 ,3 abs)

1. Littlers Dalmark the Wizard of Oz. Easy to overlook this v sound dog as he is not immediately eye catching. He looks a bit small compared to the others but he is probably bang on the standard as quite a lot of the dogs are getting v tall. He has a good overall shape firm top line and enough bone. Moved correctly tracking up true.
2. Whitings Cragvallie Chance on Me. Upstanding black with the deepest of pigmentation. Very kind expressive head with beautiful eye colour. Strong round bone. Really coming on in development . Has a powerful stride and once he settles will look the part.
3. Bakers Lancelot Des Landes D,Iroise.


1. Todhunter and Robinsons Millbelle Young Gun . Probably the most workmanlike dog here today . In no way flashy but a true honest sort. Kindly outlook in head with a good length of neck. Well laid shoulders and good in quarters . His movement is a joy demonstrating fluent easy strides and moved at the correct pace showing his excellent side gait. In hard fit condition. On two tickets I believe and hope he gets his crown.
2. Wallingtons Rovinjdal Dare to Dream. Tall liver with clean elegant outline. Attractive head with well carried ears and good reach of neck. Good over top line and nice clean hindquarters . Falls into a natural free standing position and he was presented to perfection. Showed like a bomb and gave of his best . A really nice dog.
3. Green and Sears Boschendal Simply Red at Judally


1. Wrights Millbelle Lithium Elegant impressive and upstanding black. Masculine but kind head with dark brown eyes. Well carried ears and clean in neck. Well placed shoulders ,firm over top line and pleasing tuck up . Excellent and well-constructed hindquarters with firm hocks. He covered the ring with long free strides and showed his heart out. Took my eye today CC his second . In the run off against the bitches for some reason he didn't move as well as before so took BOS . I wish him well.
2. Gardinors Jamesley Pyracantha at Dakata. Gave him best puppy last time I judged and he has taken his time to mature in body but is now looking the part. Well-muscled with good bone and feet. Correct front and hindquarters and moves very well keeping his top line. Very handsome fellow.
3. Kembreys Dalmark the Pinot Grigio .

(10) Very good class. Had to leave out some nice dogs.

1. Dunnachies Ch Dvojica Vendetta. Impressive eye catching and beautifully presented male . His coat was gleaming with condition . Hard fit and a real stallion type. Excellent front construction Firm body condition well ribbed and firm hindquarters. Showed very well and moved with some style. Fantastic depth of pigment. Another lovely dog to come from this clever breeder who had a day to remember.
2. Goff Leggetts Ch Washakie Shoshone Chief . Have always liked this very handsome fellow. Stands and shows so well. Has a good head and ear carriage strong firm back and well defined hindquarters. Stepped out in style and handled to perfection. Very well decorated and wears his crown well.
3. Christies Ch Sophtspot Gold Dust.


1. Hartley and Griffiths Ch Creaganbrec The Favourite at Miragua. Has always been a favourite of mine! Hard to believe he is now nine . In great muscular condition throughout carrying himself so proudly around the ring. Excellent bone and substance with first rate spotting and he looks so happy BVD and BVIS .
2. Crofts Doubtwell Show Stopper.
Another very well presented dog . Dense black markings on bright white coat. Pleasing head and good body lines . This pair were a credit to their owners.


1. Bakers Oneowun Ohio.
Not looking his age at all Lovely gentleman who moved round so well. Still retaining the dense colour in his markings A good all round sort with a elegant outlook. A credit to his owner.

Diane E Dinsdale ( Judge)


It was my privilege to judge the Bitches at the Joint Dalmatian Club 2017 Ch Show, I wouldn’t have expected to eventually have mother and daughter standing in the top spots but both these stunning liver bitches deserved, in my opinion, every accolade they won. Dvojica Volition winning her 3rd CC & BIS on the day, and her daughter Dvojica Chilli Chutney for Wrendragge taking the res CC BPIS and RBIS.

Although the classes were very well filled I was disappointed in the lack of quality and most particularly breed type, movement is still an issue and until the breeders get to grips with correct shoulder angles and shoulder placement it will continue to be so. Temperament was good, but what really upset me was the number of bitches brought into the ring in really bad coat, with severe dally rash or just dirty and smelly. What is all that about please? When did we stop presenting our dogs in the best coat and condition possible? One other issue I really must mention here is the sloping toplines, I must have missed the memo from the KC changing the level back to a sloping one, what is happening to this breed? Please please read the Breed Standard, discuss and talk openly about the issues with the Breed, don’t completely ruin it for the next generation. I know breeding Dalmatian is challenging but getting it so wrong is just not an option in my opinion.

Minor Puppy Bitch (15)

1. Gardners Dvojica Chilli Chutney for Wrendragge, wow, what a start to my bitch classes, this girl is just quite out-standing for one so young, just 8 months but she is balanced and well grown, loved her feminine head, good ear carriage, super flat skull, very good liver pigment and so well spotted, well off for bone, correct front with fore chest, deep and lengthy rib, strong level topline and perfect tail placement and carriage, great temperament too and she didn’t disappoint on the move either, so sound and effortlessly free with such good reach and drive. In fact I found her so close to perfect that I awarded her the Res CC and later on with my Co Judge she scooped not only BPIS but RBIS too.
2. Neath Duggan & Bakers Buffrey Hanky Panky by Dalleaf
, black spotted beauty of 8 months, she has a super head, flat skull, dark eyes, well shaped and carried ears, she is totally correct in front and has a super topline and tail, good deep rib and well boned with good cat feet and because she is made right with a well angled shoulder and correct length of upper arm she moved freely and soundly with plenty of reach and drive. Expect great things from both these bitches.
3. De Rozarios Jemblewood Jelly Bean (IKC)

Puppy Bitch

1. Gardners Dvojica Chilli Chutney for Wrendragge
2. Neath Duggan & Bakers Buffrey Hanky Panky by Dalleaf
3. Davies Madddidalli Embers Glow

Junior Bitch

1. Cuthbersons Ellemstra Little Mix with Kalsidoni, Black, well marked and so good for size and substance, she is very soundly made all through with a good level topline and totally correct tail, well boned and with good tight feet, she has such a lovely head, with good dark eye and her skull muzzle proportions are soo good. She is only 15 months and showing such promise.
2. Wincups Tamilanda Pick-A-Lilly, black, beautifully marked with a lovely feminine head, dark eye and well shaped and carried ears, deep rib and strong topline, both these girls are a bit in-betweeny in maturity at present but confidently predict they will be troubling the best soon.
3. Harrison-Stratfords Dalminishi Dark Dakota at Dalkereve

Yearling Bitch

1. Stevensons Macula Moonlight Mystique JW, beautiful classic looking black with big bold sots on a pure white ground, very eyecatching girl, she has such a sweet expression, grand dark eyes of good shape, flat skull and well marked ears, deep and lengthy rib, short strong loin and good bone and tight cat feet, she moved freely and effortlessly round the ring, so sound all through.
2. Harrison-Stratfords Dalminishi Dark Dakota at Dalkereve very pretty and typical black, more lightly spotted than 1 but again made well, dark eyes, good ears, grand cat feet, sound topline and sound and stylish on the move, just like her owner, loved the outfit!
3. Tomas’s Buffrey Magic Moments with Philcarthom JW

Post Grad Bitch

1. Wilkinsons Gwynmor High Five to Hunacres, Quality all through, black, with a stunning head, just so correct for size and shape, darkest of eyes with such a good expression, lovely broken ears, her conformation is just so right, correct front angles and matching rear, deep and lengthy rib strong level topline, and well off for bone with good feet, she is so sound with such excellent reach and drive, however she is also very naughty in the ring and needs to get to grips with what is required of her, when she does, well, the sky’s the limit for this girl.
2. Holburns Dallydor The Spellbinder At Glenlion, Well marked black with such freedom of movement from her well constructed front and rear, such a pleasure to watch, she is so precise and sound, good solid body, level back and well off for bone, she is mature and typical of the breed.
3. Stevensons Macula Moonlight Mystique JW

Mid Limit Bitch

1. Neath Duggans Buffrey Hey Diddle Diddle, well balanced, sound, good size and substance, attractive black marking on good clear ground, feminine head, well shaped skull, good well broken up ears, good lengthy neck, deep rib, level topline and well angled in rear, very sound and stylish on the move.
2. Paiges Winflash Prada Candy Kiss, bit bigger all over and more densely marked black, but attractive and eyecathing bitch with deep rib and good arched neck, stylish mover.
3. Chattaway’s Shydakky’s Dalila

Limit Bitch

1. Emms Dallydyl Love in Idleness, quite densely spotted, good for size and body in such hard condition, she is free and easy on the move with good reach and drive, she is well made all through with correct cat feet, strong loin, level back and correct angles back and front.
2. McKenzie’s Mapplewell Waterfall, very feminine bitch with a sweet head and expression, good bone and feet, level topline and good tail, well marked black.
3. Thorners Tolutim Evensong at Naracoopa Sh CN

Open Bitch

1. Dunnachies Dvojica Volition, beautiful classic liver who has finally found her mo-jo. This exceptional kennel just keeps getting better and better, and never disappoints in quality, construction or temperament. She is a real beauty, with a well shaped head of the correct balance of skull and muzzle, great pigment, well placed and carried ears, arched neck into correctly angled and placed front, Deep lengthy rib, proper forechest, level topline and well set and carried tail, good legs and feet, she is also just dead right for size and is feminine and typical of the best of a Dalmatian bitch all this I just loved about her but what really made her outstanding on the day was her exceptionally sound and free movement. She just got in her stride and the longer she went the better she got, rhythmic action, reaching and driving while making it look soooo easy, which it is if your dog is made right. I had no hesitation in awarding her the CC in the challenge, and later my co-judge agreed with me that she should be BIS.
2. Christies Sophtspot Glitterati JW
, this is a lovely black bitch who oozes quality and soundness, she was in peak condition and put up a faultless show, constructionally sound, with a lovely feminine head, dark expressive eyes arched neck, level back and strong short loin.
3. Petersens Ch Daedalus Cliff Angel JW

Special Junior Vet Bitch

1. Gibbs Ch Phadante Dixie Lilly, lovely black bitch who was in fine fettle today, She is beautifully marked, with a good solid body, correct front and rear, arched neck, and such a sweet head, she is sound and so stylish on the move.
2. Quales Ch Cubalibre Spot On JW, another lovely girl with good markings, such a pretty head and dark eye, moved soundly.
3. Alexanders Ch Offerdale White Lady JW

Special Senior Vet Bitch

1. Cuthbersons Kalsidoni Garnet JW Sh CM, great favourite of mine and even now in old age she didn’t disappoint, still sound and typical on the move, lovely feminine head, darkest of eyes and good bone and feet, deep rib and level back still. She is still a stylish mover. Lovely black spotting.
2. Scott-Allen & Davis Tolutim Zaffre, black bitch with a lovely body, pretty in head, sound and stylish moving, both girls were really enjoying their day out and so belied their years.

Mrs M Mulholland - Bitches